Purity kateiko

 Masavu ma Ngai by Purity Kateiko(Official Video) skiza code 9044730Purity Kateiko
2 years ago
Masavu ma Ngai by purity Kateiko Audio by Fengu studio Video by Truecam Media/ Martin Muindi.
 Mwendwa Wakwa - Purity Kateiko(Sms the Word SKIZA 9330314 TO 811)Purity Kateiko
1 years ago
Performed by Purity Kateiko Recorded at Fengu Studios #AdmsCreativity #PurityKateiko #MwendwaWakwa.
 Mumo Wa Savaa - Purity Kateiko (Official Lyrics Video©2019)Purity Kateiko
1 years ago
PurityKateiko #MumoWaSAvaa #AdmsCreativity ©2019 Administered by Ngomma VAS Limited.
 Mboyaa NgaiPurity Kateiko
1 months ago
Yeova mboyaa ndikaaulwe ni vala wambumisye.
 YESU TWI NDUU [Purity Kateiko] Sms Skiza 5290066 to 811Purity Kateiko
3 months ago
Yesu Twi Nduu Purity Kateiko Audio Recorded at Fengu studios.
4 years ago
LILIAN & WILBERFORCE WEDDING Directed by Erick zeal.
 Valua Ndumule - Purity Ft Myello(Official Video©2019) sms 'skiza 8564429' to 811 to get this song.Purity Kateiko
5 months ago
PurityKatieko #ValuaNdulume #NgommaGospel Performed and sang by Purity Kateiko and Justus Myello #AdmsCreativity.
 Wilberforce Musyoka - wedding Trailer 2014Wilberforce Musyoka John
3 years ago
Wilberforce Musyoka - wedding Trailer 2014.
 Purity Kateiko - Ngalama Ya Ngelanio (Official Video)Purity Kateiko
4 years ago
Purity Kateiko - Ngalama Ya Ngelanio.
 PURITY KATEIKO - EMANUELI NUSYAIWE(Official music Video)Purity Kateiko
5 months ago
PurityKatieko #EmmanueliNusyaiwe #NgommaGospel.
 wendoPurity Kateiko
1 years ago
ngone mwaitu performance.
 Wathi wa wendo By Carol Nzisa (Official video)Carol Nzisa Official
1 years ago
CarolNzisa #KithaithoMusic #NgommaGospel ©2019 Administered by Ngomma VAS Limited.
 Purity Kateiko - Masavu ma Ngai (Audio Video)Purity Kateiko
2 years ago
Purity Kateiko - Masavu ma Ngai (Audio Video)
 LIVE PERFOMANCE of Mami musyai ( mummy) by PURITY KATEIKO skiza code 9046166Purity Kateiko
2 years ago
Live performance of the song Mami musyai during a visit to my parents. It has taken us the hand of God to be where we are today.
 JONES MUTISO X PURITY KATEIKO AMANYIW'A (Official Video) sms Skiza 7300352 to 811Jones Mutiso
1 years ago
Basically in this song I'm calling for true salvation. Analogue salvation so to speak. Where every believer used to give testimonies ...
 Purity Kateiko - Mumo Wa Savaa Life Perfomance at Kithaitho FestPurity Kateiko
10 months ago
KithaithoFest is a monthly worship night held in different counties in kamba dialect! Watch out for your county edition. Contact us if ...
 Catherine Mbule feat Purity Kateiko - Ngai WituCatherine Mbule
3 years ago
Catherine Mbule feat Purity Kateiko - Ngai Witu.
 Ngwatilila - Sam Musya X Purity Kateiko (Official video)Purity Kateiko
1 years ago
Audio: Mjv studio Song perfomed by Sam & Purity Written by Sam Musya Video: Truecam Media.