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 'Avatar: The Legend of Korra' Jokes and References You Missed as a KidNerdWire
12 months ago
Earth, Fire, Air,...Inneundo?? Even though the Legend of Korra aired on Nickelodeon, there was definitely some parts of the show ...
 Blind Toph Jokes for 3 Minutes StraightAntoine Bandele
7 months ago
Blind Toph Jokes. 3 Minutes. Go! #avatar #toph #lastairbender *** New to the channel? Check out my channel sampler playlist: ...
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Avatar the Last Airbender is one of the greatest animated series of all time! This show did NOT hold back in it's storytelling, which ...
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5 years ago
Avatar #Censored Avatar: The Last Airbender, being unnecessarily censored. If you're not into this kind of adult humor than I'd ...
 Everything Wrong With The Last Airbender In 4 Minutes Or LessCinemaSins
7 years ago
You asked for it. Some of you begged. And in order to make this, we had to watch this movie multiple times... so thanks for that.
 Toph is Blind Jokes ( UPDATE SCENES )xFingolfin
1 years ago
 Avengers & Marvel Jokes That Kids Will Miss!NerdWire
1 years ago
Between Tony Stark and Peter Quill, it's kind of surprising that the MCU isn't more R rated. So today we are counting down the top ...
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5 months ago
Azula's savagery. Four minutes. Go! #avatar #thelastairbender #azula *** New to the channel? Check out my channel sampler ...
 Avatar Funniest MomentsSlimShadySyndrome
9 years ago
The funniest Avatar moments of all times wow. Almost 250k views. I honestly didn't think this video would be my most viewed ...
 The Life of Azula: What Happened After the Series? (Avatar Explained)MovieFlame
1 years ago
Patreon: Twitter: Personal Instagram: ...
 Top 10 WTF Avatar: The Legend of Korra MomentsThe Roundtable
11 months ago
Water, Fire, Earth, Air - SEQUEL VIDEOS! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we're following up our Top 10 WTF Avatar: The Last ...
 The Legend of Korra is Garbage and Here's WhyLily Orchard
2 years ago
Reuploaded due to salty Legend of Korra fans mass-flagging the previous video and having it locked to private.
 Only True Avatar The Last Air bender Fans Will Find It FunnyDaily one machi
2 years ago
Avatar Only True Avatar The Last Air bender Fans Will Find It Funny Follow me on the given below link FB ...
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 The Legend of Korra Toph Funny MomentsRazor
1 years ago
The Legend of Korra Toph Funny Moments The legend of korra Toph earthbending Toph is a HUGEL from Aang that toph still love ...
 8 Bunk’d Jokes That Aren't For KidsNerdWire
1 years ago
I'm so sad that Bunk'd is going off the air after the end of this season! Where am I going to get my fix now that it AND Jessie are off ...
 Toph Hilarious MomentsFaru Khan
7 years ago
It is a Must watch video for TRUE AVATAR FANS Subscribe :)
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Uncle Iroh's elderly insight is anything but old news! Which one of his lessons was the best advice you've heard? Watch more of ...
 10 Perverse Jokes in Avatar - Herr der ElementeHige
12 months ago
Yoo! Heute gibts mal wieder Perverse Momente in Kinderserien! Aber diesmal nur zu einer bestimmten Serie! Nämlich Avatar!
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Only one can bring balance to the franchise! See more at our Site: Get some Awesome T-Shirts here ...
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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is definitely one of the more creative shows on Cartoon Network. But honestly? It's been a ...
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Take a journey through Zuko's life and see how far he's come! Watch more of your favorite shows on Nick! ▻▻ Subscribe for ...
 The Life of Avatar Kyoshi: Brand New Origins Explained (Avatar the Last Airbender)MovieFlame
6 months ago
Artwork: Kyoshi, Rangi, Lao Ge, Kirima, Lek, Wong: or ...
 The Legend of Korra amusing Zuko sceneJason Beck
5 years ago
A scene in S03E03 of The Legend of Korra where Zuko exchanges a tale with Eska regarding one of their attempts to kill the ...
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The Nostalgia Critic gives you the Top 11 Naughtiest Moments in Animaniacs. Originally aired on September 17, 2008. See more ...
 Korra VS Toph Beifong: Full Fight [HD]Dynamo7
5 years ago
Korra trains with Toph Beifong in the swamp --------------------------------- Clip from The Legend of Korra: Book 4 Episode 3 "The ...
 TOPH'S BLIND JOKES!!guambalati
9 years ago
here's toph being toph with a laugh track. like it or hate it, i don't give a shit. just watch the damn video if your an avatar fan ...
