Dangerous Landings Great PilotsTeleCabo
2 years ago
Dangerous airplane landings and great pilot skills compilation. Landings in very difficult conditions with cross winds, landing gear ...
 14 BIG PLANE LANDINGS - Airbus A380, Boeing 767, B787 ... (4K)Cargospotter
1 years ago
14 big planes, beautiful autumn weather and great special liveries. Is there anything else you need for a perfect planespotting day ...
 TOP 10 HARD LANDINGS - AIRBUS A380, BOEING 747, ANTONOV AN124 ... (HD)Cargospotter
1 months ago
Within the past 8 years I filmed a few hard landings of different airplane types. In todays TOP 10 video I sumed up the heaviest ...
2 years ago
Today a severe storm crossed germany and caused lots of trouble for the pilots which had to land an airplane in western germany.
 TOP 10 CROSSWIND LANDINGS of 2019 - AIRBUS A380, BOEING 747, GO AROUND ... (4K)Cargospotter
5 months ago
I was able to film a few epic crosswind landings in 2019 and I decided to edit a ranked video of the most amazing x wind landings.
 SMOOTH LANDINGS COMPILATION | Plane Spotting + Onboard | 2017FlightExperience
2 years ago
Over the years we filmed many smooth landings during our Plane Spotting trips or on board planes. Thanks for watching and ...
 top 10 Emergency plane LandingsThe Top
1 years ago
top 10 Emergency plane landings hard landing emergency landing plane videos.
 SKIATHOS 2018 - LOW LANDINGS and JETBLASTS vs. PEOPLE - Airbus A321, Boeing 717 ...Cargospotter
1 years ago
Skiathos Airport, or as I call it "the european St. Martin" is one of the craziest airports in europe. You are able to watch the ...
 36 LANDINGS IN 20 MINUTES! | PLANE SPOTTING at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) | 2017FlightExperience
2 years ago
During our trip to Los Angeles we were able to go plane spotting at LAX which is simply one of the best airports for that! Big airline ...
1 years ago
BOEING 777 LOS ANGELES LANDING IN 4K Discover my Instagram Discover my ...
 The 10 Most Beautiful Airport Landings in the WorldWorld Top 10
1 years ago
Please Remember to Subscribe! ▻ ▻ Follow me on Twitter: ▻ Facebook: ...
 13 SMOOTH Heavy Aircraft Landings | T4 Carpark ● Melbourne Airport Plane SpottingHD Melbourne Aviation
2 years ago
Featuring - B747s, B777s, B787s A330s & A350s! On the 2nd of July, Qantas' Boeing 747 made a surprise visit to Melbourne.
 Incredible Close Up Heavy Landings at Manchester Airport | 06/06/18Train_PlaneHub
1 years ago
This video is property of Train_PlaneHub, "RachaelMatt" 2160p 4K HD! A collection of all the heavy, widebody arrivals close up ...
 15 DANGEROUS Plane Landings - Great PilotsTop Fives
28 days ago
The most dangerous landings from some of the most dangerous airports in the world. These sure are some great pilots! I hope you ...
 11 BIG PLANE LANDINGS - AIRBUS A380 + AIRBUS A330 LANDING on one wheel (4K)Cargospotter
7 months ago
An Airbus A330 of Eurowings finished another long haul flight from Punta Cana and due to some crosswinds the aircraft touched ...
 Top 10 Pilot Carrier Takeoffs & Landings EVER SEEN!MIR Planet
1 years ago
Top 10 aircraft carrier landings and take offs. Amazing cockpit view of aircraft carrier catapult systems from pitching deck of US ...
 Top 18 Greatest Emergency Landings Ever Caught On Camera - Boeing 737 Southwest AirlinesSport Mídia
2 years ago
Top 18 Greatest Emergency Landings Ever Caught On Camera - Boeing 737 Southwest Airlines Subscríbe▻ ...
 A320 The WOW! landingCockpit View
8 months ago
One of these rare Wow 1g landings on JED rwy 34R Most landings are good. Some are super smooth Once per 20 years there is ...
