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 Itzy Speaking Fluent English for 8 Mins and 40 Secs Straighti stan things
8 months ago
Just wanted to edit a vid of my girls working hard to speak English, even if they're not fluent yet. Original video: ...
 Itzy Inventing the English Language in American Interviewsi stan things
7 months ago
After two copyright claims, here is the new vid. Hope you enjoy! Here's the link to the first video:
 ITZY speaking Englishtwice cutie
1 years ago
STAN ITZY❤️✨ All clips can be found on ITZY's official VLIVE account Instagram: @twice.cutie.
 Itzy Being Native English Speakers in America (Part 3)i stan things
2 months ago
I've been meaning to make part 3 for a while!! Hoping Itzy can do some interviews in English when they come back soon! Part 1: ...
 ITZY RYUJIN (류진) Speaking English Compilation English QueenSTaN BIAS
6 months ago
Itzy ryujin speaking English fluent for straight 7 minutes Stan Bias Don't forget to Subscribe and to set that reminder share this ...
 lia speaking english compilationminyulee
5 months ago
hi, i hope you enjoyed the video if you did, don't forget to smash the like button and subscribe on my channel! this is the ...
 When ITZY speaks English,Japanese,ChineseITZY NEWS
1 years ago
When ITZY speaks English,Japanese,Chinese #itzy#itzy_news ✓Copyright © ITZY NEWS.
 K-Pop Girl Group ITZY Talks "ITZY? ITZY!", The ITZY Premiere Showcase TourBUILD Series
8 months ago
With over 1.8M monthly listeners on Spotify alone, ITZY has captured the hearts of fans globally with their undeniable charisma ...
 ITZY yuna is Not Shy to speak EnglishLiapple
27 days ago
Itzy yuna's english nickname is hussey and she is not shy when she was given a chance to send a voice message olivia hussey.
 ITZY accepted the global language challenge! I Tongue Twisterhello82
21 hours ago
hello82 #TongueTwister #ITZY #NotShy #있지 Check it out and let us know who you think did the best, and who you think made ...
 itzy lia randomly speaking in english to her membersJinLiaTV
a months ago
a very short compilation of lia randomly switching from korean to english / using korean and english in the same sentence we ...
 itzy vs. the english languageloonaetic
5 months ago
PREVIOUS VIDEOS: ITZY EATING COMPILATION itzy moments that fry my avocado ...
 ITZY Plays Who's WhoBuzzFeed Celeb
8 months ago
K-pop group ITZY (Yuna, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yeji) sits down to play a game of "Who's Who?" to determine everything ...
 K-POP Idols speaking English perfectly! (Fluent English)Nostalgomania
1 years ago
BTS SCANDALS that will SHOCK you! Please go subscribe to my main channel ...
 when lee chaeryeong aka judy lee speaks english fluentlyclara
4 months ago
subscribe for more #ITZY #LeeChaeryeong #Lia #Ryujin #Yuna #Yeji #JYP #ITZYSpeaksEnglish.
 TWICE whenever they’re asked to speak Englishtwice cutie
1 years ago
Links to all the original clips used: 0:22 - 0:56 - 1:32 ...
11 months ago
ITZY at Changwon k-pop world festival #ITZY #CHANGWONFESTIVAL #JYP Cr : @mysummerlia.
2 months ago
Blackpink vs itzy compilation.
 Itzy ryujin speaking english fluentlyjennie's wife
1 months ago
itzy #ryujin This video is all about itzy ryujin speaking enhlish Hi guys :) I'm a small kpop youtuber so hope you will support me ...
 ITZY speaking english fluently!babysealtv
1 months ago
ITZY speaking english will make you wow.. : Subscribe to my channel for more content : No copyright infringement intended.
 ITZY Ryujin speaks with strangers in Englishjaf_moody ITZYRyEji
2 months ago
ITZY Ryujin talks with strangers in English. The one who created the language is here. She's so cute.
 ITZY speaking English compilationCrap TV
1 years ago
ITZY speaking English compilation Itzy Lia speaking English ITZY Yeji speaking English ITZY English interview ITZY Yuna ...
 HONEST REACTION to Itzy Speaking Fluent English for 8 Mins and 40 Secs StraightAaron Freeman
3 months ago
Exclusive videos! Sub-Reddit Itzy Speaking ...
 Có một cô giáo Julia dạy tiếng anh (ITZY Lia speaking english compilation)ITZY VIETSUB
7 months ago
Đây là channel tổng hợp các Vsub của ITZY được làm bởi fan, mọi người subcribe kênh để nhận những thông tin về ITZY một ...
 ITZY Ryujin's English is not good? Yuna's name changeLiapple
12 hours ago
Itzy ryujin is the second best in speaking English, after Lia. She was so happy when her dinner comes even made a meme face(?)
 BLACKPINK Jennie & Rosé Speaking English Compilationshhh w.
10 months ago
This is Jennie speaking English in New Zealand accent and Rosé's speaking English in Australian accent Compilation. The point ...
