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 Justin Bieber Serenades Ellen with 'Yummy'TheEllenShow
5 months ago
As a special birthday gift, Justin Bieber sang an acoustic version of his song "Yummy," and led the audience in singing "Happy ...
 Guess Whether These Audience Members Have What It Takes in ‘Can You Do That?!’TheEllenShow
20 hours ago
There were a few people in the audience who claimed they have a special talent, and Ellen and tWitch guessed whether they ...
 Taylor Swift’s Full Interview with EllenTheEllenShow
1 years ago
From singing with Zac Efron to getting scared in a bathroom, Taylor Swift has had some unforgettable moments on the show, and ...
 Ellen Shares Relatable Memes in ‘Me Me Monday’TheEllenShow
It's another “Me Me Monday,” so Ellen shared some funny memes that might feel super relatable as you start your week! #Ellen ...
 Justin Bieber Scares David BeckhamTheEllenShow
4 months ago
David Beckham explained to Ellen how his kids were the reason he ended up at Justin Bieber's house on Halloween, and the pop ...
 Bill Gates Chats with Ellen for the First TimeTheEllenShow
2 years ago
For the first time ever, Bill Gates sat down with Ellen, and he chatted about becoming a young billionaire, the trampoline room in ...
 Brielle's Biology LessonTheEllenShow
4 years ago
The brilliant little 4-year-old is back to share some new knowledge, and try her hand at speaking whale!
 Is Ellen DeGeneres' Show CANCELLED After Rude & Mean Behavior Surfaces?Clevver News
12 days ago
After MANY people have accused Ellen Degeneres of being two-faced and rude to staff and guests, rumors are spreading that ...
 Kid Genius Brielle Shares Her Scientific DiscoveriesTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Adorable 6-year-old Brielle returned to talk with Ellen about some of her favorite scientists and her new hip-hop hobby.
 BTS Get Scared by a FangirlTheEllenShow
2 years ago
K-pop superstars BTS returned to Ellen to talk about dating, and going to the "Friends" set to scare fans, but Ellen turned the tables ...
 Cardi B Showed Ellen How She Got PregnantTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Rapper Cardi B visited Ellen for the first time, and talked about revealing her pregnancy on "SNL," then explained just how she got ...
 Deepika Padukone Talks Vin Diesel Romance RumorsTheEllenShow
3 years ago
The Bollywood superstar made her first appearance on Ellen's show to talk about her American film debut in "xXx: Return of ...
 Flashback: Adorable 4-Year-Old Brielle Teaches Ellen About BiologyBrielle
2 months ago
Take a walk down memory lane as an adorable 4-year-old Brielle teaches Ellen all about Biology and the human body. She also ...
 Ellen Gets Insulted On Her Own Show And This Happens...Viral Now
3 months ago
Ellen Gets Insulted On Her Own Show Thanks to her famous afternoon chat show, Ellen DeGeneres is now the Madonna of ...
 Justin Bieber Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’TheEllenShow
4 months ago
Justin Bieber surprised the audience by getting into Ellen's hot seat for a round of “Burning Questions”! Find out what part of his ...
 Ellen Degeneres Confirms Her Show Was Canceled!?!Viral Vision
16 hours ago
Ellen Degeneres Confirms Her Show Was Canceled!?! The Ellen show has been rumored to have been canceled and it appears ...
 Ellen Show - Funniest Moments of All Times!LIGHTSIDE
1 years ago
Ellen Degeneres Show's Funniest Moments of all times. Here you'll see episodes with Madonna, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki ...
 Adam Levine's New GirlfriendTheEllenShow
4 years ago
Three-year-old Mila is Adam's biggest (little) fan, and had quite the reaction when she found out he was married!
 Memorable Moment: Ellen's Wedding Monologue!TheEllenShow
8 years ago
Just after her wedding, Ellen did a monologue all about her special day. You can still see the glow on her face from the happiest ...
 Jennifer Aniston’s First Text During Her Plane Scare Was from EllenTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Jennifer Aniston recalled her frightening emergency incident on a plane and how Ellen was the first person who texted her to ...
 Justin Timberlake and Ellen Can't Repeat Their Silent Conversation on TVTheEllenShow
4 months ago
Justin Timberlake recently had a bruised vocal cord, and he couldn't talk for several weeks, resulting in him using a lot more facial ...
 Will Smith’s Full Interview with EllenTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Will Smith explained how he persuaded his wife Jada Pinkett Smith to go skydiving for his 50th birthday and his experience ...
 Ellen Gives Perfect Attendance Student a Pencil Her Classmates Can’t TakeTheEllenShow
5 months ago
Ellen met 7-year-old Taylor James, who recently went viral with a video of her explaining how her perfect attendance pencil was ...
 Ellen Show Is Officially Cancelled After This...Viral Vision
5 days ago
Ellen Show Is Officially Cancelled After This... For many years now, various people both in Hollywood and behind the scenes have ...
 Kid Expert Xander’s Science Knowledge Is Out of This World!TheEllenShow
5 months ago
Ellen welcomed 5-year-old Xander Rynerson, a science expert who especially loves astronomy. Ellen quizzed him on his ...
 Ellen's Favorite Moments from Season 16 - So FarTheEllenShow
1 years ago
After 16 seasons, Ellen still loves the show! From unforgettable celebrity interviews to inspiring visits from everyday heroes, take a ...
 Ellen at the Republican DebateTheEllenShow
4 years ago
Over the summer, Ellen made an appearance at the Republican Debate. In case you missed it, check out what she had to say ...
