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 Ellen Puts Her Audience Members 'On the Spot' for 12 Days Tickets!TheEllenShow
1 years ago
Ellen gave her audience members a chance to win a huge reward with a new game called "On the Spot." You'll want to watch ...
 How to Get Tickets of The Ellen DeGeneres ShowWe Love Ellen
3 years ago
Know How can you Get Tickets of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Website: WeLoveEllen.com Update: Launched Ellen Show Tickets ...
 Ellen DeGeneres Couldn't Get a Ticket if She TriedJimmy Kimmel Live
1 years ago
Ellen talks about her love of driving and reveals what has happened on several different occasions when she has been pulled ...
 Carrie Fisher and Ellen Sell 'Star Wars' TicketsTheEllenShow
4 years ago
The iconic actress chatted with Ellen and helped some lucky "Star Wars" fans get their hands on the hottest tickets in town!
 Fans Play ‘Blame That Tune’ for CMA Awards TicketsTheEllenShow
6 months ago
A few of Ellen's audience members got to play for a chance to see stars including Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton, and Reba ...
 Ellen's Fans Play 'Blame That Tune' for Tickets to the Grammys!TheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen introduced a brand new game called "Blame That Tune," and four fans vied for a chance to go to the Grammy Awards in ...
 I did WHAT on THE ELLEN SHOW?! How to get Ellen Degeneres TicketsSierra May
1 years ago
2 years ago
P.O. Box : 780885 Orlando, FL 32878-0885 Hey Guys!!!!! I hope you enjoyed this weeks video, the Ellen Show was so much fun ...
 World Series Superfans Get Tickets from Ellen!TheEllenShow
5 years ago
Ellen surprised these twins in Missouri with the gift of a lifetime! They sure were excited.
 I Went to a Taping of The ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW!!! | Stories, Info & Answering Questions!!Ellellevlog
5 years ago
I was lucky enough to go to a taping of The Ellen Degeneres Show! Season 12 Episode 53: Robin Roberts, Dave Grohl, Foo ...
 Superfans Play ‘Danger Word’ for Super Bowl LIV Tickets!TheEllenShow
3 months ago
Ellen found four of the biggest fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs to vie for tickets to Super Bowl LIV in ...
 The 'Ellen Express'Qantas
7 years ago
Ellen Degeneres entertains our lucky customers onboard the 'Ellen Express' as QF93 Melbourne to Los Angeles on her journey ...
 The Ellen show : Wish I knew this before going to the show.Steff Talk
1 years ago
Hello Guys! I got tickets to the Ellen show! DON'T CLICK THIS: https://bit.ly/2WlJVtT Here is the link to get tickets: ...
 Went to THE ELLEN SHOW! (Using Only Standby Tickets)Dennis Cortes
2 years ago
So you want to watch The Ellen Show? Here's how it went for us with only STAND BY tickets! Season 14, Episode 101 with Mark ...
 You Won't Believe What This Audience Member Wrote to Ellen AboutTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen read a letter from a fan who just happened to be in the audience... and came prepared for her own live commercial for Nut ...
 Audience Members ‘Make It Rain’ for Grammy Tickets!TheEllenShow
4 months ago
Guest host Jennifer Aniston invited two audience members to play a round of “Make It Rain,” all for a cash prize and tickets to the ...
 LAST To LEAVE FACETIME Call Wins Prom Tickets To Reveal Vy Qwaint's Ex-Boyfriend Crush ChallengeChad Wild Clay
3 days ago
After Chad Wild Clay made the video "Which HACKER has a CRUSH on Vy Qwaint? CWC Undercover in Disguise for 24 Hours ...
 How to get tickets to the Ellen Show!Leslie Duarte
1 years ago
This is a video on how I got tickets to the ellen show! Plus some positive news ! like did you hear?? The Jonas brothers are back !
3 years ago
I had the opportunity to be in the Ellen audience and it was so much fun! So I decided to vlog it :) SUBSCRIBE ...
