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 Teen Says He Wants Dr. Phil To Change His Family’s Views On MarijuanaDr. Phil
19 days ago
A teen who admits to smoking marijuana every day says he wants Dr. Phil to change his family's views on it. His mother ...
 ‘I Don’t Even Recognize Myself,’ Says Teen Who Turned Her Life Around After ‘Dr. Phil’ AppearanceDr. Phil
2 months ago
A teenager who was smoking marijuana, and claimed to be in a polyamorous relationship, a young woman who acknowledged ...
 Dr. Phil To Mom Of Sexually Active 14-Year-Old: 'Your Daughter Is Not Capable Of Giving Consent'Dr. Phil
2 years ago
When Kaylie attempts to explain why she's allowed her 14-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, drop out of school, have sex and smoke ...
 Watch As A Dad Struggles With Meeting His Daugher As A Woman For The First TimeDr. Phil
3 years ago
Gary says he was devastated when he found out that his son Zach is transgender and wants to transition to biologically become a ...
 Dr. Phil Asks Teen If She Wonders Why 21-Year-Old Boyfriend She’s Never Met In Person Wants To Be…Dr. Phil
2 months ago
Dr. Phil asks a 17-year-old some questions about her 21-year-old boyfriend who lives across the country and whom she's never ...
 'Did You Set Up Your Own Daughter’s Kidnapping?’ Dr. Phil Asks Mom Of Missing Dulce AlavezDr. Phil
10 days ago
The mother of a missing 5-year-old says police had suspected she and her family might be behind the disappearance. Did she set ...
 ‘We’re Talking About Me Here; This Is My Show,’ 15-Year-Old Says To Dr. PhilDr. Phil
1 years ago
A teen whose allowance was lowered to $1000 a month says her mom should be giving her more money. See what happens ...
 Dr. Phil To ‘Pedophile Hunter’: ‘Do You Worry About The Consequences Of Public Shaming?’Dr. Phil
5 days ago
Three men who have each founded “pedophile hunter” groups all claim to be keeping kids safe by revealing the identities of ...
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 Dr. Phil Tells Woman Who Has Taken Adderall For 15 Years, ‘It’s Changed The Way You See The World’Dr. Phil
6 days ago
A woman accused of having an addiction to Adderall says she only takes the prescribed amount. Dr. Phil tells her how the ...
 'I’ve Been Pregnant Approximately Three Years, Seven Months'Dr. Phil
1 years ago
A woman says she's "1000 percent" certain she's pregnant -- and has been for three years, seven months -- although doctors say ...
 Tough-Talking Teen Danielle To Dr. Phil: 'You Were Nothin’ Before I Came On This Show'Dr. Phil
2 years ago
Subscribe to Dr. Phil: http://bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil Danielle, the tough-talking teen turned internet sensation after her first Dr.
 26-Year-Old Admits He Will ‘Do Anything’ To Keep Up His ‘Bad And Boujee’ LifestyleDr. Phil
26 days ago
A 26-year-old says he has no problem stealing thousands of dollars from family and friends to maintain his “bad and boujee” ...
 ‘Don’t Live Off Your Mother And Then Talk About Being Authentic From The Trenches,’ Dr. Phil Tell…Dr. Phil
2 months ago
Dr. Phil has some tough advice for a 20-year-old aspiring rapper and her mom who is supporting her. Dr. Phil uses the power of ...
 ‘I’d Rather Die Hot Than Live Ugly,” Says Aspiring Instagram StarDr. Phil
9 months ago
An aspiring Instagram star who says she'd rather “die hot than live ugly” claims she's losing friends in real life because of her ...
 Where Are Dr. Phil's Craziest Patients Now?Top Trending
1 years ago
Ever wonder what happened to some of the strangest and craziest patients to appear on Dr. Phil? We did some digging and found ...
 Dr. Phil Can't Handle This Girl, Ends The Show & Officially Retires At 68..Film Focus
10 months ago
Dr. Phil Can't Handle This Girl, Officially Ends The Show & Retired At 68.. For more Dr. Phil content be sure to subscribe to the ...
 Dad Describes Gruesome Death Of Teen Daughter In The Alaskan WildernessDr. Phil
3 days ago
A father details what authorities claim happened when his 19-year-old daughter was allegedly lured into the Alaskan woods and ...
 17-Year-Old Who Spends Thousands On Designer Goods Claims He’s Practicing ‘Retail Therapy’Dr. Phil
2 months ago
A mom who says she is tired of working to support her teenage son's $1000 per month allowance says she's cutting him off after ...
