UK set to cut Huawei out of 5G network in major U-turnSky News
18 hours ago
The UK is poised to end the use of Huawei technology in its 5G network as soon as this year over security concerns. GCHQ is ...
 Restaurants, pubs packed with customers in UKABC News
10 hours ago
Businesses in Great Britain reopened for the first time in four months.
 Coronavirus: the UK's battle against COVID-19 as it happenedThe Sun
18 hours ago
In a few short months the coronavirus pandemic has changed Britain profoundly. As the UK is released from lockdown, and the ...
 Pubs, hairdressers and theme parks reopen in England – UK COVID-19 updateSky News
English residents visited pubs, hairdressers and theme parks for the first time in months as lockdown measures were lifted.
 Thousands of thirsty Brits hit the pubs for Super Saturday reopeningThe Sun
THOUSANDS of thirsty Brits poured into pubs and restaurants to mark Super Saturday. It comes after Boris Johnson warned ...
 Pubs Reopen Across The UK, But Not Everyone Is Rushing To Get A Pint | TODAYTODAY
More than 30000 pubs in the United Kingdom were forced to close amid the coronavirus pandemic, but many of them are now ...
 UK eases lockdown: Hairdressers, pubs and cafes set to reopenAl Jazeera English
2 days ago
England takes another step back towards normality on Saturday with hairdressers, cafes and pubs reopening their doors.
 Coronavirus: UK Culture in Crisis - BBC NewsnightBBC Newsnight
2 days ago
The UK cultural sector is facing an unprecedented crisis as Theatres, Concerts and Festivals remain shuttered despite some lifting ...
 A quarter of deaths if UK entered lockdown a week earlierSky News
Sir David King has said there would have been a quarter of the number of deaths from COVID-19 if the UK had entered lockdown ...
 ‘Drunk people can’t socially distance’, police chief warns – UK COVID-19 updateSky News
20 hours ago
Police have condemned the behaviour of pub-goers in Soho who packed the streets on Saturday and failed to adhere to social ...
 U.K. eases lockdown restrictions despite risk of new outbreaksCBC News: The National
2 days ago
The U.K. is easing some COVID-19 lockdown restrictions this weekend, allowing pubs, restaurants and cinemas to reopen, but ...
 700 arrests in UK as police infiltrate top-secret criminal communications - BBC NewsBBC News
3 days ago
More than 700 people have been arrested in Britain and tens of millions of pounds have been seized after the police infiltrated a ...
 Former British MP: UK's citizenship offer will destroy bilateral relationsCGTN
The UK government has announced new immigration rules that will allow Hong Kong residents the right to live and work in the UK ...
 Hong Kong: UK makes citizenship offer to residents - BBC NewsBBC News
4 days ago
Up to three million Hong Kong residents are to be offered the chance to settle in the UK and ultimately apply for citizenship, Boris ...
 Scotland and Wales governments call UK air-bridge plans ‘shambolic’Channel 4 News
2 days ago
Utterly shambolic” - the leaders of Scotland and Wales have delivered a blistering verdict on the way the UK government has ...
 The Copart Experience | Salvage Hunting | UK TruckingKevTee
20 hours ago
Check out my Amazon shop for all my tried and tested trucking gear and model build kits. ...
 Electric scooters in the UK: Clean and convenient or a danger on roads?The Telegraph
3 days ago
Ever fancied riding an electric scooter? You might soon get your chance. Rental e-scooters will become legal on UK roads from ...
 Rising tensions between China and the UK over new Hong Kong laws | DW NewsDW News
4 days ago
China warned the UK on Thursday it could retaliate with "corresponding measures" following the UK's decision to extend a ...
 Easing lockdown “highly irresponsible” warns UK government adviser - BBC NewsBBC News
4 days ago
Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers are all preparing to open their doors again in most of England. The government says it is safe ...
 Lockdown eased in the UK 'safely', says Boris JohnsonGuardian News
2 days ago
Lockdown restrictions in England will be lifted this weekend, Boris Johnson has announced, as England's chief medical officer, ...
 Coronavirus: Portugal slams exclusion from UK’s quarantine-free travel listSky News
The Portuguese government has condemned the UK's decision to exclude the country from its quarantine-free travel list.
 UK crime raids: British police arrest hundreds, seize cash, guns and drugseuronews (in English)
3 days ago
Subscribe to our channel: Latests news : Follow us on our thematic ...
 Coronavirus local lockdown list revealed - Which areas in the UK are COVID-19 hotspots?The Sun
3 days ago
Coronavirus latest - With Leicester going into lockdown with all non-essential shops being closed after a local outbreak, where ...
 No excuse for Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos stepping on Raúl García – Ale Moreno | ESPN FCESPN UK
13 hours ago
ESPN FC's Frank Leboeuf and Alejandro Moreno break down the consequential refereeing decisions in Real Madrid's 1-0 win vs.
 Boris Johnson urges UK to 'enjoy summer safely' ahead of pubs reopeningThe Telegraph
2 days ago
Pubs will be able to open from 6am tomorrow in a bid to avoid sneaking out pints at midnight tonight, Downing Street has revealed ...
 An introduction to ParliamentUK Parliament
5 years ago
A short animation that introduces the UK Parliament, looking at its history and how it works today. This is an ideal teaching ...
 Coronavirus in the UK: 100 Days since Lockdown - BBC NewsBBC News
5 days ago
It's been 100 days since British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a lockdown. So how does the UK's handling of Covid-19 ...
 Brexit: UK’s new PM accused of pursuing ‘no-deal’ - BBC NewsBBC News
11 months ago
Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he's 'very confident' a new Brexit deal can be reached with the European Union.
