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 iPadOS & iOS 14 public beta: all the overdue featuresThe Verge
Your iPhone and iPad are getting new software this fall, but the public beta for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are available right now.
 The Verge's $2000 PC Build Reaction SupercutOmnizoa
11 months ago
I don't know much about making computers, but I sure learned a lot when The Verge tried to make one. Tells you a lot about the ...
1 years ago
Check out the Toshiba OCZ TR200: Lyle practically wrote the book on how to NOT build a PC, so he ...
 Your next phone could lead to another pandemicVerge Science
3 days ago
We've all heard a lot about China's “wet markets” as a potential source of pandemics like COVID-19. But there are many other ...
 Linus Tech Tips Addresses The Verge PC BuildThat Creative Life Podcast
1 years ago
Last month The Verge sent a copyright strike against Bitwit who criticized their poorly made PC Build video in 2018. Here is Linus' ...
 iOS 14 beta: It's complicated…finallyThe Verge
16 days ago
iOS 14 for the iPhone has the biggest changes Apple has ever made to the home screen. You can add widgets to any screen, ...
 Did I waste $1400 on a Walmart Gaming PC?Bitwit
1 years ago
Sponsor - Check out the Thermaltake A500 Aluminum TG: PC Part Picker list DIY Walmart PC (DTW1): ...
 Six professionals review the Mac ProThe Verge
4 months ago
Apple's Mac Pro is not a single product. There are no stock configurations aside from the it-has-to-start-somewhere $5999 base ...
 How The Verge built a $2000 custom gaming PC WRONG!It'sAGundam
1 years ago
The worst PC build video by a major publication I have ever seen! →MY Links← Twitter ▻ Twitch ...
 Apple WWDC 2020 keynote in 18 minutesThe Verge
18 days ago
WWDC 2020, Apple's online developer conference, was full of huge announcements. If you weren't watching live to see what's ...
 iPad Pro (2020) review: beyond the trackpadThe Verge
3 months ago
Dieter Bohn reviews Apple's new iPad Pro tablets for 2020. There are minor updates this year, with a new wide-angle camera, ...
 The Verge's Shitty PC Build Guide REUPLOADcalledtim
1 years ago
I feel like this doesn't need a description. Just enjoy the show.
 How the Verge PC SHOULD have lookedCraft Computing
1 years ago
The Verge took a stab at building a custom PC last week. And while it turned on, it reeeally shouldn't have been a tutorial.
 xQc Reacts to How we built a $2000 custom gaming PC - The VergexQcOW
9 months ago
Video by Taylor Green: Please subscribe, like and turn on notifications if you enjoyed the video!
 The Verge's PC Build But Every Time He Fails, It Gets 5% FasterJSR
1 years ago
Stefan was a bit salty after the backlash of this horrible PC, but I don't want to see offensive vulgar, or racist terms used against ...
 The Verge Abusing Copyright Claim System to Hide PC Build VideoGamers Nexus
1 years ago
The Verge has resurrected its infamous PC build video by filing copyright claims and takedowns against Bitwit Kyle and ...
 Owl City - Verge ft. Aloe Blacc (Official Music Video)OwlCityVEVO
5 years ago
"Verge (feat. Aloe Blacc) Official Music Video performed by Owl City Song from the album Mobile Orchestra out now: ...
 The world’s most exclusive mechanical keyboardsThe Verge
3 months ago
Nathan Kim, aka Taeha Types, is at the forefront of the custom mechanical keyboard scene. He has found a unique niche that ...
 The VERGE PC guy's twitter page after 2 yearsAgonizel
2 months ago
Me giggling like an idiot (an with terrible audio, I'm sorry) the Verge PC guy: Please check out my ...
 The MacBook Pro 16-inch is the one you’ve been waiting forThe Verge
7 months ago
Apple fixed the things we wanted it to on the 16-inch MacBook Pro: the keyboard is back to the scissor switches, there are better ...