 'Shake It Up!' Jokes You MISSED As a Kid!NerdWire
7 months ago
What do you get when you mix two best friends, killer dance moves, and tons of really fun jokes?! Shake It Up!!! I was already in ...
 Why the Jokes About Toph's Blindness Matter (Avatar: The Last Airbender Analysis)Joshua Fagan
6 months ago
The "Toph is blind" jokes provide some of the best comedy in Avatar, but they also help with her characterization and character ...
 Another Great Joke While Watching Avatarlucius0mega
6 years ago
This is why I like hanging out with Page. Second thing in a month having to do with Star Wars... total coincidence.
 Team Avatar Gets Dirtyxladyfayre
6 years ago
Avatar the Last Airbender scenes put to the music of Audio Adrenaline's "Dirty"!
 The Ultimate ''Avatar: The Last Airbender'' Recap Cartoon - BOOK THREECas van de Pol
1 months ago
BOOK 3 of the Ultimate Avatar: The Last Airbender recap is finally here! instagram: twitter: ...
 Avatar - Talk Dirty [AMV]Palla156
6 years ago
Just having some fun with the song "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo. This video was just made for fun so I hope you like it and I hope ...
 Renegades React to... Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 1, Chapter 1Renegade Media Group
3 months ago
 Toph vs. Earthbenders [HD]TheAvatarLegend
5 years ago
Toph gets mad at some earthbenders for not giving Aang so she has a fight. Will she win or lose?
 Iroh's Tea for 6 Minutes StraightAntoine Bandele
7 months ago
Iroh's Tea. 6 Minutes. Go! #avatar #thelastairbender #iroh #teabending *** New to the channel? Check out my channel sampler ...
 Sokka's Boomerang for 4 Minutes StraightAntoine Bandele
4 months ago
Sokka. Boomerang. Four minutes. Go! #avatar #thelastairbender #appa #yipyip *** New to the channel? Check out my channel ...
 The Complete Avatar The Last Airbender Timeline | Channel FrederatorChannelFrederator
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It all started when the fire nation attacked, well not exactly. Avatar The Last Airbender was a beloved series on Nickelodeon and ...
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2 years ago
Toph is here! It's the introduction of the Earth Bending Master herself, Toph! Enjoy our group reactions and discussions on this ...
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Sokka's Most funniest Moments in Avatar : The Last Airbender Series is Presented to You here. I hope you will laugh Until your ...
 Avatar: The Last Airbender - Real World Mythology Explained!StoryDive
11 days ago
Avatar: The Last Airbender is an amazing series with a lot of influences. Aside from their own original mythology, the show ...
 Toph's Earth and Metal bending in Third book - FireToon Guru 14
1 years ago
Guys as you all know Toph is the first earhbander who discover metalbanding so I made a video on her talent. Guys I think you will ...
 LOK S03E06: Lin and Suyin BeifonguzumakiJK
5 years ago
Legend of Korra S03E06 - Old Wounds (Lin and Suyin Beifong) -The reason why Lin and Suyin had not spoken in thirty years (as ...
 The Last Airbenders Broken Family! Avatar Aangs LegacySliceofOtaku
6 months ago
The family of Katara and Aang as shown by The Legend of Korra Book 2, was a complicated one. Their three children, Bumi, Kya, ...
 10 Things You Didn't Know About Avatar: The Last Airbender aka Legend of AangAnime Balls Deep
4 years ago
Avatar The Last Airbender, Facts, Trivia, Did You Know, about all characters and creators of the show such as aang, kitaram sokka ...
 Funny Iroh and Zuko moments - Avatar the Last AirbenderDI Gumtree
5 years ago
Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh really make a great comedic duo at times, not to mention my favorite characters. Funny moments.
 Avatar Sex Gone Wild - SNLSaturday Night Live
6 years ago
When Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) sends Jake (Bill Hader) to have virtual sex for science, things get awkward when ...
 The Zuko Family Tree 🔥🌳 Avatar: The Last Airbender | NickRewindNickRewind
5 days ago
Zuko has a ... complicated relationship with his family. While we may have gotten to know his sweet Uncle Iroh the best, let's dive ...
 Dirty-Avatar The Last AirBenderTwins413
9 years ago
I'm sorry 4 d quality.I know it sucks,I'm angry at it 2.
 ATLA: The gang all grown upAkilia washington
7 years ago
Pictures of the gang in their adult years. Older Aang,Katara,Sokka,Toph and Zuko ! I do not own any of these photos.
 Top 100 Thomas Sanders Vines (w/Titles) Funny Thomas Sanders Vine Compilation 2017Co Videos
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Here is The Best Vine Compilation of 2017 With The Funniest Thomas Sanders Vines, Enjoy it :) Music Mostly Provided By: Kevin ...