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 ‘Ellen’ Audience Member Says Her Visit Was ‘Humiliating’Inside Edition
2 months ago
An audience member on the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" is speaking about how she said she was treated backstage by ...
 Ellen Finds Out Who's the Smartest Audience MemberTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen tested all of the fans at her show with a trivia game called "Who Wants to Be the Smartest Audience Member?"
 Audience Hidden Microphones: Ellen's Birthday EditionTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Before the show, the audience dances and sings before Ellen appears, but little did they know she was recording their ...
 Ellen Finds Real People in Her AudienceTheEllenShow
1 years ago
With technology these days, fake people are created just by using a computer program, which made Ellen feel that she can't figure ...
 Ellen Checks Out Her Audience Members' Instagram PostsTheEllenShow
3 years ago
Ellen loves Instagram, but she may love her audience members' photos more.
 Ellen's Audience Plays Never Have I EverTheEllenShow
5 years ago
Ellen loves to play it with her guests. Today she played with the whole audience!
 Audience Members' Answers That Literally Knocked Ellen Off Her FeetTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Ellen found out that a lot of her audience members have shopped online after they'd been drinking, so she called on a few to ...
 Ellen Deciphers Her Audience's Seating ChoicesTheEllenShow
2 years ago
A study shows the seat you choose on an airplane says a lot about your personality, so Ellen decided to take that same science ...
 Ellen Welcomes Her First Virtual Audience with a Big Gift!TheEllenShow
29 days ago
Due to COVID-19 and precautions still in effect, Ellen welcomed her first virtual audience as she kicked off Season 18!
 Ellen Shares the Wealth with Her AudienceTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen played "Gimme Gimme Givey" with her audience, and it turns out paying it forward results in a big reward!
 Ellen Steals an Audience Member's PurseTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen snatched an audience member's purse only to find out she had cash, jewels... and a sleek Sagely Smart Weekly Pill ...
 Ellen Attempts to Guess Audience Members’ JobsTheEllenShow
9 months ago
Ellen loves her job, but knows that a lot of people hate theirs, so she went into the audience to find fans who dislike their jobs...
 You Won't Believe What This Guy Has NEVER DoneTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Be careful what you admit to when Ellen asks!
 Superfan Brad Pitt Distracts Ellen While Sitting in the AudienceTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt tried to blend in as an Ellen superfan in the audience, and not only distracted Ellen, but also her ...
 Ellen's Tiny Microphones Capture Hilarious Audience ConversationsTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen always watches her audience before the show, and she found a way to listen to their conversations. She secretly recorded ...
 Ellen Puts Fans on the Spot with 'Audience Got Talent'TheEllenShow
1 years ago
There are a lot of talent shows on TV, so Ellen decided to use her own show to find out if there were any skilled audience ...
 Ellen's Looking for Russian Spies in Her AudienceTheEllenShow
3 years ago
With so much concern about the presence of Russian spies, Ellen decided to be extra thorough with her own personal audience ...
 Ellen Finds an Audience Member's Embarrassing Glamour ShotTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen scrolled through her audience members Instagram profiles again, and this time she found some revealing and embarrassing ...
 The Last Thing That Ellen's Audience GoogledTheEllenShow
4 years ago
Ellen got a hold of what her audience members searched for on Google. From how to reveal a crush to how to dye hair, these ...
 Ellen Discovers Her Audience's Hidden TalentsTheEllenShow
2 years ago
From impressive push-ups to marshmallow tricks, Ellen found some amazing hidden talents among her audience members.
 Ellen Quizzes Millennials on Old-School SlangTheEllenShow
8 months ago
Ellen pointed out that it's hard to stay on top of the latest slang that the younger generation uses, and it can be "confusing AF.
 Ellen Asks the Audience Questions About Her Talk ShowTheEllenShow
2 years ago
In honor of her 2500th show, Ellen found out whether her audience members were truly big fans of the show... by asking them ...
