The Hard Line | Don Tennant discuss a behavioral analysis QVerity made of Donald Trump's strategyNewsmax TV
4 years ago
Partner with QVerity, a provider of behavior analysis and screening service for private and public-sector clients worldwide, and ...
 Deception Training by former CIA Agent l DigidayDigiday
4 years ago
In this participatory session, you will learn how to tell when someone is lying. Really. As a former CIA Agent with more than 20 ...
 Phil Houston/Detection of Deception TrainingQGroup Solutions
4 years ago
www.qgroupsolutions.com Can Training Help People Detect Lying and Deception? Is it possible to become a human lie detector?
 Deception Detection: John McAfee AnalyzedDan Tennant
7 years ago
QVerity partner Don Tennant sits down with HuffPost Live to discuss John McAfee's deception in his recent interview with the ...
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Three former CIA officers--among the world's foremost authorities on recognizing deceptive behavior--share their proven ...
 Former CIA Officer Will Teach You How to Spot a Lie l DigidayDigiday
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In this participatory session, you will learn how to tell when someone is lying. Really. As a former CIA Officer with more than 20 ...
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5 years ago
QVerity's Peter Romary is interviewed on the BBC radio program "Business Matters" about the new book, "GET THE TRUTH: ...
 "Spy The Lie" Susan Carnicero (recorded 2015)Jim Gilson
6 months ago
Susan Carnicero Founding Partner, QVerity Former CIA security specialist and instructor -Extensive experience in interviewing, ...
 Phil Houston on Megyn KellyDan Tennant
7 years ago
Phil Houston, CEO of QVerity and co-author of Spy the Lie, visits FOX News's Megyn Kelly to analyze the Jodi Arias interview ...
 Who Erased 18 Minutes of Nixon Watergate Tapes?Dan Tennant
6 years ago
QVerity's Phil Houston appeared on CBS This Morning today to reveal our findings on who was behind the mysterious 18-minute ...
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QVerity's Phil Houston and Peter Romary talked about the new book, "Get the Truth," on Henry Hinton's "Talk of the Town" show ...
 NLPA Webinar: How To Effectively Manage Risk In Supply Chain.Next Level Purchasing Association
1 years ago
1. Reduce potential crippling impacts on supply chains. 2. Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership. 3. Support your operations ...
 Don Tennant on WCSH Portland's 207Dan Tennant
7 years ago
QVerity's Don Tennant sits down with WCSH 6 Portland's 207 to discuss the release of Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach ...
 472.1 Meetkundige Rijen : oefeningenJozef Aerts Wiskunde
5 months ago
Meetkundige Rijen : oefeningen.
 Newsmax Prime | John Kasich on his campaign and his strategy to winNewsmax TV
4 years ago
GOP presidential candidate and governor of Ohio joins Newsmax Prime for an exclusive interview about his campaign and the ...
 Will Trump’s absence from CPAC impact his 2016 campaign?Fox Business
4 years ago
Fox News Contributor Mercedes Schlapp and Conservative Columnist Gina Loudon on Donald Trump's absence from CPAC.
 Christie backs TrumpFox Business
4 years ago
GOP fundraiser Noelle Nikpour, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, and FBN's Liz MacDonald discuss how Christie's ...
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4 years ago
Former Sen. Scott Brown, (R-Mass.), and Club for Growth President David McIntosh on Donald Trump's presidential campaign ...
 Gov. Gov. Christie - The Anybody But Trump Movement Will FailNJ.com
4 years ago
Gov. Gov. Christie - The Anybody But Trump Movement Will Fail (Aristide Economopoulos | NJ Advance Media)
 「Стратегия головного мозга」 - Spy TacticsAneiw
10 months ago
Вам предстоит примерить на себя роль специального агента и выполнять секретные миссии в разных концах...
 Bloomberg Will Not Be Running In 2016Wochit News
4 years ago
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Monday he will not enter the 2016 presidential race. "When I look at ...
 Hillary Clinton Spy The Lie 1Brian Gagan
4 years ago
Hillary Clinton's clearly displayed evidence of deceit and lies before Congress on 10/22/15. Watch the facial expressions, lack of ...
 Newsmax Now | Rep. Robert Walker and John Gizzi discuss what are the chances of John Kasich winningNewsmax TV
4 years ago
Congressman Robert Walker, executive chairman of Wexler-Walker and John Gizzi, chief political columnist and White House ...
 The Hard Line | Mona Charen and Brent Budowsky on Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders each scoring victoriesNewsmax TV
4 years ago
Mona Charen, a columnist with National Review, a senior fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center, and also former speechwriter ...
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4 years ago
Radio host McGraw Milhaven from KTRS St. Louis joins The Hard Line to discuss the anticipated GOP convention chaos, Donald ...
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NewsmaxTV Political Analyst,Presidential Strategist, and Best-Selling Author of 'Power Grab' joins Steve to discuss the upcoming ...
 Taller Aplícalo | Actitud de Servicio con Método DisneyArhitac Tijuana
1 years ago
entradas: http://arhitac.org/events/atencion-a-clientes-empatia-y-relacion-con-el-cliente/ Explore cómo se puede lograr un ...
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Presidential historian, Craig Shirley, joins the president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary, Dr. Richard Land, to discuss why ...
 The GOP Civil WarMustafa Tameez
4 years ago
Donald Trump continues to dominate the GOP Primaries and rack up delegates, winning in Kentucky and Louisiana over last ...
 07/0372016: ¿Qué es más conveniente: Donald Trump o Hillary Clinton? - Cuarta ParteMaría Jimena Duzán SV
4 years ago
Mira 'Semana En Vivo' de lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 9:00 pm por Cablenoticias y Semana.com ¡Suscribite en nuestro canal!
 Rubio's Turn To Attack Trump After Being Called CorruptMatthew Joyce Entertainment
4 years ago
The Marco Rubio campaign released a statement attacking Donald Trump, presumably in response to Donald Trump's recent ...
 Snapchat talk about The Donald! Being Smart and Dumb at the same timeMWSZ
4 years ago
My thoughts on who Donald Trump really is!
 PSF 1: Birds Discuss Donald TrumpPlanet Stock Footage
4 years ago
All personal opinions are of the birds and not of their employers. All material used in this video is considered copyright free by the ...
 IS150418 011 Теория лжи как определить, когда вам врутАудиоОбзоры СМИ
5 years ago
Теория лжи как определить, когда вам врут Теория лжи: как определить, когда вам врут ("BBC", Великобритания)...
 Deal Analyser Week #7 - "Dirty" and "Clean" Deal Analysis - Anthony AytonPropertyTribes
2 days ago
Proptech entrepreneur Anthony Ayton joins us for the final instalment of "Deal Analyser Week" 2020.