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The newspaper industry is suffering. That's bad news for journalists — both real and fictional. Connect with Last Week Tonight ...
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The EJN Director describes the five values which are the foundation of ethical journalism.
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What is the future of journalism in a world of 'fake news', social media and citizen journalism? Charlie Beckett takes a look at the ...
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1 years ago
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As the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Perception Magazine, an online and print magazine by young people, Emily feels news ...
2 years ago
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 Think Like A Journalist | Kelsey Samuels | TEDxPlanoTEDx Talks
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Journalists have a unique skill set in an era of fake news and echo chambers. Kelsey Samuels asks the question, “What if I'm ...
 The Internet Said So | Ep 45 | JournalismVarun Thakur
6 days ago
TISS is a weekly podcast where Aadar, Neville, Kautuk and Varun discuss random, fun, stupid, pointless, weird, shocking "facts" ...
 Top 10 Influential Journalists of NepalNaulo Facts
10 months ago
The root of journalism comes from people's right to have an opinion. The media plays a vital role in a democratic society.
 What Is Journalism and Why Does it Matter?CTRL-F
2 years ago
NewsWise is a news literacy program to provide school-aged Canadians an understanding of the role of journalism in a healthy ...
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The Journalism Trainee Scheme is the flagship journalism entry and training scheme run by the BBC Academy. Many of the ...
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In this very special episode of her documentary on the future of fashion, Alexa Chung goes behind the scenes of the fashion bible ...
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A humorous take on a serious issue: What does it mean to be a journalist in the age of the Internet and social media? The star ...
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CAREERS IN JOURNALISM.Go through the career opportunities of JOURNALISM, Govt jobs and Employment News channel ...
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Do you need a journalism degree to work in media or be a journalist? No. I'll explain why as a Journalist in New York City.
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1 years ago
Leave any tips & questions you have below! DAY IN THE LIFE OF A JOURNALISM STUDENT: ...
 JOURNALISM MAJOR | Pros & ConsAshli Ferguson
8 months ago
Hey guys! NEW VIDEOS every MONDAY & THURSDAY! :) If you want to know what its like to major in broadcast journalism.
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Three tips for journalism students :) Social Media Instagram - Ferndaily_ Law School ...
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9 years ago
Katie Couric gives her personal advice to anyone looking to enter the world of journalism.
6 months ago
This is the greatest bad journalism of All Time.
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How DNA Freed This Inmate After 37 Years » Subscribe to NowThis World: ...
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10 years ago
Series: Journalism and Media Lecture Series Title: Howard Schneider Lecture on News Literacy Date: March 3, 2010 Location: ...
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2 years ago
What is real? What is fake? Certainly where you stand colors your answer. But what if you could be fooled, tricked by a special ...
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11 years ago
Basic ethical rules for journalism course. For more video lessons, visit
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New videos DAILY: Join Big Think Edge for exclusive video lessons from top thinkers and doers: ...
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4 years ago
The job of an investigative journalist is often hard work, stressful and requires a huge amount of determination, but it can also be ...
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At this year's Aspen Ideas Festival, we asked a group of media professionals to discuss how new platforms are transforming radio, ...
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Support Nerdwriter videos: Subscribe: Watch the most popular Nerdwriter ...
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7 months ago
Journalism ethics comprise standards and codes of conduct journalists and journalistic organizations aspire to follow. Principles ...
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Top 10 Best Movies about Journalism of All Time | List Portal If you are looking for the list of movies about journalism, then you are ...
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1 years ago
This is the number one question I get: I want to be a travel journalist just like you - what did you do to get there? Hopefully, this ...
 Life As A JournalistBarrett Vickery
4 years ago
Tuesday is NewsTeam day. I'm a Journalism student at CU. Here's a taste of what we do!
 The Basics of Feature Writing (Journalism Lecture)Brett Atwood
5 years ago
This journalism lecture focuses on the basics of feature writing. EXAMPLE ARTICLES CITED IN PRESENTATION: Billboard: "War ...
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3 years ago
This video I bring on my friend, Grace Lee, and she talks about why she chose to be a PR/ Journalism major at UNC and she also ...
