Mario & Luigi: Super Anime Brothersmashed
7 days ago
Mario and Luigi go on a bizarre adventure, and then suffer the ultimate anime betrayal! D: Produced by Tom Jenkins Written and ...
 SO UNFAIR ALREADY!! | Luigi plays: SUPER LUIGI MAKER 2 - PART 1Weegeepie
1 months ago
Discord Server for the GIVEWAY: Send me your Super Mario Maker 2 levels: ...
 LUIGI'S DAY OUThotdiggedydemon
5 years ago
Mario is forced to take Luigi with him when he goes out to socialize with his sleazy friends. To exact revenge, he decides to submit ...
 How Luigi Makes Money in Real Life - Super Mario BrosNitroParkour
4 months ago
How Luigi Makes Money in Real Life- Super Mario Bros Real life video game character Luigi goes to work and tries to collect as ...
 Luigi’s Mansion 3 - Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019 - Nintendo SwitchNintendo
14 days ago
Every floor of the haunted hotel in Luigi's Mansion 3 is a different theme, including the pyramid setting of Tomb Suites, a disco ...
 Luigi is NOT AN IDIOT!Nicobbq
3 years ago
What? You thought I was gonna say Luigi wasn't a hero! What kind of negative person do you think I am! Watch more of the "NOT ...
 Mario VS Luigi racing Super Mario Bro U Deluxe level - In real lifeNitroParkour
7 months ago
Mario VS Luigi racing Super Mario Bro U Deluxe level - Parkour in Real life Real life video game characters Mario and Luigi are ...
 Super Luigi In Real Life - Super Mario BrosNitroParkour
6 months ago
Watch Luigi as he gets through his day trying to make his dream come true. Will he be number one one day or should Luigi ...
 SM64 bloopers: Luigi LabyrinthSMG4 // Glitch Productions
3 years ago
SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP! why is there so many luigi dolls outside!? where did they come from? its up to smg4 and mario to go ...
 Luigi’s Mansion 3 - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019Nintendo
3 months ago
Wield the upgraded Poltergust G-00 to slam and blow away the ghosts' defenses, or summon Gooigi, an all-green doppelganger ...
 The ULTIMATE Luigi Comic Dub Compilation - GabaLethGabaLeth
7 days ago
Buff Weegee Tee shows its gainz again until 9/19. Don't miss out or it'll go back to the gym ...
 WHAT IF Luigi Had Other FINAL SMASHES? (Super Smash Bros Mods)Master0fHyrule
1 years ago
Luigi's Negative Zone puts opponents to sleep and you're free to attack them which is cool but What If Luigi Had Other Final ...
 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 100% Walkthrough (Full Game)NintendoCentral
1 years ago
This video shows off a full 100% Walkthrough of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS! Subscribe to NintendoCentral: ...
 Luigi Plays: SUPER LUIGI MAKERRR (Part 1)Weegeepie
6 months ago
 What if Luigi was The New Bachelor | The Bachelor Animated ParodyArcadeCloud
2 months ago
In our version of The Bachelor, it's famed sidekick and bachelor Luigi looking for love! The only thing scarier than Luigi's Mansion ...
 Super Mario Party - Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothingNintendo Unity
11 months ago
Let's see how Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing in 17 minigames in Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch. 1080p 60fps ...
 Something About Luigi's Mansion ANIMATED 👻😱👻 (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning)TerminalMontage
11 months ago
Doesn't seem like Mario can speedrun this castle. Can Green Mario save him? Subscribe for more! And if you like it, please ...
 Mario and Luigi Fight SansSwankyZone
6 days ago
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9 months ago
It's time for a brand new chapter of Smash Bros. I'm ready for a brand new era of claiming that Luigi sucks. #SuperSmashBros ...
 Super Mario Party 〇 Luigi Wins by Doing Absolutely NothingSuper Mario Party Games Kart Play All Music Videos
11 months ago
Super Mario Party Luigi Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing◇【Luigi Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing ...
 Luigi's Night at Freddy'sCrispy Toast
4 years ago
Luigi applies for a part time job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. But will he overcome his obstacles? Ya know, come to think of it, ...
 New Super Luigi U Worlds 1 - 9 Full Game (100%)NintendoCentral
2 years ago
New Super Luigi U 100% Walkthrough showing off all the star coins and secret exits for all 9 worlds in the game. Subscribe to ...
 Luigi's Nightmaremashed
2 years ago
Luigi starts having visions which are out of his world. Is he going crazy, or is something else happening? Animated By Kati Knitt ...
 How Luigi's Mansion TRIGGERS You!Nathaniel Bandy
5 days ago
How Super Paper Mario TRIGGERS You! ▻ Ranking Every Star in Super Mario 64 ...
 Super Luigi Odyssey! - Cute Mario Bros.The Cute Mario Bros
1 years ago
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 10 Times Mario Let Luigi DownTheGamer
1 months ago
10 Times Mario Humiliated Luigi in the Super Mario franchise by Nintendo Subscribe, now to The Gamer! Click here: ...
 Evolution Of Luigi In Super Smash Bros Series (Moveset, Animations & More)Master0fHyrule
5 months ago
I am proud to be working with Dollar Shave Club! Luigi has been around since the beginning of ...
 Luigi's Mansion 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro & First Boss!!! (Nintendo Switch)TetraNinja
3 months ago
Luigi's Mansion 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro & First Boss!!! (Nintendo Switch) Buy here: ...
 Luigi's DARK SECRET! (Super Mario Bros. Theory) - ConnerTheWaffleConnerTheWaffle
3 years ago
Everyone's got a secret..even Luigi ^^ Instagram ...