 Ellen KICKS OUT Audience For Not Following The RulesTheScreeny
1 years ago
Ellen KICKS OUT Audience For Not Following The Rules If you're new, Subscribe! → https://goo.gl/3B5EB8 Ellen seems like the ...
 Can This Fan's 'Hot Hands' Win Her Grammy Tickets?TheEllenShow
1 years ago
The 2019 Grammy Awards are on Sunday, and unfortunately, Ellen and Portia have a thing, so she had two tickets to give away.
 Superfan Stephanie Is Back to Play for 12 Days Tickets with 'Holey Roller'!TheEllenShow
1 years ago
Stephanie Wiguna proved to Ellen she's her biggest fan with her past two appearances on the show, and Ellen brought her back ...
 Ellen's Spring 12 Days Surprise!TheEllenShow
3 years ago
Ellen's audience of East Coast fans got an unexpected dose of holiday cheer – a surprise day of her 12 Days of Giveaways!
 THE ADDAMS FAMILY Searches for Ellen's Tickets to Australia!TheAddamsFamilyTour
7 years ago
THE ADDAMS FAMILY will make its Australian premiere this month. So, naturally, when the cast of the North American tour ...
 What's in the Box? Tickets to 12 Days!TheEllenShow
6 years ago
Ellen played a fun round of "What's in the Box?" with her audience, and they all won really, really big!
2 years ago
I trick my family and then surprise them with tickets to The Ellen DeGeneres Show in March!! We love Ellen and have always ...
 Tickets for a Special FamilyTheEllenShow
7 years ago
This Texas family wrote to Ellen to ask for tickets. They had no idea that Ellen would call them herself, and Jeannie would deliver ...
 Justin Bieber ● Surprises Fans (Crazy Reactions) on Ellen DeGeneres Show ● November 2015 ● HDStefanoBolis96
4 years ago
Read Me ♛ · · · · · · · Subscribe → StewieBolisᴴᴰ96 Official Channel Facebook ...
 Ellen Degeneres Teenie Paris Hilton wants Tickets 💗charmed one designs
5 years ago
Ellen ️Teenie Paris Hilton At Ellen's Hollywood Star Walk of Fame ⭐️We want tickets.
 How To Get Free Tickets For Jimmy Kimmel Live!DJ Peridot
1 years ago
Thank you for visiting my channel :) In the video, “How To Get Free Tickets To Jimmy Kimmel Live Show”, I show you how to get ...
 Chrissy Teigen and Ellen Gift the Audience A Bucket List TripTheEllenShow
5 months ago
Ellen brought in her friend Chrissy Teigen to help give the audience at “Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways” huge prizes, ...
 Ariana Grande is giving FREE TICKETS for Sweetener Tour on The Ellen Show!arianagrandevocals
1 years ago
Ariana Grande is giving FREE TICKETS for Sweetener Tour on The Ellen Show! #arianagrande #theellenshow #sweetenertour.
 I GOT TICKETS TO THE ELLEN SHOW! - April 3, 2018MelBeezeeTV
2 years ago
Thank you guys so much for watching!! Don't forget to comment, like, subscribe and tell a friend! ⭐️OTHER CHANNELS⭐️ ...
 Family Surprise Gran With Ellen Show TicketsCaters Clips
1 years ago
Subscribe to Caters Clips: http://bit.ly/CatersClipsSubscribe Subscribe to StoryTrender: http://bit.ly/StoryTrenderSubscribe ID: ...
 I WENT TO THE ELLEN SHOW (VLOG #6)angelina toss
1 years ago
haha yes! the booty drop in front of Ellen and our hatcnhimal child. also a peep from James Corden. she was fun subscribe for ...
 Win 12 Days Tickets with the 'Game of Games' App!TheEllenShow
7 months ago
Starting today, you can play the new "Trick or Treat" event on Ellen's "Game of Games" app, and if you play, you'll have a chance ...
 SuperBowl Tickets from ELLEN!CarlieStylez
6 years ago
Dear Ellen. Here are the 10 most LEGIT reasons why you should choose me to go to the Super Bowl of 2014. I literally bleed blue ...