 Ellen Looks for the Mystery Celebrity Hiding in Her AudienceTheEllenShow
3 years ago
There was an undercover celebrity hidden in Ellen's audience, but picking them out of the crowd was a bit more difficult than you'd ...
 Ellen DeGeneres LOSES IT With Audience MemberKavos
2 years ago
Ellen DeGeneres LOSES IT With Audience Member what are your opinions on this? Ellen DeGeneres seems to be in the wrong ...
 Audience Members Wow Ellen with Hidden Talents in 'Can You Do That?'TheEllenShow
8 months ago
Ellen and tWitch called on a few audience members who claimed they have a hidden talent, and decided whether they were lying ...
 A Peek into Ellen’s Secret Audience ConversationsTheEllenShow
9 months ago
From fashion conversations to hygiene tips, here are a few conversations picked up by the hidden microphones in Ellen's ...
 Ellen Discovers Some Insane Hidden Talent in Her AudienceTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Watch as Ellen is wowed by twin brothers who have amazing hockey stick tricks, a woman who does spot-on animal impressions, ...
 You Won't Believe What This Audience Member Wrote to Ellen AboutTheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen read a letter from a fan who just happened to be in the audience... and came prepared for her own live commercial for Nut ...
 Ellen's Audience Plays 'Epic or Fail'TheEllenShow
2 years ago
From pogo sticks to pole vaulting, these clips are sure to get a reaction in this round of "Epic or Fail"!
 Ellen's Audience Takes the Idiot TestTheEllenShow
5 years ago
Would you pass Ellen's idiot test? Watch and find out!
 Ellen Learns a Lot About Her Audience in a Game of 'Survey Says Whaaat?!'TheEllenShow
1 years ago
Ellen wanted to get to know her audience a little better, so she and tWitch played a game of "Survey Says Whaaat?!" Find out how ...
 Ellen Plays 'Bingo Blitz' with Her Virtual Audience!TheEllenShow
8 days ago
Even though her audience members are at home, Ellen played a special round of "Bingo Blitz Your Way to Riches" to celebrate ...
 Ellen Eavesdrops on Her Audience's ConversationsTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Before the show, the audience dances and sings before Ellen appears. Little did they know she was recording their conversations ...
 Ellen Gets Insulted On Her Own Show And This Happens...Viral Now
7 months ago
Ellen Gets Insulted On Her Own Show Thanks to her famous afternoon chat show, Ellen DeGeneres is now the Madonna of ...
 Tiffany Answers Audience QuestionsTheEllenShow
Tiffany Haddish returned as Ellen's guest host, and this time she took questions from the virtual audience! Find out what advice ...
 tWitch Dances with a Rubber Chicken, and an Audience Member Distracts EllenTheEllenShow
19 days ago
Ellen hid a surprise item for tWitch to find and dance with, and in return, Ellen had to sneak in the word “spackle” during the show.
 Ellen Gets Audience Members to 'Spill the Tea'TheEllenShow
1 years ago
Ellen got to know a few people in her audience in a new game called "Spill the Tea." Find out if Ellen correctly matched stunning ...
 Ellen Finds Out 'What's So Great About You?'TheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen has a lot of talented fans, so she gave them a chance to show off their skills in a new segment called "What's So Great About ...
 Ellen Takes Her and Portia's Road Trip Games to the AudienceTheEllenShow
2 years ago
When Ellen and Portia hit the road, they play games to stay entertained, so Ellen decided to bring the same road trip fun to the ...
 Ellen and tWitch Guess Which Audience Members Are DrinkingTheEllenShow
8 days ago
Since Ellen's audience members are now watching from the comfort of their homes, it gave her an idea for a new game called ...
 Ellen Has Learned a Lot from Her AudienceTheEllenShow
4 months ago
Since Ellen has been filming the show from her house for about three months, she's missed the studio audience. She learned so ...
