how to melt crayons

8 months ago
How can crayons change your life? Well, that's easy! Today Slime Sam and his pet human Sue will show you how to draw, how to ...
 HEART SHAPED CRAYONS - Back To School How To | SoCraftasticSoCraftastic
6 years ago
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 DIY: Crayon Melting ArtPassion ❀ Four ❀ Fashion
6 years ago
The song is "Latin Industries" by Kevin MacLeod, it is 100% royalty free* Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my ...
 Melting crayons 3Mr Beeper
2 years ago
Colors (left):--------------Colors (right): Apricot----------------------Timberwolf Golden rod----------------White ...
 Melting Crayons In The Microwave!Cassandra Armas
2 years ago
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 How To Melt Crayons In MoldsTheDadLab
1 years ago
It's finally the time to melt our old mixed crayons to make new multicoloured star-shaped ones ...
11 months ago
You should totally check out these Colorful crayon ideas and hacks! Check out these amazing crayon ideas to boost your ...
4 months ago
MAGIC CRAYON CRAFTS Did you know that crayon could be used not only for drawing but it has lots of other uses? You can ...
 How to Melt Crayons and recycle themthemomviews
5 years ago
DIY Recycled Crayons- Make colorful chunky crayons out of the old, stubby and broken crayons you have at home.
 How to melt crayons down into Lego moldsJason Deihl
12 months ago
In this video you will see a step-by-step process on how to melt down old crayons into rubber Lego molds. Leave a comment ...
1 years ago
Hey guys, today I thought I would change it up from my usual tutorials and play into the comment "You look like Safiya Nygaard" ...
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9 months ago
Need some color in your life? These crayon and marker crafts are not only fun but super colorful! Craft Factory will...
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8 years ago
Simple step by step instructions on how to make Muffin Crayons/Recycled Crayons. Find our website: http://www.
 Melted Crayon "Watercolor" Painting by Zenspire DesignsMy Modern Met
8 months ago
Watch Zenspire Designs melt crayons to create a beautiful rainbow city. Permission granted by Brita Lynn Thompson / Zenspire ...
 What Should I Do With Old Crayons- DIY Melting Crayon Craft Using Silicone MoldsDot Dot Toys
10 months ago
If you have any old crayons lying around that your child does not use anymore, give them new life by recycling them into fun ...
 How to make heart shaped crayonsyoyomax12 - the diet free zone
8 years ago
Kids can help with these, a great way to use up broken crayon pieces. These could be included in treat bags for Valentine's Day.
 How to Melt Crayons || Crayola Crayon Melter Product DemoCrayola
5 months ago
Discover how to melt crayons with the Crayola Crayon Melter! These simple tips and tricks will have you creating melted crayon ...
 Crayola Melt N Mold Factory Crayon Maker Play Kit!AWESMR kids
4 years ago
For more Play Doh/Disney Toys, subscribe!! Watch more Play Doh/Disney Toy videos!! ...
 Melted Crayon Art. 3 different methods for melting crayonsBunnieClaire
6 years ago
Hot to melt crayons : This video will show you how to make melted crayon art. It will show you different ways to melt your crayons.
 How to Make Crayons From Recycled Crayonsemmymade
3 years ago
Don't throw away those old crayon stubs. Melt them into new stubby crayons perfect for making leaf rubbings on today's ...
 How To Melt CrayonsAmelia Tomasulo
6 years ago
I had alot of fun making this video. Since i know how easy it is to make videos I believe that I will Later one make some music ...
 How to draw with MELTED CRAYONSSLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science for Kids
1 years ago
11:15 - Slime Sam reads your comments, check it out! Slime Sam looooves good crayon art and Sue is always ready to surprise ...
 4 Awesome CRAYONS Life HacksADDYOLOGY
1 years ago
Hello my dear friends,in this video I'm going to show you 4 Awesome CRAYONS life hacks That is all folks I wished to share with ...
 Crayon Art Tutorial!Elaina Grace
6 years ago
Thanks so much for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial(: ~Please comment, rate, and subscribe~ ITEMS USED: - A ...
 Crayons in the Microwave?The Science Classroom
3 months ago
What happens when you put crayons in the microwave? Found out in this video and learn the science behind it. Thanks for ...
1 years ago
Don't throw away your old broken crayons, there's just so much you can do with them, home decor and beauty accessories, check ...
2 years ago
I lost some footage to this but all that's missing is me hot gluing the crayons to card board pieces, and putting painters tape on the ...
 Can I melt a crayon in hot water????❓❓❓mariahiscool200
2 years ago
Yes im new to Youtube sorry I can not hear me my sis came and turn up the music.
 Epoxy Resin Waterfall River Table - Just Kidding It's Crayons :)Chris Salomone
3 months ago
Inlaid epoxy resin is a popular woodworking technique. Crayons, maybe not as much. Go to to ...
 DIY Quick how to Melt crayons into a mold DInosaur editionCharmed By Ashley
4 years ago
A quick simple easy what should i do with all these broken crayons! Thanks for much for watching! please subscribe for more ...