 UK Dash Cameras - Compilation 26 - 2020 Bad Drivers, Crashes + Close CallsUK Dash Cameras
20 hours ago
Welcome to UK Dash Cameras 2020 Compilation #26! Thank you to all that have sent clips in this week. Clip submissions, please ...
 Learn about the UK political system & electionsLearn English with Gill (engVid)
3 years ago
In this lesson I will explain a little about how the UK political system works, and introduce you to some of the vocabulary. You'll ...
 🏀 Why British Basketball Sucks - United Kingdom - Ninh explains...Ninh Ly
2 months ago
So why is British Basketball so bad? Is it just the fact that Team Great Britain are doing poorly at an international level, or is it down ...
 United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales... CONFUSED???English Jade - Learn English (engVid)
1 years ago
The United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, or the British Isles: Which one should you use, and what's the difference between ...
 Storm Ciara batters the UK as MET office warns of 'worst storm of the century'The Telegraph
4 months ago
Storm Ciara threatens to be the worst of the century, the Met Office has said, with heavy rain and winds of more than 90mph.
 LIVE: Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers reopen in the UK as restrictions liftedRuptly
Ruptly is live from London on Saturday, July 4, as pubs, restaurants and hairdressers in the UK will reopen as coronavirus ...
 UK offers Hong Kong residents safe haven after China introduces new security law | ABC NewsABC News (Australia)
4 days ago
Up to 3 million people from Hong Kong will be allowed to live and work in the UK with the introduction of China's new security law ...
 Power Outlets in United KingdomElectroBOOM
10 months ago
I've heard that electrical system in UK is super safe, but how super? You LOVE documentaries like me?
 Global Undate, UK and other countriesDr. John Campbell
2 days ago
UK Leicester closed down Brent increasing cases, very poor social distancing Deputy first minister ONS ...
 UK House Of Lords Call For IMMEDIATE Loot Box Regulation Under Gambling Laws, EA/FIFA In Big TroubleYongYea
3 days ago
 Storm Dennis: Weather warning as storm hits the UK | ITV NewsITV News
4 months ago
Storm Dennis is causing a second weekend of disruption with bad weather wreaking havoc across the UK. The Ministry of ...
 Millions in Hong Kong to gain rights to live and work in UK - BBC NewsBBC News
4 days ago
Up to 3 million people in Hong Kong are to be granted new rights to live and work in the UK. The decision follows China's ...
 UK court sides with Guaido in Venezuela gold disputeTRT World
2 days ago
Venezuela expresses anger over a British court's decision to deny President Maduro control over gold stored in Bank of England ...
 Thousands of job losses as UK government accused of “sitting on sidelines” - BBC NewsBBC News
4 days ago
Ministers have been accused of “sitting on the sidelines” as companies announce thousands of job losses, due to the coronavirus ...
 President Obama Addresses the British ParliamentThe Obama White House
9 years ago
In an address to Parliament, President Obama discusses how the special relationship between the United States and Great Britain ...
 UK government relaxes measures across most of EnglandTRT World
Thousands of restaurants, pubs and hairs salons opened their doors in England on Saturday. The major easing of restrictions ...
 The UK Government vs Civil Service: Conflict and Mark Sedwill's Resignation Explained - TLDR NewsTLDR News
4 days ago
Pick Up Your Copy: Watch the Book Announcement: ...
 Storm Ciara batters the UKSky News
4 months ago
Storm Ciara has brought winds of 97mph, cancelling flights, rail services and sporting events including a Premier League game.
 Which UK cities could face a local COVID-19 lockdown?Sky News
4 days ago
Some areas in England are more likely to have lockdown restrictions reimposed than others. Sky News looks at why Leicester ...
 Prince William gives inside look at pubs amid coronavirus as UK prepares for 'Super Saturday'The Sun
2 days ago
The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, used hand sanitiser as he visited The Rose and Crown country pub in Snettisham, ...
 UK’s first female suicide bomb plotter jailed for 14 years over St Paul’s planThe Sun
2 days ago
The UK's first female suicide bomb plotter smiled and performed an ISIS salute as she was caged for a minimum of 14 years today ...
 Coronavirus UK: Significant numbers from the Covid 19 lockdownEvening Standard
5 days ago
Subscribe to the Evening Standard on YouTube: ...
 One Woman, 17 British Accents - Anglophenia Ep 5Anglophenia
6 years ago
Siobhan Thompson performs a tour of the accents of the British Isles - and the celebrities who speak with them! Five lessons to ...
 Differences Between Living in the US vs. the UKLove and London
3 years ago
As you can guess, living in the UK (London) is quite different from living in the USA, where I grew up. I'm talking through some of ...
 What's The Difference Between THE UK, BRITAIN AND ENGLAND?Eat Sleep Dream English
7 months ago
Is London the same as England? Is Britain in the UK? Finally we end the confusion by learning the differences between England, ...
 UK court denies Venezuela's Maduro access to gold in bank vaultAl Jazeera English
2 days ago
Venezuela's government has condemned a UK court ruling denying it permission to withdraw gold worth $1bn from the Bank of ...
 Calvin and Kaison's Play Power | Fix Up Mix Up 🛠 | Nick Jr. UKNick Jr.
2 days ago
Calvin helps Kaison to fix his car and moves it into the "fast fixing machines". Suddenly the machine gets jammed, but Calvin uses ...
 The Best Blind Auditions! | The Voice UK 2018The Voice UK
2 years ago
Take a look back at some of the best blind auditions on The Voice UK 2018! Subscribe for more: Like, follow ...
 West EnglandRick Steves' Europe
2 years ago
Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves' Europe episode or watch it on ...