 ITZY speaking English language in American InterviewsItzyglow
3 months ago
ITZY speaking English language in American Interviews Here's the link to the original videos: Here's ...
 (CC) This ITZY interview is so OFF THE WALLS, 13min will burn up like🔥 | Question Parade w/ ITZYhello82
6 days ago
hello82 #QuestionParade #ITZY #NotShy #있지 *Click CC for 한국어/日本語/español/português/中文/bahasa ...
 K-Pop's ITZY Spill on Beyonce, Teach Us ICY & Dalla Dalla Dances, & MoreYoung Hollywood
7 months ago
After making the rounds on all of South Korea's most popular talent competition shows, JYP Entertainment finally realized the gold ...
 ITZY speaking English!Crap TV
1 years ago
ITZY speaking English! ITZY speaking English compilation Itzy Lia speaking English ITZY Yeji speaking English ITZY English ...
 TWICE(트와이스) MC CUT - Jihyo + Mina speaking English @ KCON LA 180811Bedtimeu
2 years ago
KCON18 LA TWICE (트와이스)(トゥワイス) MC cut Includes Jihyo(지효) and Mina(미나) speaking some English. 지효+미나 영어 ...
 Mina speaking Englishtwice cutie
2 years ago
Links to the full videos of the clips used: Intro (dtna teaser): “Hello I'm mina, nice to meet you”: ...
 K-pop Idols who can speak English Language fluently|🇰🇷korean accentjennie spell
3 months ago
KPOP IDOLS BEING A LANGUAGE GENIUS! This is the compilation of our idols speaking english.Hope all of you guys enjoy the ...
 [(G)I-DLE((여자)아이들)] Idols reaction to MINNIE speaking English & YUQI speaking Chinese.NISMOA LIGHT
4 months ago
(G)I-DLE((여자)아이들)] Idol reaction to MINNIE speaking English & YUQI speaking Chinese.
 Ryujin of ITZY 있지 speaks English in USA 🇺🇸D9INE ♥ ITZY x MIDZY
2 months ago
ITZY IT'z TOURBOOK in USA EP07 [ITZY Official] ...
 K-pop Stars React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (ITZY 있지)REACT
7 months ago
If you enjoyed this Try Not To Sing episode, be sure to follow ITZY! (links below) Love K-Pop? Watch more K-Pop reactions here!
 ITZY making fun of Lia's English pronunciationLiapple
26 days ago
itzy lia introduces her not shy outfit with some English words, and not surprisingly, yuna and ryujin are going to tease lia. Yeji says ...
 Itzy | FirstsNME
6 months ago
K-pop super rookies ITZY tell us about their first live performance, first day as trainees and the first they they did after releasing ...
 ITZY speaks with crowd @ KCON Los Angeles 2019L Yap
1 years ago
ITZY ment Yeji :))) Please do not re-upload this video as your own. All rights reserved to the artist. No copyright infringement ...
 ITZY Lia speaks English 😍Jessica Lim
8 months ago
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 Jennie of BLACKPINK Opens Up About Her Song "Solo" | BillboardBillboard
1 years ago
Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK sits down with Billboard and opens up about her solo project, "Solo" and the support of her ...
8 months ago
Itzy speaking english are so cute @ BUILD series They improve their speaking skills #ITZY.
3 months ago
 ITZY Speak English - A Clip For Spotify Has The Members Ask Fans In English What ITZY Means?KNews & Entertainment
1 years ago
The ITZY members show up on a quick clip for Spotify KPOP in which they ask fans "What does ITZY mean?" English no less!
5 months ago
this is compillation of Lia speaking english Hope you enjoy it #ITZY #JYP #Kpop #Korea #Girlgroup # Yeji #Lia #Ryujin ...
 Iz*one members speaking English in KCON NY 2019KymieAzariel
1 years ago
Credit to Twitter user Shaytyen_Se_1.
 BLACKPINK LISA - Speaking English Compilation 2019 - 2016Tamtam Disk
10 months ago
Full video penshoppe popquiz ghost ...
 [시상자로 나온 리아(LIA)] 응원해주는 있지(ITZY) + NCT DREAM Reaction 직캠@200108TheGsd
8 months ago
유투브 구독(Youtube Subscribe) : *네이버TV: ...
 Can TXT members speak English?KOREA NOW
2 months ago
You can watch this video at #TOMORROWXTOGETHER #TXT #BigHit.
1 years ago
10 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT YEJI (ITZY) Yeji ITZY Profile and Facts Stage Name: Yeji Birth Name: Hwang Yeji English ...
 Itzy Lia Lifestyle | Age | Height | Facts | Profile | Biography by FK creationFawad Khan creation
1 years ago
Itzy Lia Lifestyle and Biography #itzylia #Lifestyle #FKcreation LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENTS DOWN BELOW FOR ...
 Lia practiced a snippet "Price Tag" by Jessie J [Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook Ep 482]KOCOWA TV
6 months ago
Subscribe to KOCOWA and watch all episodes of "Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook" with professional ENG SUBs now ✨ Web ...