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 Queen Ant Mating Season | Ant Attack | BBC EarthBBC Earth
10 years ago
The Queen ant summons a male winged ant to her lair. Will her minions allow him in? Great footage in this video from BBC show ...
 How To Raise A Queen AntAnts Australia
3 years ago
A brief tutorial on how to look after queen ants. LINKS Patreon: Help Support This Channel ...
 How To Identify a Queen AntAntsCanada
3 years ago
Like Pokemon Go, it is ant nuptial flight season and ant keepers are out catching queen ants like crazy to start new ant farms!
 Catch A Queen Ant in Your HouseWorld Experts
2 years ago
How to Catch A Queen Ant in Your House.
 How to Catch A Queen AntAntsCanada
3 years ago
Ant keepers are queen ant hunting now due to nuptial flight season in North America and Europe. In this video I seek out the ever ...
 Fire Ants Behead Rival Queen | National GeographicNational Geographic
7 years ago
Dog-eat-dog? Er, make that ant-eat-ant. These ants stop at nothing to ensure their colony is the biggest. ➡ Subscribe: ...
 This might just be the world's LARGEST ANT !!!Exotics Lair
1 years ago
This is by far the largest ant I've ever seen. Not quite sure of the exact species, but a few have mentioned it being a Dinomyrmex ...
 Termite Queen Lays Millions of Eggs | National GeographicNational Geographic
5 years ago
This termite queen's abdomen is so large she can hardly move. But behind this seeming helplessness lies immense power.
 Journey Catch Queen termite A to ZSon nguyen hoang
2 years ago
Journey Catch Queen termite A to Z Sorry about my english not good if you guys feed not easy write it down i will try to fix it. :)
 Please Help Me Find the Queen Fire AntAntsCanada
1 years ago
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 Looking For Queen AntsAntsCanada
1 years ago
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 Ant colony raids a rival nest - Natural World - Empire of the Desert Ants - BBC TwoBBC
8 years ago
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 Ant Desk 4: Moving Queen Ants And Small ColoniesTarheelAnts
1 years ago
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10 months ago
Check out Granny And Friends ▻ https://goo.gl/gaQjBc Previous Video ▻ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XkJYBecSD0 The ...
 How To Catch A Queen AntAnts Manitoba
1 years ago
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 Long Live the Queen | Animal Fight NightNat Geo WILD
5 years ago
A power-hungry princess ant enslaves a neighboring ant colony to become their new queen. ➡ Subscribe: ...
 Queen ant vs Queen honey beeKhmer beekeeping
4 months ago
Ants attacked honey bees. It's too bad to honey bees. I'm very angry with ants, so I decide to destroy it. Thank you for watching and ...
 Learn About Ants with Ant Colonies by BabyBus Kids Games for Toddler Preschooler Kindergarten BabiesKidsJoeTV
3 years ago
Learn About Ants with Ant Colonies by BabyBus Kids Games for Toddler Preschooler Kindergarten Babies Subscribe now ...
 How ant queen makes its own nest??Esteban Cano - Ingeniería
10 years ago
This video shows how the queens find another place to live when they are ready to do it.
 How to identify a Queen AntAnts Austria
5 months ago
A short and summarized video (Tutorial), how to identify a queen ant and possibly catch it. Swarm flights of different ants: ...
 What Happens IF A Queen Ant Dies? - Queen Ant Colony SurvivalAntManUK
2 years ago
Click here to SUBSCRIBE to my channel: https://goo.gl/odWfzw What would happen if the queen ant dies in a colony? Hello All, I ...
 Where to Buy Queen Ants | Getting Started in Ant Keeping 101AntsCanada
2 years ago
A helpful tutorial on getting started in the Ant Keeping Hobby, this video will cover catching a queen ant, where to buy queen ants, ...
 A rare moment: the ant Queen is laying an egg!Ant Farm diaries
2 years ago
Camponotus Vagus ant queen is laying an egg! I saw it so clear for the first time in my life. I hope you'll enjoy the video too.
 Queen of Honey Ants Drinks HoneyWorld Experts
2 years ago
Honeypot ants .... honeypot ant, honeypot ant, honey pot ants, honey pot ant, honey ants, honey ant,Melophorus, Myrmecocystus, ...
 Catching So Many Queen AntsAntsCanada
2 years ago
Click here to SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/tlCQJZ Today was an amazing day for queen ant hunting! This video is a tutorial vlog on ...
 New Ant Colony: Massive Super MajorsAntsCanada
2 years ago
Click here to SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/tlCQJZ Link to Hidden Video: https://youtu.be/5_NVpdllnes You won't believe the size of ...
 OMG! I Caught a NEW QUEEN ANT! | A MONSTER ANT BATTLE feat. Trap-jaws, Weaver Ants, Marauder AntsAntsCanada
2 years ago
OMG! I caught a new queen ant! A trap-jaw queen ant. In this video we take a look at our new queen ant, explore her amazing ...
 DGA Plays: Ant Queen - Sandbox Mode (Ep. 8 - Gameplay / Let's Play)Dad's Gaming Addiction
2 years ago
Ant Queen Gameplay / Let's Play Video Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/491090/ Playlist: ...
 Caring for a SOCIAL PARASITE ant queen - Lasius fuliginosusNordic Ants
2 years ago
Finally! I've had some amazing vacation this summer. But i haven´t been able to make content :( had no computer only my phone ...
 How To Catch A Queen AntAnts Australia
3 years ago
A brief tutorial on how to find and capture queen ants. LINKS Patreon: Help Support This Channel ...