 The Original "Cash Me Outside How Bout Dah" Video (Full Episode)The Supremekati
2 years ago
The Original "Cash Me Outside How Bout Dah" Video Full Episode The Original "Cash Me Outside How Bout Dah" Video Full ...
 18-Year-Old: ‘If Your Boyfriend Hits You, It's A Sign Of Love'Dr. Phil
4 years ago
http://drphil.com Buy The 20/20 Diet: http://bit.ly/drphil2020diet Buy Life Code: http://bitly.com/LifeCodeDP Subscribe to Dr. Phil: ...
 Dr Phil ENDS Spoiled Little GirlSSSniperWolf
1 years ago
Dr Phil ENDS Spoiled Little Girl! Hey its sssniperwolf and heres another dr Phil video about a spoiled girl! Leave a Like if you ...
 'I Am Obsessed With My Appearance And I’m Addicted To Looking Perfect,' Says 17-Year-OldDr. Phil
1 years ago
A teen who says she's obsessed with looking perfect describes her daily life and how she strives to achieve this goal for herself.
 Teen Is Asked To Take Pregnancy Test – See What Happens And The ResultsDr. Phil
27 days ago
A 15-year-old claims she's three or four months pregnant. Dr. Phil asks her to take a pregnancy test. See what happens – and find ...
 Kid Goes Full Psycho On Dr Phil To Get Her WayTheScreeny
1 years ago
Kid Goes Psycho On Dr Phil To Get Her Way If you're new, Subscribe! → https://goo.gl/L4EEe8 The Dr. Phil show has been on air ...
 13-Year-Old Says Mom Will Do Anything To Stop Her From Having FunDr. Phil
3 years ago
A teen says her mom is “crazy,” “overbearing,” and “controlling,” and says she wants her to back off and let her live her life.
 Mom Says 12-Year-Old Son Is 'Addicted And Obsessed With Violent Video Games'Dr. Phil
10 months ago
A woman says her son is "addicted" to violent video games and sometimes plays for 20 hours straight – and they're making him ...
 Dr.Phil is Left Speechless...Viral Now
7 months ago
Dr.Phil is Left Speechless... Dr. Phillip C. McGraw's show draws on his 25 years of experience in psychology, sociology and ...
 Dr. Phil Saves This Teens Life...Plot Twist
8 months ago
Dr. Phil Saves This Teens Life... There's a reason why Dr. Phil has often been likened to a human zoo. The people that appear on ...
 Woman Claims Teen Daughter Has 40 Suspensions, Sneaks Out Of The House, Parties With ‘Gang Member…Dr. Phil
2 months ago
A mom claims her teen daughter used to be a straight-A student but now smokes pot, hangs out with gang members, and has ...
 ‘You Guys Are Now In A Trap,’ Dr. Phil Tells Couple Who Believe They're Possessed By DemonsDr. Phil
2 months ago
Dr. Phil tells a couple what he thinks may be causing the woman to feel like she's been possessed by demons. And, hear from a ...
 Dr Phil hosts Meme Review [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#63 PewDiePie
4 months ago
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 Homeless Woman Walks Off ‘Dr. Phil’ StageDr. Phil
1 months ago
A homeless woman discusses her daily routine and admits she can't keep living the way she's been living. What happens to ...
 Pediatrician Talks About Risk Factors For Sudden Infant Death SyndromeDr. Phil
8 hours ago
A woman says she blames both herself and her partner for the accidental death of their infant daughter who died while the family ...
 Ukrainian Orphan Claims She Was 8 When She Was Living On Her Own – Dr. Phil Questions Her ClaimDr. Phil
1 months ago
A Ukrainian orphan claims she was dropped off at an apartment by her adoptive parents to live on her own when she was almost ...
 Dr. Phil To Guest: ‘How Do You Hate Your Child?’Dr. Phil
7 months ago
When asked to list positive traits about her teenage daughter, a mother gives three before saying, “I don't have any more.
 'I Have Three Children With My Father'Dr. Phil
9 months ago
A woman says her father physically and sexually abused her – and she gave birth to three of his children. Hear how she says the ...
 ‘She’s An Absolute Brat,’ Dr. Phil Says To Mom About Her Teen DaughterDr. Phil
24 days ago
Parents say their teen daughter's behavior is out of control and they don't know what to do. Dr. Phil shows them how the father's ...
 Viral Video Star Says He Doesn’t Talk To Family Because ‘They’re Irrelevant’Dr. Phil
2 months ago
Two Gen Zer friends say they gained internet notoriety after posting videos online that pushed boundaries and went viral. One of ...
 Former Gang Member Gives 15-Year-Old Wannabe Gangster A Reality CheckDr. Phil
3 months ago
A former gang member has a powerful message for a 15-year-old who is going down a criminal path of drug dealing, stealing and ...