 Ellen's Audience Loves to Shake Their BootiesTheEllenShow
5 years ago
They come here ready to show off their skills, but Ellen has noticed there's a certain part of their bodies that they enjoy giving the ...
 Ellen and tWitch Give Relationship Advice to the AudienceTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Relationships can be complicated, so Ellen and tWitch offered to help audience members with questions about flirting, ...
 Ellen Pompeo Auctions Off a Starbucks Date with the AudienceTheEllenShow
1 years ago
To raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Ellen and Ellen Pompeo held a live auction with the audience, with ...
 Ellen's Audience Dancers Get a Boost with Special EffectsTheEllenShow
10 months ago
Ellen loves to combine her audience dancers with special effects, and this time she found a pizza chef, a horse rider, and a surfer ...
 Ellen’s Audience Makes Up Their Own Lyrics to ‘Yummy’TheEllenShow
1 months ago
Ellen likes to pass around a mic in the audience and then record them singing along to popular songs. This time, she found out ...
 You'll Flip for These Hidden Audience TalentsTheEllenShow
6 years ago
Who knew Ellen's audience had so much hidden talent? These skills will surprise you, impress you, and maybe even confuse you ...
 Ellen's Audience Turns Into AnimalsTheEllenShow
5 years ago
For this round of "Heads Up!," Ellen played with her entire audience! See how they did. You can play "Heads Up!" with your friends ...
 Ellen Surprises the Audience with Channing Tatum During 12 Days!TheEllenShow
2 years ago
For 12 Days of Giveaways, Ellen surprised the audience with the gift that keeps on giving, Channing Tatum!
 Ellen's Audience Is Left Stunned in This 12 Days GameTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Ellen played a game with her audience called "On the Spot," and although the winners received a Visa gift card, they were left in ...
 Ellen's in Her Audience's Facebook!TheEllenShow
5 years ago
She's at it again! If you're in Ellen's audience, you never know if she's going to show your Facebook photos to the world!
 Ellen's Audience Has a Dirty Mind!TheEllenShow
9 years ago
When Ellen made a joke about her handy new invention, some in the audience interpreted it in a very different -- and very dirty ...
 Ellen's Audience Attempts to Sing Camila Cabello's "Havana"TheEllenShow
2 years ago
Ellen's audience's heart may be in Havana, but their lyrics are nowhere to be found. Check it out as they attempt to sing Camila ...
 Chelsea Handler & Ellen Give Advice to Audience MembersTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Chelsea Handler has been through therapy for the past year, so Ellen thought it was the perfect opportunity to have the comedian ...
 Skybox Audience Member Gets VIP TreatmentTheEllenShow
26 days ago
Most of Ellen's studio audience is virtual, but one lucky person was able to sit in the skybox and get the VIP treatment! Plus, Ellen ...
 Ellen Goes Through an Audience Member's Purse for Her BirthdayTheEllenShow
1 years ago
Ellen's birthday is right around the corner, so she wanted to find a fellow January baby in her audience to give them a birthday ...
 What Being An Ellen Degeneres Audience Member Is Really LikeInformOverload
2 months ago
What Being An Ellen Degeneres Audience Member Is Really Like Subscribe To InformOverload: http://bit.ly/2xB5CqA Social ...
 Ellen’s Audience Sings ‘Teenage Dream’TheEllenShow
3 years ago
Katy Perry's hit song might have some new suggestions for lyrics. Watch Ellen's audience sing along – whether they know the ...
 Ellen Leaves a Special Gift for Ken Jeong and the AudienceTheEllenShow
11 months ago
Ellen left a special gift for guest host Ken Jeong, as well as a creepy-crawly present for the audience. #KenJeong #TheEllenShow ...
 Dwayne Johnson Acts It Out with Ellen for a Huge Audience Prize!TheEllenShow
10 months ago
Dwayne Johnson and Ellen went head-to-head in a round of "Heads Up!" from the Act It Out deck. The actor partnered with Under ...