Coronavirus: Japan schools to close for several weeks- BBC NewsBBC News
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has called for all schools to close from 2 March for several weeks. Please subscribe HERE ...
 Cancel your Japan Trip now? (Travel Update from Tokyo)ONLY in JAPAN * GO
For the last 4 weeks, I've been giving updates from Japan for travelers / tourists who are concerned / worried about traveling to ...
 Canadian with coronavirus speaks from JapanCBC News
Craig Lee is one of the Canadians who was quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. He tested positive for the novel ...
 Japan calls for cancellation of events over coronavirusAl Jazeera English
2 days ago
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is calling for some events to be delayed or cancelled. It comes just five months before the ...
 Japan in 8K - Tokyo and Kyotodevinsupertramp
3 days ago
Japan! This was my first time filming in this incredible country, and I fell in love with Japan. The people, the culture, the food.
 Why did Japan Join the Axis? (Short Animated Documentary)History Matters
Ever wondered why Japan joined the Axis powers? No? Well tough. In hindsight it seemed like a bad idea to tie itself to Germany ...
 As coronavirus spreads, U.S.-Korean military exercises are suspended and Japanese schools closeCBS News
As coronavirus continues to spread across Asia and elsewhere, public schools in Japan will be closed for more than a month and ...
 Japan says Tokyo 2020 Olympics will go ahead despite coronavirus fearsSouth China Morning Post
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube Japanese officials say they expect the Tokyo ...
 My Advice on Dating Japanese Girls to ForeignersNobita from Japan
22 hours ago
For this few days, my mailbox has been flooded with so many messages from foreigners asking me, “How can I get a Japanese ...
 Japan’s Master Sword MakerGreat Big Story
In just one week, Yuya Nakanishi can produce a weapon any samurai would be proud to carry. The master swordsmith handcrafts ...
 Why Japanese Don't Like ForeignersPaolo fromTOKYO
7 months ago
10 Reasons Why Japanese Don't Like Foreigners. Thanks to Squarespace, get 10% Off: ...
 COVID-19: Japan PM Abe calls for all schools to close until end-MarchCNA
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called for all schools to close as the country scrambles to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.
 I Went to Japan for the First Time | Tokyo Travel Vlog (Pt.1)AmandaRachLee
9 months ago
Japan was such a dream and I worked really hard on this vlog, so I hope you enjoyed it! In this vlog, we're exploring shops in ...
 Famous Dex - Japan (Prod. JGramm) [Official Lyric Video]Famous Dex
1 years ago
Official lyric video for Famous Dex - Japan! "Japan" Available Now! https://ffm.to/japan --- Subscribe for Exclusive Famous Dex ...
 What Teaching English in Japan was REALLY LikeAbroad in Japan
18 days ago
Having taught English in Japan for 3 years with 2000 hours of classroom experience, I take a look at the highs and lows that come ...
 Vlog #73 13:15 Thursday JapanDavid Abel Celebrant Training
Diamond Dave and Princess Sally adventures on a cruise ship in quarantine. This is the genuine channel and you will hear the ...
 We travelled to Japan for All You Can Eat Hot Pot | TOKYOChonnyday
4 days ago
Hey hey! We're back in Japan for a winter series!! We were greeted with delicious food, amazing sights and a lot of rain.
 Her friend is close to home | Japan Family Vlog | Music Mix | Mv Movie | Hit MovieMovie Mix
11 months ago
 We travelled to Japan for All You Can Eat Hot Pot | TOKYOChonnyday
4 days ago
Hey hey! We're back in Japan for a winter series!! We were greeted with delicious food, amazing sights and a lot of rain.
 Coronavirus in Japan: How SAFE is it?Ask Japanese
6 days ago
The Coronavirus is spreading in Japan. Today we are doing a street interview in Tokyo, asking Japanese people if they feel safe ...
 Japanese government announces plan to contain spread of COVID-19CNA
3 days ago
Japan has unveiled a new policy to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak, with the government calling this a crucial phase to prevent ...
 Sonic Passes $200 MILLION at the Box Office WITHOUT China and Japan!Clownfish TV
2 days ago
Sonic the Hedgehog passed the $200 million mark at the global box office without China or Japan. The movie is SHOCKING the ...
 What Do Japanese Think of the Coronavirus?That Japanese Man Yuta
24 days ago
Learn Japanese with Yuta: http://goo.gl/TMxmsF Support me on Patreon: https://goo.gl/aiWNd5 What do Japanese people think of ...
 29 Things That Exist Only in JapanBRIGHT SIDE
5 months ago
There are a lot of countries that are famous all over the world for some peculiarities. Japan is, probably one of the most exotic ...
 Olive Wagyu in Japan - The rarest Steak in the WorldAden Films
4 months ago
Olive Sanuki Wagyu, exclusively raised in Kagawa prefecture is fed on the remains of pressed olives - It's considered the rarest ...
 Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese University StudentPaolo fromTOKYO
2 months ago
A day in Japanese college student life in the greater Tokyo area. Follow a Keio University student from morning until evening.
 Japan's 'pre-emptive call for no travel ban' proves how "worried" they areSky News Australia
2 days ago
Sky News Contributor Richard Ferguson says "the fact Japan is pre-emptively saying there is no need for travel ban" to be ...
 जापान में भी सरस्वती जी हैं ! Benzaiten in Shintoism and Japanese buddhism.मायो जापान Mayo Japan
Hello, I am Mayo, a Japanese YouTuber loves India. I make videos of Japan, India, and travels in Hindi. Sometimes I teach the ...