 Why Journalism Is Important: Christopher Hitchens on Media (1998)The Film Archives
6 years ago
Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky proposed a concrete model for the filtering processes (biases) of mainstream media, ...
 Fake Journalism vs True JournalismTruth Media Group
1 years ago
India fell three spots on the World Press Freedom Index to 136th in 2017, according to the watchdog group Reporters Without ...
 The Future of News: Journalism in a Post-Truth EraHarvard University
3 years ago
Tuesday, January 31, 4–6 pm., Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. Co-sponsored by the Office of the ...
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Journalism and Mass Communication Career in India | After 12th | After Graduation | Salary | Scope In this video we will discuss ...
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6 months ago
Check out the article here: Transcript: Our world is changing with things like artificial ...
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1 months ago
Being a journalism student during COVID-19 isn't the easiest, but with professors and resources in the UCF Nicholson School of ...
 TEDxPresidio - Robert Rosenthal - Investigative journalism in the 21st CenturyTEDx Talks
9 years ago
Before joining CIR in January of 2008 Rosenthal had done pretty much everything that could be done done in a newspaper: ...
 Learn About Mobile Journalism | Career in Journalism & Mass Communications. | AAFTAAFT UNIVERSITY
1 years ago
mobilejournalism #masscom #journalism In this video, we are discussing " Learn About Mobile Journalism | Career in Journalism ...
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Learn more about Bob Woodward Teaches Investigative Journalism: Learn about researching, ...
 How Journalism Became One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World | Peter Greste | TEDxSydneyTEDx Talks
2 years ago
When foreign correspondent, Peter Greste was arrested in Cairo while working for Al Jazeera as a journalist, his letters smuggled ...
 Why journalism needs a revolution | Natalia Antelava | TEDxTbilisiTEDx Talks
4 years ago
Why do stories in the news seem to suddenly appear from nowhere? And has the misuse of the Internet made this phenomenon ...
 Ted Koppel Weighs In On The State Of JournalismThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert
4 years ago
Ted Koppel stops by to talk about his new book "Lights Out," but first, Stephen asks him for some insight on the state of journalism.
 How Nellie Bly Transformed Journalism Forever (feat. Laura Dern) - Drunk HistoryComedy Central
4 months ago
In 19th-century New York City, reporter Nellie Bly got herself committed to an insane asylum in order to expose the abusive ...
 Science Journalism: Crash Course Statistics #11CrashCourse
2 years ago
We've talked a lot in this series about how often you see data and statistics in the news and on social media - which is ALL THE ...
 Widespread condemnation of attacks on journalists by US police | 7NEWS7NEWS Australia
1 months ago
The treatment of two Australian journalists covering the US riots was “completely unacceptable”, Labor leader Anthony Albanese ...
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4 years ago
This is the first in a series of tutorial videos created by Verifeye Media to help users create engaging video footage using their ...
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For Career Counseling Visit on Career in Mass Communication & Journalism is the BEST option for ...
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CAREERS IN BA JOURNALISM .Go through the career opportunities of BA JOURNALISM, Govt jobs and Employment News ...
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5 years ago
WHY INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM MATTERS - This video anchors GIJN's Investigative Impact project, ...
 So you want to be a travel journalist?
4 years ago
While many consider a career in travel journalism to be a constant exotic vacation, the reality of the job is that it is hard work and ...
 Journalism 101 - Getting Started in Journalismupstart magazine
5 years ago
The Journalism 101 project has been developed to accompany lectures in the La Trobe University first year subject, The ...
 More than 100 attacks on journalists by US police during George Floyd protests | DW NewsDW News
1 months ago
As police crack down on the George Floyd protests in the US, journalists have also found themselves being targeted.
 Journalism EthicsMark Grabowski
2 years ago
Trust in the media is at an all time low. What are the reasons and how might it be fixed?
 Welcome to the UC Berkeley Graduate School of JournalismUC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
7 years ago
Produced by: Casey Capachi, C.K. Hickey, Justine Quart, and Matt Sarnecki. For more information, please visit us at ...
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5 years ago
Piers Morgan takes on Olivia Munn, a journalism major in college, for her comments about the mixing of the worlds of celebrity ...