Health Minister Dr. R.Lalthangliana chuan COVID-19 positive, an taksa a symptoms lang chhuak lo, doctor hriatpuite chu an ...
 This LPS variant is Worth over $350? and I bought it...Lps Honey
20 hours ago
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 LPS: Nothing but Determination (Short Film)Lps Honey
3 days ago
Delilah known as "Dahlia" on stage is an up and coming performer who has dreams of making it big! Unfortunately all she's known ...
 LPS: Online Schoolgiraffegirl12345
5 months ago
Hellooo all my lovely giraffes! Nicole here! For this video: Since lots of you guys probably have had to do online school, I thought it ...
 LPS: I want to be pretty (Short Film)CaseyFilms
1 months ago
Candy starts to view herself as ugly when she sees the beautiful pets around her filled with confidence from head to paw after ...
 I found a GIANT box filled with LPSLps Honey
4 months ago
Finding this was like wining a mini jackpot :D The nostalgia is real ;- ; Hasbro please make more lps. ↓ ↓ More info below.
 LPS: The Candy Killer (Film)Lps Honey
11 days ago
So do you want some candy...? ↓ ↓ Kawaii Box and more info below. Kawaii Box Giveaway ...
 LPS: Driving Schoolgiraffegirl12345
2 months ago
Hellooo all my lovely giraffes! Nicole here! For this video: Some LPS go to a Driving School to take their Driver's Test! There are ...
 LPS: Chickfila Drive Thrugiraffegirl12345
4 months ago
Hellooo all my lovely giraffes! Nicole here! For this video: The recent situation has made Chickfila close up their inside dining hall ...
 LPS Mask Tutorial gone wrong.Alice LPS
8 days ago
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 LPS Mermaid Memories Tier List.Alice LPS
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 LPS: This Day Aria {MLP Music Video}Sugar Diamond
27 days ago
Thanks for watching! You guys seemed to really enjoy 'You'll Play Your Part', so I decided to do one of my other favorite songs!
 NEW 2020 LPS ARE HERE...but are they worth it? 🙄ccrtelevision
1 months ago
Hasbro surprised us all with a new wave of LPS, their first release since last year! Do these pets live up to their hype, or are they ...
 LPS: Daycareitskawe
3 years ago
I hope you guys enjoy this video! CHECK OUT MY NEWEST DAYCARE VIDEO! LPS: Daycare *Remake* ...
 LPS I'm Blind.Alice LPS
1 years ago
CLICK ME!❤☆⋆ ❀✿~ Today I have more of a serious short film for you guys! I usually stick to comedy's but I felt inspired to try ...
 LPS: Zoom Call (FUNNY SKIT)ccrtelevision
3 months ago
Mr. Dempsey's class isn't over now that school is online! In his final lecture before the end of the school year, everyone gets on for ...
 LPS: Zoom Call (FUNNY SKIT)ccrtelevision
3 months ago
Mr. Dempsey's class isn't over now that school is online! In his final lecture before the end of the school year, everyone gets on for ...
 LPS: Mall Copgiraffegirl12345
8 months ago
Hellooo all my lovely giraffes! Nicole here! For this video: The New Year is here! These LPS are getting their last minute holiday ...
 LPS: Quarantine Birthday Party! {Skit}Sugar Diamond
2 days ago
Thanks for watching! It's been a hot sec since I last filmed a skit! This was filmed a few weeks ago, but I decided to post it today ...
 Making a town for my LPS!Lps Honey
2 months ago
I'm just gonna go ahead and move into my LPS town cause it's lookin real nice! ↓ ↓ More info below. Subscribe to know when I ...
 LPS: Vine Cafépuppylover863
2 years ago
Once again, the puppylover863 studio transforms into a cafe for patrons to dine in! But little do you know that this time, it won't be ...
 LPS MV "Worth It"FourPawProductions
5 years ago
LPS Four Paws Productions follow me on instagram at lpsfourpawproductions_offical.
 LPS: Quarantine || Short SkitLps Honey
6 months ago
Please stay safe everyone! :) I hope this made some of you smile, I think we can all laugh at the people who are overeating and ...
 LPS: Carnivalgiraffegirl12345
3 months ago
Hellooo all my lovely giraffes! Nicole here! Do you want the Mini Food accessories and menu from this video? Check my Etsy ...
 LPS: Mr. Bighead 🙀 FUNNY SKITccrtelevision
2 years ago
Mr. Dempsey has been gone since the beginning of the school year, but he's finally coming back to teach his chemistry class!
 LPS: Day at the Water Park Part 2! (Short Film)LPSLittleProductions
3 months ago
Today Kaylie and Bella decide that they would head back to the water park they visited years earlier and have some more fun.
 LPS: You'll Play Your Part {MLP Music Video}Sugar Diamond
1 months ago
Thanks for watching! I made these 4 customs just for this video... yikes! So, this took like 24+ hours... uhhhh hehe Oh! Don't forget ...
 LPS MV: FRIENDS - Marshmello & Anne-MarieWolfiePawsTV
2 years ago
Hope you enjoy this new lps mv. Took me forever to edit but it's FINALLY done, so now you can enjoy :) Keywords: LPS MV lps mv ...