 'What Are You So Afraid Of?' Dr. Phil Asks Teen Who Lashes OutDr. Phil
10 months ago
Dr. Phil drills down to determine why a teen acts out and threatens violence. And, why does he call her “unsocialized” and ...
 ‘She’s An Absolute Brat,’ Dr. Phil Says To Mom About Her Teen DaughterDr. Phil
24 days ago
Parents say their teen daughter's behavior is out of control and they don't know what to do. Dr. Phil shows them how the father's ...
 Why Dr. Phil Calls 8-Year-Old's Conversation With Mom 'Heartbreaking'Dr. Phil
2 years ago
Hear a conversation between a young boy and his mother. And why Dr. Phil calls it "absolutely heartbreaking." http://drphil.com ...
 Dr. Phil Challenges 24-Year-Old Who Claims She’s The Reincarnation Of PocahontasDr. Phil
11 months ago
Dr. Phil questions a 24-year-old about her behavior toward her parents. And, he asks her to reexamine her belief that she is the ...
 Why Dr. Phil Says 15-Year-Old Shouldn’t Go Back To His Parents’ Home ‘Right Now’Dr. Phil
4 months ago
Dr. Phil offers a teenage boy the choice to attend a wilderness program for teens with behavioral issues while recommending ...
 Spoiled Girl Wants The Perfect Body On Dr. PhilDestinySpeaks
6 months ago
Spoiled Teen girl tells Dr. Phil that she's obsessed with looking perfect. if u love me, follow me on twitter @JustDestinyYT (link ...
 ‘Are You Pregnant?’ Dr. Phil Asks Teen Whose Parents Claim She Showed Them A Positive Pregnancy T…Dr. Phil
21 days ago
Parents say their 17-year-old daughter has claimed to be pregnant on and off over the last year. Dr. Phil asks her if she's pregnant.
 Woman Whose Family Called Her A ‘Dramatic Hypochondriac’ Returns To ‘Dr. Phil’ 5 Years After Kick…Dr. Phil
2 months ago
A woman who kicked her opioid dependency and a pregnant teen who left her boyfriend who she claimed was controlling and ...
 CRAZIEST DR. PHIL MOMENTS OF 2019!!!! Compilation of the best Dr. Phil moments of 2019.Crazy Compilations
10 months ago
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 Dr. Phil To Guest: ‘You Have To Avoid Even The Appearance Of Impropriety’Dr. Phil
4 days ago
A man who once ran a tutoring business claims he lost everything when he was ambushed by a group of 'pedophile hunters' who ...
 ‘You Basically Do What You Want To Do When You Want To Do It,’ Dr. Phil Says To 17-Year-OldDr. Phil
1 months ago
A teen admits she steals money – and even her mom's car. How do her parents react to hearing about some of her behaviors? Dr.
 Dr. Phil Reviews Timeline Of Events Surrounding Man’s Mysterious DeathDr. Phil
17 days ago
A family says they believe there's more to uncover surrounding the mysterious death of their loved one. Dr. Phil points out how ...
 Former ‘Pedophile Hunter’ Explains Why He QuitDr. Phil
4 days ago
A man who claims he jump-started the US “pedophile hunter” movement quits and says, “Everything that is being glorified online ...
 Dr. Phil Advises Teen Facing Multiple Felonies To Project ‘Remorse, And A New Path’Dr. Phil
1 months ago
Dr. Phil tells 17-year-old facing multiple felony charges to do everything he can to project remorse and a new path. Dr. Phil uses ...
 Top 10 Times Dr. Phil OWNED Spoiled KidsMsMojo
5 months ago
Top 10 Times Dr Phil OWNED Spoiled Kids // Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/MsMojo?sub_confirmation=1 We're still ...
 ‘Did You Or Did You Not Murder Your Wife?’ Dr. Phil Asks GuestDr. Phil
3 months ago
A man claims he murdered his wife and it was premeditated, however, he has changed his story numerous times. Dr. Phil drills ...
 Couple Learn Identity Of Alleged CyberstalkerDr. Phil
25 days ago
A couple, who claims they've been hacked and threatened, learn the identity of their alleged cyberstalker. Dr. Phil uses the power ...
 Man With OCD Says It Takes Him Hours To Do Things That Others Can Do In MinutesDr. Phil
13 days ago
A man with OCD says it takes him hours to do things that others can do in minutes. His wife claims he has thousands of rituals. Dr.
 Meet The Exorcist Who Claims He Expelled Demons From ‘Dr. Phil’ GuestDr. Phil
2 months ago
Meet a reverend doctor who says he has performed more than 40000 exorcisms. How does he explain his practice and teachings ...