 Building a camera: the plan was simple until it wasn’tThe Verge
9 days ago
We built a DIY camera with the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera using C-mount and CS--mount lenses. The Raspberry Pi is a ...
1 years ago
The Verge posted a PC build video that was absolutely terrible. The errors and mistakes made by tech journalist Stefan Etienne ...
 KYLE GOT A STRIKE - Finally Responding to the Verge PC BuildPaul's Hardware
1 years ago
KYLE GOT A STRIKE - Finally Responding to the Verge PC Build ▻LINKS Kyle's Youtube Channel ...
 How NOT to build a PC - The Verge of Awful ComputersKristoferYee
1 years ago
I feel like this doesn't need a description. Watch the video because this was one of the worst build videos I have seen since ...
 Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the luxury phoneThe Verge
10 months ago
Samsung Note 10 Plus – here's our review for the king of Android phones. Can it keep the crown, or have all the other, less ...
 The Verge's Non-Apology Towards Kyle And I Makes Me VERY Angry...ReviewTechUSA
1 years ago
The Verge has released a Non-Apology Towards Kyle and I. I'm not happy with it at all. Let's discuss. Check out Cutting Edge ...
 Six professionals review the Mac ProThe Verge
4 months ago
Apple's Mac Pro is not a single product. There are no stock configurations aside from the it-has-to-start-somewhere $5999 base ...
 Arc'teryx Presents: On The VergeArc'teryx
11 days ago
In the mountains behind the sleepy coastal town of Powell River, BC, a small group of rock climbers has spent decades quietly ...
 Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro reviewThe Verge
2 months ago
Apple's new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro makes it easy to turn a tablet into a laptop. But it's expensive, heavy, and more limited ...
 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: temper your expectationsThe Verge
4 months ago
Samsung has another folding phone, and this time it's the Galaxy Z Flip. Dieter Bohn reviews the screen, the hinge, and the ...
 How NOT to Build a PC with The VergeWiltshire Tutorials
1 years ago
I normally don't do reaction videos, but I couldn't help but make a video on this unbelievably bad video by The Verge on how to ...
 THIS is why your phone is so damn expensiveThe Verge
1 years ago
Phones are more expensive than ever. Flagship devices from Apple, Samsung, Google, and other top manufacturers can now ...
 The Verge Plays the... Victim?Greg Salazar
1 years ago
In light of recent events, The Verge's editor-in-chief, Nilay Patel, felt inclined to post up an article that, in my eyes, only did them ...
 Samsung Galaxy S20 review: better than the UltraThe Verge
4 months ago
Samsung says the Galaxy S20 is the start of a whole new generation, but in our review, Dieter Bohn thinks it's a little more ...
 How to apply Thermal Paste... .The Verge style.davido_labido
1 years ago
If you want to learn about computers, follow the verge. They taught me everything I know! - - - - - - - An obvious parody.
 This is the best laptop.The Verge
2 years ago
The Huawei MateBook X Pro is the best laptop right now. You may not think of Huawei when you're buying a new laptop, but the ...
 The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Official Video)TheVerveVEVO
11 years ago
Check out the official music video for "Better Sweet Symphony" by The Verve Discover more about this classic song here: ...
 Stefan Etienne Thinks That Criticism of His PC Build was Just "Angry Nerds" and "Haters"#TipsterNews
1 years ago
DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this channel is to provide commentary on trending topics as well as provide constructive criticism to ...
 iPhone 11 review: the phone most people should buyThe Verge
9 months ago
Apple's iPhone 11 offers the best cameras on a phone, terrific battery life, faster processors, and a $50 cheaper starting price than ...
 These are the apps The Verge team uses the mostThe Verge
1 years ago
Whether you have iOS or Android, some mobile apps make your life so much easier that you want everyone else to know about ...
 the verge pc build in 4 minutesThomas Smith
1 years ago
make sure your psu doesnt short out the pc mates.