 South Korea, Japan manage surge of coronavirus casesCBC News: The National
14 hours ago
South Korea and Japan are taking measures to curtail fear while trying to contain a rise of coronavirus cases. Welcome to The ...
 Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to JapanNobita from Japan
1 months ago
Pt.2: Another 10 Reasons Not to Move to Japan https://youtu.be/sREdzqRA6fs This is just my personal opinion, so I'm sorry if I'm ...
 Day in the Life of a Japanese Delivery WorkerPaolo fromTOKYO
1 months ago
A day in the life working in Tokyo Japan as a Delivery Worker at Sagawa Express, one of the largest transportation companies in ...
 Japanese woman tests positive for COVID-19 again after recoveryCGTN
A woman has tested positive for the novel coronavirus for a second time. She had been given the all-clear on February 6.
 Day in the life of a Salary Woman in Japan (Winter Time)レア イRhea Y.
26 days ago
Day in the life of a Salary Woman in Japan (Winter Time) Watch Other Episode Here: Day in the life of a Salary Woman in Japan ...
 Japan Is Rapidly Becoming a Coronavirus HotbedBloomberg Markets and Finance
9 days ago
Feb.19 -- Japan is emerging as one of the riskiest places for the spread of the coronavirus, prompting criticism that Prime Minister ...
 Chinese Taipei v Japan - Highlights - FIBA Asia Cup 2021 - QualifiersFIBA
3 days ago
Watch the Highlights from the game between Chinese Taipei and Japan from the FIBA Asia Cup 2021 - Qualifiers. ▻▻ Subscribe ...
 Coronavirus: 19 Indians, 5 Foreigners From Japan Evacuated | ABP NewsABP NEWS
A special Air India flight carrying 119 Indians and five nationals from Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, and Peru, who were on board ...
 McDonalds in Japan has a GIGA BIC MAC?!?! #RainaisCrazyRaina Huang
3 days ago
Japan Tour Guide: https://www.rainaiscrazy.com/japan-tour.html Check out my other channel: http://youtube.com/rainaiscrazy ...
 Japanese Sushi — or Cake? in AkihabaraONLY in JAPAN * GO
2 days ago
Hanging out with Mike Chen (Strictly Dumplings) we found this - sushi cake but is it any good?
 Day in the Life of a Japanese Mom and Baby in TokyoPaolo fromTOKYO
13 days ago
This is a day in the life of a Japanese mom and Japanese baby living in Tokyo Japan. This Japanese Family of 3 with Japanese ...
 6 Must Try Japanese Dishes in Tokyo | Tsukiji Street FoodAbroad in Japan
3 months ago
Tokyo Tsukiji market is home to mouthwatering street food. We wander through and uncover many of the must try dishes in the ...
 Being a Single Mother in Japan | ASIAN BOSSAsian Boss
5 days ago
Single mothers face a continuous culture of shame in Japan. For this interview, we meet a single mother who gave birth out of ...
 12 Things NOT to do in JapanAbroad in Japan
2 years ago
What not to do in Japan! Learn the etiquette before you get here! ▻SUBSCRIBE for more Japan tips! https://goo.gl/Kq44VX ...
 I Let A Top Manicurist in Japan Do Whatever She Wanted To My NailsTaylor R
2 days ago
I Let A Top Manicurist in Japan Do Whatever She Wanted To My Nails Please SUBSCRIBE here! http://bit.ly/2de1gQj Previous ...
 Japan Is Rapidly Becoming a Coronavirus HotbedBloomberg Markets and Finance
9 days ago
Feb.19 -- Japan is emerging as one of the riskiest places for the spread of the coronavirus, prompting criticism that Prime Minister ...
 What Worries Japanese Girls about Dating Western Guys (Interview)Nobita from Japan
8 days ago
I've been getting so many requests, and I had to take it. They want to know what worries Japanese women about dating western ...
 Japan's prime minister asks all schools to close over coronavirusThe Straits Times
22 hours ago
Japan's entire school system, from elementary to high schools, will be asked to close from Monday until spring break late in March ...
 Should you Still Come to Japan? (Travel Update)ONLY in JAPAN * GO
10 days ago
I've received several hundred messages from dozens of countries about if it's safe to visit Japan right now. A lot of new news has ...
12 hours ago
BLACKPINK Japan Premium Debut Showcase is Black Pink's first ever solo concert. It was held in Tokyo, Japan on July 20, 2017 ...
 Why Japanese CheatNobita from Japan
19 days ago
I'm sure cheating happens in most countries, but as far as in Japan, what causes cheating? I'm going to talk about the possible ...
 How Does Japan's Rarest Sake Taste?Abroad in Japan
5 days ago
Sake is one of the most delicate and prized beverages in the world. We travel deep into the Japanese countryside in search of ...
 So I Moved to Japan! (House Tour Vlog)Lachlan
1 months ago
Moved to Osaka, Japan for 2 and a bit months. Here is my house I'll be staying at! ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video ...
 Japan hit by biggest typhoon in decades - BBC NewsBBC News
4 months ago
Torrential rain and tornado-like winds are lashing large parts of Japan, as the country endures what could be its worst storm for 60 ...
 Is a COVID-19 crisis looming for Japan?CGTN
6 days ago
As the battle against the novel coronavirus continues in China, neighboring Japan is suddenly a cause for international alarm, ...
 Mexico v Japan - U-18 Men’s Softball World Cup 2020 - Opening RoundWBSC
3 days ago
WBSC U-18 Men's Softball World Cup 2020 22 February - 1 March Palmerston North, New Zealand Official Website (stats, ...
 11 Things NOT to do in Japan - MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!Cal McKinley
2 years ago
What not to do in JAPAN! With such a complex and rich culture, there are many things you need to know before visiting Japan.