 The Too Hot for TV Moments You Deserve to SeeTheEllenShow
8 months ago
Just like Ellen, the show keeps getting hotter after 17 seasons... and sometimes it's too hot for TV! From twerking to unforgettable ...
 President Obama Talks The First LadyTheEllenShow
4 years ago
President Barack Obama spilled details on how he and the First Lady work things out.
 Dame Helen Mirren Finds Out She's Only 72 Years OldTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Dame Helen Mirren isn't shy about telling people her age, but Ellen broke the news to Helen that she's actually a year younger ...
 Five-Year-Old Tavaris and His Terrific Moves Are Back!TheEllenShow
3 years ago
Tavaris and Ellen had lots to catch up on – his new celebrity status, birthday, and of course, his new dance moves!
 Ellen DeGeneres Gave Jimmy a Big ScareThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
5 years ago
Ellen explains to Jimmy how she set him up with a fake scare on her show in order to really get him when he least expected.
 Extended Cut: Kendall Jenner Reveals Kylie Makeup CollaborationTheEllenShow
5 months ago
Kendall Jenner revealed to Ellen that for the first time, she's coming out with a makeup collection, and collaborating with her sister ...
 Ellen's Funniest Moments of All TimeFoeko
6 months ago
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 Rising Star Benee Performs 'Supalonely' (The Ellen DeGeneres Show) [4K video]bruno vargas
13 days ago
Rising New Zealand star Benee performed her hit "Supalonely," which has been used as the soundtrack on millions of TikTok ...
 Cardi B Meets Cardi ETheEllenShow
8 months ago
For Halloween, Ellen transformed into “Cardi E”, inspired by Cardi B's character in the movie “Hustlers,” and she got a special visit ...
5 years ago
It was the photo that gripped the world. Is it white and gold or black and blue? Ellen got to the bottom of it, meeting all the key ...
 Ellen's Favorite Average Andy MomentsTheEllenShow
1 years ago
From dancing with the "Magic Mike Live" hunks to accidentally getting too close to a Cirque du Soleil performer, Ellen shared ...
 Judge Judy Sets the Record Straight on Skin Care ScamTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Ellen sat down with Judge Judy, who set the record straight about a recent scam that claims shes a spokesperson for a skin care ...
 Charlize Theron Opens Up About Her Kids, and DatingTheEllenShow
3 years ago
The Oscar winner told Ellen about her most important role – mom – and her thoughts on dating in the digital age.
 David Spade Thought Ellen Was Justin Bieber at Her Birthday PartyTheEllenShow
2 years ago
David Spade had an out-of-body experience at Ellen's 60th birthday bash that involved weed, celebrities, and thinking Ellen was ...
 Justin Bieber - Intentions (Live From The Ellen DeGeneres Show / 2020) ft. QuavoJustinBieberVEVO
4 months ago
Changes out now: Watch Official Video: Follow Justin: ...
 Kris Jenner Spills on Her Family in ‘Keeping Up with the Blank'TheEllenShow
4 months ago
Ellen quizzed “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” matriarch Kris Jenner to get her honest answers about her famous family... in a ...
 The 'Wonder'ful Gal GadotTheEllenShow
4 years ago
The gorgeous Gal is filling Wonder Woman's shoes, and joined Ellen for her talk show debut!
 Hero Teacher Sonya RomeroTheEllenShow
5 years ago
When Ellen heard about humanitarian Sonya Romero, she knew she had to bring her to the show. This was an interview neither ...
 Memorable Moments with Australian Kid Surfer SabreTheEllenShow
3 years ago
Noah Ritter showcased the legendarily excited kid's best moments from Season 14.
 Adorable 3-Year-Old Periodic Table Expert BrielleTheEllenShow
4 years ago
After Ellen saw Brielle's video on ellentube, she invited her to showcase her science smarts on the show!
 Lady Gaga Interview, Ellen DeGeneres Show 11/27/2009Little Monster
9 years ago
You can download this and other Gaga's videos from here:
 Jimmy Kimmel Is Having a Baby!TheEllenShow
6 years ago
The talk show host had a big announcement to tell Ellen, her audience and the world. Tune in to "Ellen" Wednesday, February 26 ...
 Influential YouTuber Nikkie de Jager Sits Down With EllenTheEllenShow
5 months ago
Ellen welcomed YouTube star Nikkie de Jager, a popular makeup artist and beauty blogger better known as NikkieTutorials.
 Kate Winslet on the Ellen DeGeneres ShowJacinda Vogel
13 years ago
Kate Winslet talking on the phone at the Ellen DeGeneres show on January 24th.
 'This Is Us' Star Chrissy Metz Joins EllenTheEllenShow
3 years ago
The actress sat down with Ellen for the first time to talk about her breakout hit show and all that's coming up for her character.
 Adorable Kid Dancer ZaZa Shows Off Her Sassy Dance MovesTheEllenShow
10 months ago
Four-year-old Zahara "ZaZa" Bean sat down with guest host tWitch to chat about her "bad and boujee" personality and took the ...
 Top 5 MOST AWKWARD Ellen Moments On The ShowSplash
3 months ago
Top 5 MOST AWKWARD Ellen Moments On The Show Subscribe To Splash Here ...
 Mom of Two Ali Wong Has Suffered EnoughTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Comedian Ali Wong is the mother of two under 2, and she told Ellen her favorite mantra about motherhood: she has suffered ...
 Billie Eilish - Ellen Full Interview (April 1, 2019)J12495
1 years ago
Billie Eilish - Ellent Full Interview on April 1, 2019.