 Qantas B747s / Super A380 Perfect LandingsBostonAirborne
6 years ago
Los Angeles International Airport Early morning Aussie landings on 24R. Boeing 747-438 / VH-OJU Airbus A380-842 / VH-OQK ...
 Normal LandingERAU SpecialVFR
3 years ago
The Normal Approach and Landing can be one of the most challenging maneuvers to master, and is one that you will spend the ...
 10 Most Incredible Plane Landings#Mind Warehouse
2 years ago
JELLY GUMMY BEAR ▻ Have you ever been on an airplane during a strong side wind? Or during a storm?
 Los Angeles LAX 🇺🇸 Close up Plane Spotting ,Watching airplanes Heavy landings [In-N-Out burger]Razgriz Flight & Spotting
1 years ago
MY CAMERA : SONY FDR AX-53 (No tripod , only Hand held) and Iphone 7 / No comentary , no music 1 day of Heavy landing ...
 BOEING 747 low LANDING above THE BEACH - St Maarten and Maho Beach (4K)Cargospotter
1 years ago
Boeing 747 low landings at St Maarten - Those were the days. KLM used to operate at least three weekly Boeing 747 flights from ...
8 years ago
 8 BIG PLANE LANDINGS - AIRBUS A380, A340-500, A330 ... (4K)Cargospotter
1 years ago
Perfect weather, big planes and the Airbus A380, what else do you need for a fantastic planespotting day? I recorded a few heavy ...
 10 Most Incredible Plane LandingsTop 5 Best
6 days ago
10 Most Incredible Plane Landings If you're new, Subscribe! → Facebook: ...
 TOP 30 Emergency Landing | Extreme Plane LandingPROJECT
1 years ago
We have prepared 30 extreme landings on airplanes. The plane lands in extreme conditions at the airport. Write in the comments ...
 Top 5 Greatest Emergency LandingsTop Fives
3 years ago
Over a pilot's lifetime it is inevitable that at some point, something will go wrong. Usually it's minor, but at other times pilots need to ...
 Aircraft Rough LandingsRed's List
2 months ago
Some pilots accidentally create a bad situation. Other pilots get caught in a bad situation and make the best of it. Leave a ...
10 months ago
Skiathos Airport or as many of us aviation enthusiasts call it "the european St Maarten" is one of the craziest airports in europe.
 Best Pilots in the World Storm Ciara Crosswind landings and Takeoffs and Go-around Extreme WeatherTopfelya
3 months ago
All aircraft landed and took off safely ! These pilots are well trained and airplanes are well build. Watch out for Embraer E190 ...
 Most Amazing airplane Landings Crosswind Landings and Extreme TakeoffsAmazed 5s
2 years ago
Most Amazing airplane Landings Crosswind Landings and Extreme Takeoffs ...
 Cockpit view - Boeing 747-400F Landing Amsterdam SchipholThe Pilot Channel
5 years ago
My recommended equipment: PILOT SUNGLASSES: AVIATION HEADSET: ...
 TOP 10 Extreme HARD Landing RYANAIRReal Wings
1 years ago
Hard Landings from various planes, airlines and locations. If your video is in this, and you are not happy about it. Please contact ...
3 months ago
StormCiara #CrossWindLandings #BHX #Birmingham #Airport #GoArounds As Storm Ciara battered the UK with 100mph wind's ...
 Pilots! Want PERFECT landings? Try this to get better landings every time you fly.The Finer Points
2 months ago
In this video we break the landing down into 5 phases so that you can be very specific about what you're doing right and what ...
 STORMY Winds 45Kts Extreme Landings Crazy Go Arounds || MadeiraAviation Channel 2010
4 years ago
Go arounds, Crazy Landings, Infernal afternoon We are a huge community of airplane lovers. If you have some unique video ...
 Surviving a Turbulent Crash Landing on the SFO RunwaySmithsonian Channel
3 years ago
It's the morning of July 6, 2013, and an overnight flight from South Korea is preparing to land in San Francisco. One passenger ...
