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 10 Things Not To Do at the Playground..Guava Juice
4 days ago
The playground is cool.. but here are some things that you shouldn't do at a playground! ➔ NEW MERCH!
 10 Things Not To Do at Apple HQ.. ~ (iPhone 11, Apple Arcade, etc)Guava Juice
2 days ago
Thanks Apple for the invite! Here's a silly tour of Apple HQ and all the new things coming out like Apple Arcade and the new ...
 Don't Try To Explode a Giant Weather Balloon ~ PopGuava Juice
9 days ago
Popping Balloons is probably one of the most scariest things ever. Let's pop different sizes of balloons and see what happens!
 Trying Out Every Water Bottle pt. 3 ~ Ph Drop TestGuava Juice
8 days ago
Which water bottle is the best for your health? Dasani? SmartWater? Voss? Fiji? Aquafina? ➔ NEW MERCH!
 Do Not CALL FORKY at 3AM.. ~ Ghost ChallengeGuava Juice
19 days ago
 Dora The Explorer Goes to Area 51Guava Juice
1 months ago
 10 Things Not To Do on a Train..Guava Juice
5 months ago
Here are things you cannot do on a train! ENJOY! ➔ NEW MERCH!: ➔ SUBSCRIBE: ...
 10 Superstitions You Shouldn't Believe..Guava Juice
3 months ago
Superstitions are real only if you believe them. So don't believe these superstitions! ➔ NEW MERCH!: ...
 10 Magic Tricks You Never Knew About.. (REVEALED)Guava Juice
4 months ago
I learned the art of magic and I am here to guide and assist your to learn some cool tricks. Wish me luck! And GOOD LUCK!
 3 Hours Awake VS 27 Hours Awake ~ ChallengeGuava Juice
13 days ago
Sleep is important for your health. Let's see why and stay awake for more than 24 hours and do the same exact thing I did when I ...
 10 Things You Can Waffle Maker Hack pt. 2 ~ ExperimentGuava Juice
6 days ago
A waffle maker is probably one of the best kitchen gadgets you can buy because you can do so many things with it! ➔ NEW ...
 10 Spooky Gadgets You Never Knew About!Guava Juice
7 months ago
 10 Types Of Zombies You Never Knew About!Guava Juice
10 months ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: Shoutout's the SMOSH! Here's our take of EVERY ZOMBIE EVER!
 10 Everyday Objects That Are Expensive For No Reason.. ~ CloutGuava Juice
11 days ago
Let's take a regular $1 bell and now let's take a bell from Tiffany and Co except it's $360. Why??? Let's find other everyday objects ...
 I AM VERY SAD!Guava Juice 2
4 years ago
Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: WhereIsRoi Snapchat ...
 10 Money Gadgets You Never Knew About.. ~ StrangeGuava Juice
15 days ago
Money is the source to financing the world and economy. Here are some cool gadgets that'll make it fun! ➔ NEW MERCH!
 I Made Yeezys Using a 3D PEN!Guava Juice
1 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: I used a 3D printing pen to make yeezys! It took an hour to draw up ...
2 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: Today I fill my bathtub with MAD MATTR! Special thanks to Vat19 for ...
 10 Things Not To Do Back To School..Guava Juice
1 months ago
Back to school is here! It's an exciting time for a lot of people and a not so exciting time for others! Here are 10 things not to do ...
2 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: I get my first cupping session done! Tamara Rettino, LAc in Atwater ...
 I Spent 24 Hours in 10,000 Bath Bombs Challenge!Guava Juice
1 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: I spent 24 hours in 10000 Bath Bombs! It was a challenge I was willing ...
1 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: I fill my bathtub with 30 gallons of Nutella! Proof of donation!
2 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: Get your own Guava Juice Box ➽ Available for ...
 10 Things Not To Do Playing Basketball..Guava Juice
24 days ago
Basketball is my favorite sport! Here are 10 things you shouldn't do playing basketball in the NBA! ➔ NEW MERCH!
 Do Not Survive Button World at 3AM..Guava Juice
1 months ago
There's another dimension called Button World where everyone in that realm has buttons for eyes. Let's see what we can do in ...
 10 Foods You Can Lil Nas X Panini Hack ~ ExperimentGuava Juice
21 days ago
Hey Panini! Here are some things you can actually panini! ➔ NEW MERCH!: ➔ SUBSCRIBE: ...
 Giant Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge ~ GuavaGuava Juice
1 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: Today, I try out the popular trend that's been spreading across the ...
 Animate My Life | Guava JuiceGuava Juice
3 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: Instead of Draw My Life, this is Animate My Life! Thank you ...
2 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: Get your own Guava Juice Box ➽ Guava Juice ...
 STRONGEST HUMAN ON EARTH! | RobloxGuava Juice Games
9 months ago
This is our journey to becoming the strongest in the world in ROBLOX (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Subscribe ➜ Follow me ...
 Escape The Abandoned DOOMSDAY BUNKER! Part 1Guava Juice
2 months ago
I was placed in this doomsday bunker by who knows who. We need to figure out how and why I am here and how to escape this!
 Dont Pretend Play at the Movie Theaters!Guava Juice
3 months ago
Roi only wanted to watch the Avengers! Things keep happening that keeps holding him back ➔ NEW MERCH!
 Can You Fix a Toilet with Ramen Noodles?Guava Juice
1 months ago
I heard ramen noodles can fix anything, even the brokeness of a heart. Let's find out if it can fix this toilet! ➔ NEW MERCH!