 Evolution of Funny Luigi Moments (1999 - 2019)Shiromi
9 months ago
Evolution of the best and funniest Luigi moments in Super Mario Games starting in 1999 with Mario Golf until 2019 with Luigi's ...
 Is it possible to beat New Super Luigi U While Carrying Luigi?Nicobbq
5 days ago
Is it possible for Luigi to beat his own game by doing nothing? This is a question that I truly need the answer to! Today, we are ...
 Moveset Animation Comparison | LUIGIAlex.EXE
8 months ago
A direct comparison of Luigi's animations going from Smash 4 to Smash Ultimate. Smash 4 footage is on the left, Ultimate is on the ...
 Super Mario Maker 2 - All Luigi Power-Upspackattack04082
1 months ago
This video shows off all of the power-ups in Super Mario Maker 2 with Luigi. #Mario #MarioMaker2 #PowerUps.
 Luigi's Balloon Worldvideogamedunkey
1 years ago
In Reggie's new game Luigi World, find a balloon you dumb guy. end song by
 Super Mario Odyssey - Mario & Luigi Walkthrough Part 1ProsafiaGaming
6 months ago
Part 1 of a full game walkthrough playing as Mario & Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. Mod created by Atlas ...
 NEW Boss Fight in Luigi's Mansion 3! (DIRECT FEED Gameplay)GameXplain
7 days ago
We had the opportunity to try a brand new boss fight in Luigi's Mansion 3 as part of Garden Suites! See what ghostly menace Luigi ...
12 months ago
As we all know, Luigi is a horrible character and full of hate. Lucky for us, Luigi is a lost spirit who is fueled by the hatred of being ...
 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 100% Walkthrough Part 1 - Gloomy Manor A-1 through A-3 (3-Star Rank)packattack04082
1 years ago
Part 1 of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. This is a 100% walkthrough. I'll be getting all 3-star rankings as well on ...
 10 Things Luigi CAN Do That Mario CAN'TTheGamer
1 years ago
Check out THE RICHEST ESPAGNOL: Think Mario is the BEST??? Wait till you hear these 10 Things Luigi ...
 Mario Party 9 - Mario vs Luigi vs Peach vs Daisy - MinigamesGreenSpot
1 months ago
Mario Party 9 - Mario vs Luigi vs Peach vs Daisy - Minigames ▻Don't forget to like and subscribe!
 Luigi vs Tails - Cartoon Rap BattlesCalobi Productions
Luigi vs Tails - Cartoon Rap Battles Watch this animated video of Tails vs Luigi in a battle of epic proportions. Welcome to episode ...
 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS) - 100% Walkthrough - King Boo's Illusion - Final Boss + EndingYTSunny
2 years ago
Part 35 (finale) of a 100% walkthrough for Luigi's Mansion 2 played on the Nintendo 3DS. This part covers the final mission in the ...
 Evolution of Dark Luigi Battles (2001-2018)ProsafiaGaming
1 years ago
Compilation of all Evil Luigi Boss Battles in Nintendo games starting in 2001 for Gamecube, DS, Wii, 3DS and Nintendo Switch ...
 10 Times Mario and Luigi Were EnemiesTheGamer
1 years ago
BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER. Mario and Luigi are one of the greatest duos in gaming. But did you know there were times ...
 From Low GSP To Elite Smash With LuigiLittle Z
3 months ago
Take a shot for every Up-B kill Subscribe for more! Leave a like if you enjoyed! Join my Discord server!
 Luigi's MYSTERIOUS STORY !Nicobbq
10 months ago
Luigi did not have an easy life. Find out about all the ups and downs he went through before becoming who he is today!
 La TRISTE Historia del MALTRATO a LuigiMundo N
2 days ago
Cómo ha sido tratado Luigi a través de su historia? ¿Cuándo empezó a salir de la sombra de su hermano Mario? De eso ...
21 hours ago
GET YOUR DREAM PC from Hi-Tech for Gamers: ...
 Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing in Super Mario Bros.Level UP
1 years ago
Waluigi can only watch as Luigi effortlessly beat's Super Mario Bros. by doing absolutely nothing! ❤ Subscribe to never miss new ...
 New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Peach wants to rescue Mario and LuigiSirloin
1 years ago
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Peach wants to rescue Mario and Luigi 1080P/60FPS/Walkthrough ▻Subscribe if you want to see ...
 Luigi's Mansion - Complete 100% Walkthrough (All Gold Portraits, Boos & Gems)ProsafiaGaming
11 months ago
This is a complete 100% Walkthrough/Longplay of Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo Gamecube and 3DS in 1080p and 60fps.
 "LuIgI iS bAd" (Smash Bros. Ultimate Montage)King of Skill
2 months ago
What? Uploads back to back? Well it's been a while since my last montage. I know some of y'all wanted some Mr. L references, ...
 When Did Luigi Become Nintendo's Punching Bag?Polygon
1 years ago
Luigi hasn't always been a spineless loser. So why is he one now? And what did he do to deserve it? Subscribe to our YouTube ...
 Mario and Luigi's Maze MayhemLevel UP
1 years ago
Mario and Luigi will have to team up to beat this maze! Will they claim victory? ❤ Subscribe to never miss new Mario videos!
 Super Mario Strikers - Luigi vs Wario - GameCube Gameplay (720p60fps)igcompany
1 years ago
Super Mario Strikers - Luigi vs Wario - GameCube Gameplay (720p60fps). A football game between Luigi and Wario in Super ...