 Incredibly Close Crosswind LandingsThe Best Compilations
7 months ago
A plane's worst enemy is a raging storm. These planes are all caught in the storm's crosswinds right before landing. If you are ...
 20 AMAZING Landings at LAX | Los Angeles Airport Plane SpottingHD Melbourne Aviation
1 years ago
Featured Aircraft: A319s, A320s, A330s, A340s, A380s, B737s, B747s, B757s, B767s, B777s B787s & G650s! A variety of ...
 Airplane сrashes Failed Takeoff Aircraft And Crosswind Landings HD - 2016 CollectionMp3Centres Chanel
3 years ago
Airplane сrashes Failed Takeoff Aircraft And Crosswind Landings HD - 2016 Collection Dear viewers, if you own the copyright to ...
 GTA 5 Airplane Engine Failures - Emergency LandingsRacing Car Games
1 years ago
I made a series of emergency landings, due to engine failure in GTA 5. This is just a demonstration of the physics of aircraft in in ...
 #StormCiara at London Heathrow - 20+ Go-Arounds and Crosswind Landings!!BIG JET TV
3 months ago
Heathrow #StormCiara #Crosswindlandings If you want to join us on our European and International Shows, head to ...
 D-Day: Allied Landings in NormandyWorld of Tanks North America
11 months ago
June 6, 1944 was the day of the largest landing operation of World War II. Tanks played a key role in the invasion. This video is ...
 4 Beautiful Landings & Takeoffs of Indigo Airbus A320 at Mumbai During Colourful Dusk !!!arzan1980
3 years ago
A 4 in 1 compilation of beautiful landings and takeoffs of Indigo Airbus A320 at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (C.S.IA.)
 Landings Are The Most Difficult Part Of Flight Training| Porpoise Landing RecoveryLewDix Aviation
1 months ago
Landings are difficult, no matter which way you bounce them. Students and experienced pilots alike are always trying to improve ...
1 years ago
BEST COMPILATION of BAD (and CRASH) RC LANDINGS #5 If you fly RC a lot it's inevitable. Even the best pilots have a bad ...
 13 BOEING 777 Landings at MNL | Manila Airport Plane SpottingStrayaAviation
4 months ago
Manila Airport boasts an impressive amount of airlines bringing their Boeing 777's into Manila Airport and featured in this video ...
 The Most Difficult Landing of Aircraft in Extreme Conditions. BRAVO PILOTS !!!!You Discover
1 years ago
Sometimes pilots have to land planes in difficult weather conditions. And only thanks to the skill of the pilots, we saw the safe ...
 Top 5 Amazing SpaceX LandingsTop Fives
2 years ago
SpaceX is one of the only rocket companies that actually lands their boosters back on Earth. It's a pretty spectacular sight to see!
 Why Airplanes Make Hard Landings on PurposeBRIGHT SIDE
3 months ago
Billions of people board a plane each year. Most passengers are completely unaware of a few things every pilot knows. Like if you ...
 Landing AER LINGUS A330 with MAXIMUM CROSSWIND | Cockpit ViewsJust Planes
1 months ago
Just Planes on the flight deck of an AER LINGUS Airbus A330 for a roundtrip from Dublin to San Francisco. On this video you see ...
 HORRIBLE || Very Awful landings | IMPRESSIVE Go arounds B753 A320 B737 || MadeiraAviation Channel 2010
2 years ago
Landings in very difficult conditions with cross winds and fo arounds in Madeira Airport. The cause? Windshear on the short final ...
7 months ago
My recommended equipment: PILOT SUNGLASSES: AVIATION HEADSET: ...
3 months ago
Storm Ciara and Sturm Sabine caused lots of trouble at various european airports within the past two days. Lots of airplane at ...
 Why Takeoff And Landing Are So DangerousTech Insider
5 months ago
According to Boeing, 49% of all fatal plane accidents happen during the final descent and landing phases of the average flight, ...
 Spectacular Take off and Landings at Corfu Airport - Planespotting 2019X-Spot Aviation
9 months ago
avgeek #corfu #greece #holiday #planespotting Hey guys, it´s time for the next planespotting episode from the awesome and ...