Plasterbrain - Nimbasa Core LYRICSRectangleArts
7 years ago
Plasterbrain - Nimbasa Core Song: Nimbasa CORE by plasterbrain is licensed ...
 pLasterbrain| Modal Shanghaikofukune
5 years ago lyrics: How did I end up here Lying in your arms Watching city lights Turn to ...
 pLasterbrain| Theorieskofukune
4 years ago
I'm going to DisneyWorld this weekend, so I'm uploading this before I forget. lyrics: Did you ever tell em how you wound up in that ...
 pLasterbrain| G★R★E★E★D★Y ft. Helen Kanekofukune
5 years ago
with new sped down ver: not my art ...
 Modal ShanghaipLasterbrain - Topic
5 months ago
Provided to YouTube by Repost Network Modal Shanghai · Plasterbrain · Erin Blaber Modal Shanghai ℗ Plasterbrain Released ...
 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL - The Best Animation EverJelloApocalypse
3 years ago
After more than ten years since it's original debut, the very first JelloApocalypse animation finally comes out of the vault for a new ...
 pLasterbrain - GREEDY (edited)sachiiku audios
2 years ago
0 The art is "Lonely Nights" by Luxjii: All rights for the music go to ...
 plasterbrain - Soup 02 [Original Song]JelloApocalypse
2 years ago
This is a boss fight theme I commissioned from pLasterbrain to be used in my tabletop streaming series, ANIME CAMPAIGN!
 pLasterbrain| G★R★E★E★D★Y ft. Helen Kane (Slowed Down Ver.)kofukune
3 years ago
i heard from the grapevine some of you liked the sped down version, and youtube recently had an update that botched that the ...
 plasterbrain - nimbasa core [ slowed down ~ daycore ]obsessed w joe
1 months ago
thank u so much Jazzy for suggesting a song once again i'm so happY og song by plasterbrain: ...
 Plasterbrain - Nimbasa CORE hour loopAfk
4 years ago
i do not claim any video or audio used in this video 1 hour loop of Plasterbrain - Nimbasa CORE original song: ...
 JelloApocalypse Panel! - Youmacon 2016JelloApocalypse
3 years ago
Jello, pLaster, and Tom Laflin say words for 90 minutes! The main highlight of this panel is the PIZZ AGAME DEMO ...
 Ionian Lullaby [League of Legends Fan Song]plasterbrain
3 years ago
This is a love song for Jhin. I also wrote a story based on this song: ...
 nobody else but you.CybeR
2 years ago
yehehe DA twitter credits music: plasterbrain - greedy inspiration: ...
 Pizza Game - Official Launch TrailerJelloApocalypse
1 years ago
 Daycore - Nimbasa CoreThe Nightcore Kitten!
1 years ago
Plasterbrain - Nimbasa Core If you enjoyed please like and subscribe! Lyrics ~~ you don't even get it you don't even want ...
 pLasterbrain - The Face of Mercymarley
3 years ago
I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC! I AM NOT PLASTERBRAIN! I saw this on Soundcloud and wanted to share it. Soundcloud: ...
 pLasterbrain: Theories [Daycore]Loopy Lord!
7 months ago
ahhh i love this song alot! the only thing on this video that belongs to me is the art :3 the song rightfully belongs to the amazing ...
 Plasterbrain - Nimbasa COREQuietDepression
7 years ago
[I did not make this]
 BONUS: Temmie Flakes Extra Lines (ft. Plasterbrain)Fandroid Music Group - FMG
4 years ago
in celebration of 100000 views on Temmie Flakes Breakfast Cereal, I wanted to upload this hilarious audio file from plasterbrain!
 (Aono Rap Mixes) Plasterbrain- Nimbasa CORE (Remix)Aonoexorcist100
6 years ago
From: Plasterbrain Nimbasa CORE Download Link: ...
 JELLOAPOCALYPSE PANEL - Youmacon 2015, with Jello and pLaster!JelloApocalypse
4 years ago
Now with a convenient menu for navigation! I like the whole panel but I think things take an immediate turn for the better when we ...
 DAYCORE-G★R★E★E★D★YJazie Willow
2 years ago
Ideal Original song: This is ...
 pLasterbrain - Modal Shanghai (Teal Tactics Remix)Teal Tactics
1 years ago
First upload in a little while, I may be a bit late to the party but here's a more bass-music oriented remix of this banger you may or ...
 pLasterbrain - Theories (slightly slower)sachiiku audios
2 years ago
Another one of my favorites. :0.
 Nimbasa core plasterbrain guitar versionKonjiki no Inazuma
4 years ago
No soy el creador de la canción.
 The life of a D.VA playerAndrewjrt
2 years ago
 When you Outgrown meKanzaki-San
1 years ago
Hey everyone ... I was thinking about starting posting songs with lyrics, what do you guys think? Music: When You Outdid Me ...