 Ellen's Summer of 12 Days Tickets!TheEllenShow
7 years ago
Every day this summer, Ellen's giving away a pair of tickets to one of her viewers to come to the 12 Days of Giveaways! You can ...
 Ellen Gives Her Audience Resolution Advice for 2020TheEllenShow
4 months ago
For the first show of the new year, Ellen talked with a few audience members about their resolutions, and gave them advice on ...
 We got our tickets for the Ellen Show!Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
11 years ago
Hello, world! Nick and Wren here. We run work at the nonprofit Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in lovely San Francisco, and we ...
 50 Nook Mile Tickets Hunting for Rare Villagers! | Animal Crossing New Horizons GameplayKang Gaming
3 days ago
We've done 20 Nook Mile Tickets, we did 30 Nook Mile Tickets and NOW we are going hunting for rare villagers again with 50 ...
 Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways Experience!dariany santana
1 years ago
My first time at the Ellen Show was even better thanI could have imagined! I thought it was a regular show but BAM, it was day 1 of ...
 Ellen's Chicago Twitter Followers Aim for Tickets!TheEllenShow
9 years ago
Ellen's upcoming TBS special in Chicago is sold out, but she still had a few VIP tickets to give away -- so she told her Twitter ...
 Lupita Nyong'o is Losing Friends Over Black Panther TicketsJimmy Kimmel Live
2 years ago
Lupita talks about the Black Panther premiere, the 25 friends and family members she brought, and reveals how she went about ...
 Melbourne Winners of Ellen Tickets Live In StudioHit Network
7 years ago
No description. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/TodayNetwork.
 How to get into The Ellen Show | Vlog 10Glara Lee
2 years ago
Vlog #10. Going to watch The Ellen Show and Carlsbad Flower Fields! Thank you for watching and supporting!
 The Ellen DeGeneres Show gives away Red Sox World Series tickets at BUThe Daily Free Press
6 years ago
The Ellen DeGeneres Show came to Boston University's Marsh Plaza on Tuesday to give away World Series Red Sox tickets.
 Fans win World Series tickets from Ellen DeGeneresKMBC 9
4 years ago
"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" gave away tickets to two lucky Royals fans during a stop in Lawrence on Monday and on Tuesday, ...
 ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW TICKETS! | I hope I get picked soon!Ira Calaunan
2 months ago
EllenDegeneresShow - So I'm editing part one of my Las Vegas vlog. My intro video takes forever to render, so I decided to go to ...
 Ellen DeGeneres fan wins trip, tickets to see '12 Days' tapingKMBC 9
4 years ago
An Ellen DeGeneres fan in the Kansas City metropolitan area gets a big surprise. Subscribe to KMBC on YouTube now for more: ...
 13-year-old football player surprised with tickets to Super Bowl l GMAGood Morning America
4 months ago
Aniah Echols is the first girl to join her middle school football team in Oxford, Mississippi, and now she's headed to watch the ...
 Fake ellen tickets fail.kkpalm54
6 years ago
failed when my boss didn't scream and pee her pants like I planned for her to do. She said ellen would really have to show up for ...
 I'M AT THE ELLEN SHOW!Austin Castro
1 years ago
After years of trying to get tickets, we finally made it into a taping of The Ellen Show and I'm taking you behind the scenes to show ...
4 years ago
 When you get tickets to The Ellen Show!Maricela Rocha
2 years ago
When you finally get tickets to your favorite show: THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW! This is my video for Ellen's 60th birthday ...
 Entry For Ellen DeGeneres TicketsApril Marie
2 years ago
Last year my fiancé and I made this video for a chance to win tickets to Ellen's "12 Days of Giveaways." Although we didn't win, ...
 Conan Gives Away #ConanCon Tickets - CONAN on TBSTeam Coco
10 months ago
CONAN Highlight: For the fifth year in a row, Conan is taking his show to Comic-Con®. Get tickets now @ teamcoco.com/tickets.
 Grand Slam Thanks for the Tickets, Ma'amTheEllenShow
6 years ago
Ellen played a special game with two lucky audience members for the chance to win tickets to the World Series! See who won ...