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 Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 31 Actors Playing Real People | WIREDWIRED
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Dialect coach Erik Singer takes a look at idiolects, better known as the specific way one individual speaks. To best break down ...
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Alright alright... I feel like I have some clearing up to do because quite a few people are getting really angry and emotional when I ...
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Lots of British actors have really nailed their American accents, but Americans can't seem to imitate their peers across the pond.
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This video contains a paid advertorial with Babbel: Written by Jack Howard and Hazel ...
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The Canadian accent is famous around the world, but why is it different? Become one of my students! :) Visit my website: ...
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Hi! Due to the warm response to my appearance in WIRED's Movie Accent video, and its subsequent live REDDIT AMA, I'll be ...
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We show you how to speak in a South African Accent. Subscribe!
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I present to you the accent challenge I participate in, to find out whether I have a detectable California or West Coast accent.
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3 months ago
hope you all enjoyed :D Get Spider-Man Apparel here: Use code game for an Extra 5% ...
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How To Do a Standard American Accent - Part 1: Vowels Improve your vowel sounds, learn the difference between "æ" and "e", ...
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A question I hear a lot is 'What is an accent lesson like?' Due to the warm response to my appearance in WIRED's Movie Accent ...
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What does a real psychologist think of how mental illness is portrayed in movies? Dr. Ali Mattu, clinical psychologist at the ...
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New Video- Irish accent! *** David Ley recently became an Internet sensation for his use of a ...
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The Canadian English Accent Part 1 focuses on the regional English accent in Canada and American misconceptions of the ...
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13 साल की उम्र में 12वीं पास करने वाली जान्हवी 8 एक्सेंट में बात भी कर लेती हैं....
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Kate McKinnon breaks down her process for picking up the Australian accent she perfected for her raunchy comedy Rough Night.
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Which accent is better? New Zealand (kiwi) or American? Thanks for watching this video we made with my boyfriend, James!
 the midwestern accent is the worst accentNicholas Black
9 months ago
I wAnT tO sEe YoUr MaNaGeR Instagram: @nickmillionz Twitter: @nickmillionz.
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Angela Peri is an exacting expert on the Boston accent. She casts TV shows and movies set in Boston -- and she won't accept ...
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Matthew McConaughey doesn't do an Australian accent while voicing koala Buster Moon in Sing, but he faked a convincing one ...
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All credit goes to Football Road Trips! Facebook: Website: ...