 Epithet Erased - Official OpeningJelloApocalypse
11 months ago
 Nimbasa Core [ Animation ]Pearlous
6 months ago
Song: So this was a fun one...I started it back in December, gave up on it while I ...
 pLasterbrain - NIMBASA CORE Lyric VideoWolf Sushi
3 years ago
A little lyric video I made using Adobe After Effects. I love pLasterbrain's music, twitter feed, and other stuff, including the work ...
 Plasterbrain - Nimbasa Core (slowed down)Spree
2 years ago
The high pitch voice of the original was annoying so I made it lower.
 PIZZA GAME Preview! - Youmacon 2016JelloApocalypse
3 years ago
Some EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE previewing pLasterbrain's upcoming shitpost visual novel, "Pizz Agame!" (pronounced "Pizza ...
 pLasterbrain| G★R★E★E★D★Y ft. Helen KellerHelen Keller
5 years ago
pLasterbrains latest song featuring none other than HELEN KELLER!
 Poppy Plastered my Brain at Nimbasa Core while Titanic filmed1zzzs
3 years ago
This is my first video on Youtube, and what better way to kick off my channel then to have a supercut of Poppy while listening to ...
 Plasterbrain - Third Person (Remix by The Girl Of Many Fandoms)KC
9 months ago
I downloaded GarageBand like a day ago so naturally I decided to make a remix of a song nobody knows from a game very few ...
 Plasterbrain - Nimbasa CORE but the other parts are missingNorman Bon
4 months ago
I don't like this song, but i "edited" anyway. Made with FL Studio. Original song: Nimbasa CORE Author: Plasterbrain CREDITS ...
 ♥♥NIGHTCORE♥♥ - Ionian Lullaby ( plasterbrain ) ~ Lyricsthicc.anthophila
3 years ago
H0I :D Ich finde das Lied mega cool :3 hoffe es gefällt euch auch ;3 ...
 Warframe Mandachord: Modal Shanghai (pLasterbrain)Buff00n
3 years ago
By request Original:
 Beat Hazard: Suicidal: No Deaths: Nimbase CORE by pLasterbrain: 16,733,412 PointsD YellowMadness
2 years ago
You can buy Beat Hazard & Beat Hazard Ultra (which is what I'm playing in this video) below.
 Greedy MemeBlair Asher
1 years ago
Apps: Cute cut pro Sketch Background eraser Mago Video Inspired by Lovely Lauren Song: Song ...
 pLasterbrain| G★R★E★E★D★Y ft. Helen Kane (Except its louder)Solar-Eclipse
1 years ago
I just really hated how quiet the original was. It was unbearably quiet and I hated it tbh. Anyways, not my art or music. Original ...
 vib-request - Plasterbrain - Nimbasa CORE (Perfect) (liluke9)AbeX300
5 years ago
[ REQUEST BONANZA!!! ] And now for my favorite of the two odd requests! Vib-Request is a side-series where every Sunday, I do ...
 Nightcore - Nimbasa CorepORNESIAN PARAPIO
3 years ago
Enjoy :D Please consider requesting a song in the comments! v v v Nothing in the video belongs to me! If you are the owner of ...
 Plasterbrain : Nimbasa CORE : REMIXDecide Time
5 years ago
 Shanghai Raindrops Yakuza 4 - Zeras Light & Plasterbrain | RaveDjTheMagicalAcidTrip
3 months ago
Made on RaveDJ at Make your own Mix or Mashup at Support RaveDJ on Patreon!
 plasterbrain - Nimbasa CORE [Outertone 011 - Changes Release]Outertone
4 years ago
Download here: Listen on Spotify: ...
 Nightcore - Modal ShanghaiGravityRainbow x33
4 years ago
Likes would be awesome if you guys liked it♡ If you want some special song to be nightcored please let me know in the ...
 Nimbasa CORE - PlasterbrainNormalDeformation
5 years ago
Nimbasa CORE - Plasterbrain ♕ ♕Download(Free): ♕Follow Plasterbrain: ...
 nimbasa coreokuragi
3 months ago
song: nimbasa core by plasterbrain character: chiaki nanami from danganronpa 2 just a little clip from an edit I posted on my ...
 Nimbassa CORE - pLasterbrainSixIsMyName
5 years ago
Just a little extra thing. :D Hopefully you enjoy, and I don't own any of this, all credit goes to pLasterbrain! Soundcloud: ...
 Greedy - meme (gift for sleepykinq)Slimy Cassis
3 years ago
OMG! Finaly, i finish this animation. Its take so long! I'm on the amino animation art + MAP, i post some draw, WIP... My name is ...
5 years ago