 Crayon Slime!! 💦 No Glue School Supply Slime!!Kawaii Toy Collector
1 years ago
I'm Kawaii Toy Collector! I Love Kawaii Things (Kawaii= Cute In Japanese) I Also Love Toys That's When Kawaii Toy Collector ...
 Melting crayonsRichard Estrada
3 years ago
Makes cool colors.
 DIY- MELTED CRAYON CANVASceliskarlaenglish
5 years ago
DIY- Melted Crayon Canvas! DIY- GUMBALL MACHINE: New video every week / SUBSCRIBE: ...
 Making a Crayon BallSam Harper
7 months ago
In this video I melt Crayons to create a solid crayon ball. Melting Crayons to create a crayon ball which I then draw with.
 Finishing WOOD with CRAYONS?! | Experimental Wood Finishes #4Matt Estlea
8 months ago
In this video, I melt liming wax and crayons into colourful mixtures to create some amazing effects. This was entirely experimental ...
2 years ago
MELTED CRAYON PICTURE! You can follow me @: Instagram: Twitter: ...
 Epoxy OVER Crayon River Table...I FIXED IT!!!Chris Salomone
2 months ago
Epoxy River Table idea - Fixed! SimpliSafe is really effective, easy to use, and the price is great! Check SimpliSafe out here: ...
6 months ago
CRAYON IDEAS Check out these amazing crayon ideas to boost your creativity and imagination! This time I'll show you some ...
 Melting all my Crayola crayons togetherEcho Gillette
1 months ago
What happens when you melt all the colors together? Tom (TomSka) and I spent an afternoon melting boxes of Crayola Crayons ...
 How to make a melted crayon canvas!vampyregem
6 years ago
Sorry for the sound of my voice - got a cold! Here I show you how to make a melted crayon canvass. Fun & cheap to do and makes ...
 DIY Crayon CandleShe's So Random
4 years ago
Great idea if you haven't much money to spend. Who knew crayons could become Candles. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ...
2 years ago
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 DIY recycled melted crayonsCaramelCookies8
6 years ago
Heres another fun craft activity for you guys :) Stuff you will need: A silicone mould of any shape you like- you could get these at ...
 Melting CRAYONS INTO ART?! The COOLEST pen EVER!Chloe Rose Art
3 months ago
Crayons. But you've never seen them like this. Did you know this was even a thing? Melting crayons in a pen to make art.
 Melted Crayon Artthecandycoatedgirl
6 years ago
How to create a heart shaped piece of artwork with a technique that looks similar to splatter painting.
 Letter Crayon DIY | DIY Gifts, Kids Projects, Kids Crafts for LearningSugar Snap Toys
1 years ago
Make your own cool letter crayons! Use any color combination you want to make a cool looking letter! These where so fun to make ...
3 years ago
7 months ago
AMAZING CRAYON CRAFTS If you like drawing, you probably have a lot of crayons at home. Crayons are amazing not only for ...
 DIY Melted Crayons Art/Crayon Art Tutorial/How to melt CrayonsJack in the Box
3 months ago
If you are an art lover, watch this video! I'm making beautiful art using melted crayons! Good for school projects or to make for your ...
 Melt your own crayonsBunnieClaire
2 years ago
Do you have broken crayons? Lets make new crayon shapes! We are going to melt these crayons down in silicone molds to make ...
 DIY: Crayon MeltMark Reyes
7 years ago
A how to tutorial on how to make a "Crayon Melt" Music is "I Melt With You" by Modern English Covered by a fellow Youtuber, ...
 DIY CRAYON DRIP CANDLE - Melting Crayons - How To | SoCraftasticSoCraftastic
2 years ago
In this DIY learn how to make crayon drip candles! Melt crayons to create a unique, rainbow piece of room decor that is perfect for ...
 Rainbow City Skyline Made with Melted Crayons by Zenspire DesignsMy Modern Met
1 years ago
Brita Lynn Thompson (Zenspire Designs) melts a rainbow set of crayons to create a colorful city skyline. Permission granted by ...
 Crayola CRAYON MELTER Opening & Review + Canvas Art Set (MELT YOUR OWN CRAYONS) | Toy CaboodleToy Caboodle
6 months ago
Today we are opening and reviewing the Crayon Melter and the Canvas Art Set. The Crayon Melter comes with 8 crayons, ...
 CAN YOU PUT CRAYONS IN A HOT GLUE GUN? | @karenkavettKaren Kavett DIY
1 years ago
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 Indiana Jones Face Melt Effect Made With CrayonsSteven Richter
5 months ago
A timelapse of me sculpting up and then melting down the head of the villain Toht, from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Etsy: ...
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5 years ago
Fall into crafts, & learn how to make a crayon candle! Use your colorful candle for home decor. Check back next Crafty Friday for a ...
 Melting Crayola CrayonsLET'S MELT THIS
3 years ago
Melting crayola crayons! It is clear everyone wants to see us melt more with acid, molten metal, torches and fires in excess of 2000 ...
 Do Not Boil CRAYONS!Guava Juice
2 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: What happens when you boil crayons of all colors? Wanna do my ...