 OnePlus 8 Pro review: high expectationsThe Verge
2 months ago
The OnePlus 8 Pro is the first OnePlus phone with wireless charging. It has 5G, a 120Hz refresh rate on the display, and it's super ...
 Galaxy S20 Ultra review: something to proveThe Verge
4 months ago
Samsung's new Galaxy S20 Ultra is a lot of phone: a lot of megapixels, a huge screen, a high refresh rate, the big battery, and ...
 Android 11 hands-on: all the features!The Verge
a months ago
Android 11 beta is available today for Pixel phones. Google has changed around how you manage notifications from your text ...
 iPhone SE (2020) Review: everything you needThe Verge
2 months ago
Apple's new iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch screen and it has the most powerful phone processor, the A13 Bionic. The camera is good ...
 Amazon's $110 tablet is great and terribleThe Verge
22 days ago
Amazon's Fire HD 8 tablet starts at $90 and goes up to $140 with a wireless charger bundle. It's a Fire OS tablet that runs Android ...
 Why unemployment sites crash but Netflix doesn’tThe Verge
2 months ago
State unemployment insurance systems are getting crushed by a flood of applicants, cutting off people at the worst possible time.
 iPhone X reviewThe Verge
2 years ago
The iPhone X is now in stores. The iPhone X is clearly the best iPhone ever made. It's thin, it's powerful, it has ambitious ideas ...
 I Built A PC Following The Verge's PC Build Guide and It Was a DisasterJays Tech Vault
1 years ago
Today I build the Verge's $2000 gaming PC and follow it exactly to prove its not a good idea. Today we build the PC following the ...
 Owl City - Verge ft. Aloe Blacc (Official Lyric Video)OwlCityVEVO
5 years ago
Verge (feat. Aloe Blacc) Lyric Video Song from the forthcoming album Mobile Orchestra out Friday July 10th. Pre-order now ...
 An actual nerd reacts to The Verge gaming PC build | Tom5tomTom5tom Entertainment
1 years ago
Tell me your PC building horror stories in the comments below! EEVblog debunk: ...
 Playstation 5 event in 22 minutes (hardware + games)The Verge
29 days ago
Sony unveiled the new Playstation 5 and debuted a bunch of PS5 game trailers, including Resident Evil 8, Horizon Forbidden ...
 We built the Home of the Future with Grant ImaharaThe Verge
1 years ago
The Verge and Curbed have teamed up to build the home of the future. Join host Grant Imahara as he examines the renewed ...
 Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra hands-onThe Verge
5 months ago
Samsung announced its latest flagship phones, the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. The camera system is ...
 How 5G works: the pros and consThe Verge
1 months ago
5G internet has been one of the biggest buzzwords in the tech world over the past few years. As the next generation of cellular ...
 Google Pixel 3A review: a $399 phone with a great cameraThe Verge
1 years ago
Google's Pixel 3A or Pixel 3A XL is the best phone under $500, and it's actually competitive with more expensive phones in one ...
 iPadOS review: sounds like a computer to meThe Verge
9 months ago
iPadOS is finally here, which means it's finally time to see if Apple has turned the iPad into a real computer — maybe. In this ...
 On The Verge - Jimmy Fallon - On The Verge, Episode 003The Verge
8 years ago
Jimmy Fallon and musical guest George & Jonathan join Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, and Joanna Stern for another ...
 On The Verge - Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson - On The Verge, Episode 004The Verge
8 years ago
In another exciting On The Verge adventure, Joshua Topolsky sits down with astrophysicist to the stars Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.
 Microsoft accidentally made a great ChromebookThe Verge
5 months ago
Now that the new Chromium version of the Microsoft Edge browser has a native ARM beta, Dieter Bohn gives the Surface Pro X ...
 Samsung made the smartwatch Google couldn'tThe Verge
9 months ago
Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 is here and has a new touch-sensitive bezel. In this review, Dieter Bohn looks at whether it will ...