 I Ordered Everything On My Custom McDonalds Burger Guava Juice
2 months ago
McDonalds has this self-serve kiosk where you can customize your order using the entire menu. Let's mess around with it and see ...
 I Went To The Worst Rated Mansion on YELP.. (One Star Reviews)Guava Juice
1 months ago
I went on Yelp to find an AirBnb mansion. Wait what? Anyways, I found a really interesting rated mansion. Let's see why! ➔ NEW ...
 10 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew About - WatermelonGuava Juice
2 months ago
Summer is here and you need some kitchen gadgets to help you and your life out! Check this out! ➔ NEW MERCH!
 Dropping Watermelons vs Trampoline From 500cm ~ BounceGuava Juice
28 days ago
What happens when you drop watermelons, bowling balls, and other things from 500cms high into a trampoline? Let's find out!
 EATING ONLY GUMMY FOOD FOR 24 HOURS! Vs Real Food - ChallengeGuava Juice
2 months ago
WHICH IS BETTER? THE REAL OR THE GUMMY? This is the Guava Juice 12th episode of Gummy Food vs Real Food on.
 GUAVA JUICE ★ From 1 to 25 Years Old (Video Clips)4REAL
2 years ago
Guava Juice then and now 2017 updated - with videos! ▻GUAVA JUICE ○ THEN AND NOW 2017 ▻FAMOUS ...
 Guava Juice Tries Making an IGLOO for $10,000 (Frozen 2)Guava Juice
6 months ago
 10 Things Not To Do as a Sidekick (Spider-Man)Guava Juice
2 months ago
Here are some sidekicks that never made it to mainstream media and became popular! ➔ NEW MERCH!
 Dont Pretend Play at School & Hospital..Guava Juice
5 months ago
I used to do sketches back in Wassabi called You're So Immature. I miss it so here's a take of it! ➔ NEW MERCH!
 Food or Not Food ChallengeGuava Juice
5 months ago
One food is fake one food is real. Let's see how good my guess is ➔ NEW MERCH!: ➔ SUBSCRIBE: ...
 Spy LASER Challenge!! | Ft. Guava JuiceTeam Edge
2 years ago
In this epic video we're dodging lasers with our friend Guava Juice to take the Team Edge trophy! Bean Bucket Challenge!
 10 Things Not To Do In The Movies Theater Part 2 (Spider-Man)Guava Juice
4 months ago
Here are more things not to do at the movies ➔ NEW MERCH!: ➔ SUBSCRIBE: ...
 Fake Food vs Real Food Taste Test - ChallengeGuava Juice
1 months ago
Two identical objects are given to me. One is real, the other is made out of chocolate. ➔ NEW MERCH!: ...
 Don't Give Out Wrong Directions..Guava Juice
4 months ago
A sketch about giving the worst possible directions ever. ➔ NEW MERCH!: ➔ SUBSCRIBE: ...
 Ultimate GIANT BOARD Game - Challenge for $50,000Guava Juice
2 months ago
Winner to the end wins $10000 lets see what happens ➔ Marlin: ➔ NEW MERCH!
 Unboxing a $10,000 Real Life IRON MAN Suit (Avengers End Game Fortnite)Guava Juice
5 months ago
This took 5 months to make, ship, and deliver. Good thing it came just in time before the Avengers End Game movie! ➔ NEW ...
 Which Bottled Water Is The Best For Your Health?Guava Juice
1 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: Today I use pH drops on your favorite bottled waters. If it turns yellow ...
3 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: What does it take to spill the unspillable cup? Get The Mighty Mug ...
3 months ago
I am officially on TikTok, so in honor of it, I will be reacting to some TikToks! Join the #normalisboring contest Go beyond ordinary ...
 UNBOXING a $3000 AVENGERS Mystery Box (Far From Home)Guava Juice
4 months ago
I went on eBay and grabbed a $3000 avengers mystery box from endgame and spiderman far from home. It was interesting ...
 Tablecloth Trick Shots | Guava PerfectGuava Juice
4 months ago
We spent 4 days trying to master these tablecloth trick shots. WORTH! ➔ NEW MERCH!: ➔ SUBSCRIBE: ...
 Which Water is Safe to Drink?Guava Juice
1 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: I tested an assortment of water bottles and their pH levels to see if ...
 Trying Weird Summer Gadgets You Never Knew About!Guava Juice
3 months ago
Summer is here (almost), and you need some amazing things to make sure you're having the best summer ever! Here' are some ...
2 years ago
WATCH MY NEWEST VIDEO: Today I fill my bathtub with TAKIS! Proof of donation ...
 Bowling Ball VS Wubble Bubble from 100ft Drop!Guava Juice
9 months ago
 Trying Weird Pizza Gadgets You Never Knew AboutGuava Juice
5 months ago
Here are 10 Pizza Gadgets You Never Knew About! ➔ NEW MERCH!: ➔ SUBSCRIBE: ...
 Don't Open The Wrong Mystery Door 3!Guava Juice
3 months ago
Each door I have to guess who is behind it. If I get it wrong then SONIC the hedgehog will come out and give me something.
 Guava Juice Roast (DISS TRACK) 🔥 Roi Wassabi ParodyChad Wild Clay
2 years ago
watch: HACKER CAUGHT ON CAMERA --~-- You commented I should roast Guava Juice so I made Roi ...