 LPS: Clean. Your. Room. | SKITBlueJay
2 years ago
Why is this literally me? ... except the actually cleaning part... ;) -- Music: Scheming Weasel (Faster Version) Fluffing a Duck ...
 LPS MV: Savage [REMIX] - Megan Thee Stallion ft. Beyoncé (COLLAB W/ LPS SO PERFESH)Snowy's Pet Shop
2 months ago
Join My Discord Server: https://discord.gg/tRdZUDj ♢Follow Me On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snowyspetshop/ AUDIO ...
 LPS HEALTH TIPS: Dr. Thangchungnunga KawmnaLPS VISION
2 days ago
Guest: Dr. Thangchungnunga, Master of Surgery (Orthopaedics)
 LPS: Camp Chaos || FilmLps Honey
5 months ago
Somtimes you can feel disconnected from the world when you don't have access to social media ; - ; But don't worry! That's just ...
 LPS: MOMO Movie || Halloween Special 2018Lps Honey
1 years ago
Welcome the my first ever full film, I hope you enjoy! I hope this will be the first of many and from here my videos will be something ...
5 days ago
COVID-19 hri kai, an taksa a natna langchhuaklote in lama inenkawl dan tur ruahmanna duan chu thlirho anih hnuah Chief ...
 LPS - Eternal Love (Short Film)LPS Tiptoe
4 years ago
(A little film for Valentine's Day) Eternal Love is a love story that starts when two kids become friends, and as they grow older, ...
 BURNING AN LPS?! Littlest Pet Shop Dares!Alice LPS
1 years ago
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 LPS Music Video ~ Look What You Made Me Do (Switching Vocals)LPSsmileTV
2 years ago
A new LPS Music Video!! ─────── SONG INFORMATION ───────── Name: Look What You Made Me Do Artist: ...
 LPS: The Orphan Episode 2Lps Honey
4 months ago
It's time for Evelyn to learn a little more about how things run around here. Let's just say it's not your average place hm..? Episode ...
 LPS: Moonlight || Horror FilmLps Honey
5 months ago
"Don't look directly at the moon" The only lasting words given to pets across the world as a un-explainable event took hold.
 Lps Grocery StoreLittleJennaPlays
2 years ago
Sorry I've been on vacation.
 LPS: Judgemental || Short FilmLps Honey
8 months ago
Remember! Don't always judge a book by it's cover, and always make sure the people around you are there for the right reasons.
 LPS SERIES: Carmen's Cult (Installment #8)CaseyFilms
The “hiding from Carmen crew” go into a bunker suggested and found by Chase but, things are not what they seem once they ...
 LPS MV: bad guyLiv Moves
1 years ago
I do not own the music played in this video and I am not making any money from this video -Music is by Billie Eilish ...
 LPS : Heather (MV)Lps Diamond Eyes
1 months ago
petitions and information Please check them out and sign at least one! Lebanon !! : http://www.redcross.org Black Lives Matter !
 LPS: The Zombie Next Door [Short Film]Lps Beagle
4 months ago
I've been listening to tons of scary stories these past months, and really wanted to try narrating one myself. So here's my take on a ...
4 years ago
LPSMeTv© - MV - LPS || The new movie Suicide Squad is coming out (edit: movie is already out I made this video when it wasn't) ...
 LPS •[On My Own]• [Edit] •[Experiment 58]•LPS Crazy
Song: https://youtu.be/gOcn0elyo9M Created using Video Star: http://VideoStarApp.com/FREE #Experiment58 #LPS #LPSMV ...
 LPS: Celebrity Copycat || Short FilmLps Honey
2 years ago
Be yourself! :D Also I saw a few fellow LPStubers combine skits and unboxing (Jay Jay LPS, mlp fever, etc.) So I thought I'd give it ...
 LPS: Famous || FilmLps Honey
8 months ago
Being famous seems like a glamorous lifestyle, with adoring fans, rich friends, and exclusive opportunities. But you also need to ...
 Lps Crazy in Love mvLps Demons
2 years ago
Crazy in Love by Sofia Karlberg no copyright I do not own song :3 Hehe, love Instagram: lps_demons_.
 LPS: Bones (Short Film)Lps Honey
1 years ago
Could this be classed as Lps horror? Either way I hope you enjoyed! ↓ ↓ More info below. Subscribe to know when I make new ...
 LPS Bath Bomb DisasterAlice LPS
22 days ago
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 LPS: Randy the Handymangiraffegirl12345
10 months ago
Hellooo all my lovely giraffes! Nicole here! For this video: Randy is a handyman who goes to a few jobs to fix the customers fridge, ...
 LPS: Addicted Quarantine Marathon! (My Strange Addiction: ALL EPISODES!)Aleana
2 months ago
Bored during this summer quarantine? This marathon contains ALL LPS ADDICTED EPISODES! Like the video and comment ...
 Lps Music video : Fight songAritasyia
5 years ago
I really hope you like my Video ,my little secrets ;3 ♥Song: Fight song by Rachel Platten ~My Website ...
 LPS Airplane Trip #2LPS Emily
2 years ago
Hey LPSTubers! There has been a HEAVY request for another airplane video! These are literally SO fun to make so I just had to ...