 How long does it take to rear an ant colony starting from the queen: a timeline.Nature Magnified
11 months ago
A chronology of events documenting the laying of eggs to emergence of the worker ants to transferring them into the plaster nest.
 Catching a queen...ant.Paul Juhl
2 years ago
Catching a honey pot queen.
 ADOPTION & PROGRESS | 3 Month Queen Ant UpdateLeopard Gecko
3 years ago
It's been three months (12 weeks to be exact) since I first caught my Lasius Niger Queen Ant on her nuptial flight, and things are ...
 Finding Queen Ants & Colonies #1 | My Trip to the Black Forest, GermanyAnts Britania
1 years ago
Finding Queen Ants & Colonies // My Trip to the Black Forest, Germany In this video I am going to be exploring the beautiful Black ...
 6 Month Queen Ant Update!Leopard Gecko
3 years ago
So my Queen Ant (Lasius Niger) has survived her first winter, and now she is preparing for Spring! Test Tube Setup: ...
 Queen Ant give birth to ant egg.Tiny Worker Ant
1 years ago
My current queen giving birth to a egg. Sorry for the not-so-decent quality of the footage, my camera and lens are not really that ...
 CATCHING QUEEN ANTS! | Searching for Queen Ants in my back Garden!Ants Britania
5 years ago
Be sure to catch those Queens guys! Thanks for watching! You guys are awesome :) AntsBritania Antstore- ...
 How a Bee Becomes QueenSciShow
4 years ago
Royal jelly! For bees, it's what makes all the difference between a queen and a worker. Hosted by: Hank Green ---------- Dooblydoo ...
 Queen Ant Removing Her Wingsvikingtimbo
7 years ago
I found these ants on my jumper. They must have landed on me while still mating but their behaviour appears to be completely ...
 Arachnophobia! GIANT SPIDER vs Santa QUEEN ANT Colony! (Empires of the Undergrowth)BaronVonGames
1 years ago
Empires of the Undergrowth Ep 9 - Arachnophobia Mode! Giant Spider vs Santa Queen (Empires of the Undergrowth Ep 9 EotU) ...
 POV of a Queen Mother Ant (Mother's Day Special)AntsCanada
1 years ago
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 Hunting for Queen antsAnthony Turner
1 months ago
Checking under rocks for Camponotus vicinus Queens.
 Selling Queen Ants Through The GAN Farmll Ender Ants ll
10 months ago
I'm sure every new ant keeper has heard of the Global Ant Nursery Project, also known as the Gan Farm, from AntsCanada.
 How To Care For A Queen AntAnts Manitoba
1 years ago
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 How To Catch A Queen Ant | Tips & Tricksll Ender Ants ll
1 years ago
The essential knowledge to catching queen ants. Weather conditions, and methods I have found during my time looking for queen ...
 How To Move A Queen Into A New Test Tube With Eggs Quickly!Sci Fun
2 years ago
In this video I show you how to move a queen between test-tube setups as efficiently as possible.
 Queen Ant's Advice Bengali Story - রানী পিপীলিকার পরামর্শ বাংলা গল্প 3D Animated Kids Moral StoriesJOJO Kids - Bengali
15 days ago
Queen Ant's Advice Bengali Story - রানী পিপীলিকার পরামর্শ বাংলা গল্প 3D Animated Kids Moral Stories #BengaliMoralStories ...
 Ants international How To Raise A Queen AntAnts International
2 years ago
NEW VIDEO How To Raise A Queen Ant If you guys have any questions about ant keeping please comment below. Hope you ...
 The Ant Queen! - Empires Of The Undergrowth - Ep2TheGamingBeaver
2 years ago
It's time to take control of my new found knowledge of this game and kick the arse out of some other ants! ❤❤ For Exclusive ...
 Hunting for Queen Ants for my Cousin in Taiwan!! [Test Tube Alternative Setup]Addicted to Nature
2 months ago
After the rain they all came out! Enjoy :) 3 queens for my cousin that wanted to get into keeping ants. I was so surprised when she ...
 Virgin Queen Flying Ants Shedding Their WingsCraig Rogers Photography
10 months ago
When conditions are right, male and virgin Queen Ants fly from the nests. They mate in flight, the males die and the Virgin Queen ...
 How to Care for a Queen AntAntsCanada
6 years ago
A helpful video tutorial on how to care for your newly captured queen ants, with annotations directing you to relevant previous ...
 New Green Weaver Ant Queen by AntsCanadaAntsCanada
7 years ago
An Oecophylla smaragdina dealate. It's rainy season here in Manila, Philippines and the species appears to be flying (i.e. ...
 How to catch a queen antTank Society
2 years ago
SUP ANT FAM! How to catch your very own queen ant - we take a look at catching ants around the world and a closer look at our ...
1 years ago
If you want to know how to do ant farm, so watch this video. This is really awesome diy.
 Etrian Odyssey Untold - BOSS - Queen Ant (Story mode, Expert)ArtFenixAsordis
2 years ago
Queen Ant battle on Expert difficulty (Story Mode) and then a lot of story dialogues. The actual fight starts at 6:00, I was trying to ...
 How To Catch And Raise A Queen Ant! (+ Test Tube Alternative!) || Ants QLD Tutorial!Ants Queensland
1 years ago
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 WHEN TO CATCH A QUEEN ANT | Schedule, species and how to identify them!(Europe)Nordic Ants
2 years ago
NORDIC ANTS´ first tutorial! Hope it helps you guys to catch your special ant queen! If you have any feedback, questions or ...