18th century

5 days ago
Hi Beautiful! This was one of my favorite videos to film ever. It was sooo hard to follow instructions that were written in the 18th ...
 Getting dressed in the 18th centuryNational Museums Liverpool
2 years ago
A lady gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. She puts on her clothes, with help in a particular order, including, a shift, stays, ...
 I Followed An 18th Century Hair Tutorial (Don't Try This At Home)Loepsie
16 days ago
I tried following an 18th century hair tutorial, as put down in James Stewart's 1782 book "Plocacosmos; or the whole art of ...
 Getting Dressed in the 18th Century - MenNational Museums Liverpool
9 months ago
A gentleman gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. He puts on his clothes, with help in a particular order, including a full shirt ...
 The 18th CenturyRyan Reeves
3 years ago
Ryan M. Reeve (PhD Cambridge) is Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Twitter: ...
 Getting dressed in the 18th century - working womanCrowsEyeProductions
1 years ago
A working woman gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. From the makers of this video for the Lady Lever Art Gallery in ...
 Living As An 18th Century Lolita | HOOKED ON THE LOOKBarcroft TV
3 months ago
SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj A 19-YEAR-OLD woman from Finland who dresses in Lolita and Rococo fashion ...
 Hygiene In The 18th CenturyTownsends
1 years ago
New Instagram - @18thcenturycooking Hygiene Talk At 9:12 More On Yeast ▷ http://bit.ly/2n3RcMX ▷▷ Pemmican Videos ...
 18th Century French noble at opulent French chateau de Villette ParisLes merveilles d'Eloi
7 months ago
Dorian Guo, who is passionate about the history of France, the French way of life and the decorative arts of the Enlightenment, ...
 Top 5 18th Century MoviesMedusa MoviesChannel
2 years ago
These are my favourite period movies set in the 18th century. Hopefully more will know these movies and watch them :) There are ...
 Life in the 18th Century with Jon TownsendEvent Horizon
2 months ago
In part one of a two part episode we are joined by Jon Townsend who does historical reenactment, is the host of the youtube ...
 18th CENTURY FRANCEPeriod Piece Official
3 years ago
How far would you go for a date? Music: "Gavotte" by Jean Baptiste Lully, courtesy of www.musopen.org. SUBSCRIBE FOR ...
 Life Now vs. Life in the 18th CenturyTownsends
8 months ago
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 FULLY FURNISHED: 18th Century built Farmhouse Maison Kirsch - Urbex Lost Places Abandoned LuxembourgBroken Window Theory
2 years ago
Urban Exploration: Exploring an old farm called Maison Kirsch which is still fully furnished (English subtitles are available!)
 Fashion in 18th-Century ParisThe Getty
7 years ago
Maxwell Barr, designer of period costumes, explores fashion in the prosperous world of 18th-century Paris at this demonstration ...
 Breakfast In The 18th Century!Townsends
2 years ago
New Instagram - @18thcenturycooking A simple, delicious recipe from The Art Of Cookery by Hannah Glasse! Videos With ...
 The Experience of War in the 18th CenturyCpl. Gadway USMC
3 years ago
Boy...the limeys sure are getting clobbered in this one...
 Visiting George Washington’s House in the 18th CenturyGeorge Washington's Mount Vernon
7 months ago
Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be a guest at George Washington's house in 1799? Our summer media ...
 Book Review: The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century DressmakingCrowsEyeProductions
1 years ago
Costumier Pauline Loven reviews The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking by Lauren Stowell and Abby Cox.
 18th Century Man's ManStudio C
6 years ago
18th Century Man's Man. The most talked about man, Sir Francis, is everything he is cracked up to be and more. Watch as he wins ...
 Cooking a perfect menu in the 18th CenturyDocsOnline
3 years ago
WATCH FULL FILM FOR FREE ON DOCSONLINE https://goo.gl/76Rp8a You can also watch the full documentary (series) at our ...
 Trying Papillotes Properly | 18th Century Paper CurlsLoepsie
2 days ago
I'm going to give 18th century paper curls another try. This time I'm going to follow a video tutorial though, instead of an instruction ...
 18th Century Fashion | Hulu HarlotsLoepsie
2 years ago
In today's video we're going to talk about 18th century fashion! Oh how I wish we would still dress this way... :) We're going to ...
 The Most Disturbing Things About 18th Century EnglandTrue Crime & Mysteries
11 months ago
Daily upload, subscribe for more awesome Content !!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Most Disturbing ...
 Life as a Child in the 18th CenturyColonial Williamsburg
7 years ago
Ever wonder what life was like for kids in the 18th century? Find out from some of Colonial Williamsburg's junior interpreters, who ...
 Hair History: 18th century | BaroqueLoepsie
3 years ago
In this episode of Hair History we're diving into the most extravagant era of hairstyling in the history of mankind. If you think you've ...
 Washing Dishes in the 18th CenturyTownsends
3 years ago
We get many questions concerning washing dishes during colonial times. Obviously they didn't have the powerful detergent ...
 Entertainment in London in the 18th Century - Mike RendellGresham College
5 years ago
How would a Georgian Gentleman amuse himself and his friends. Mike Rendell discusses the possibilities: ...
 18th Century Soldier's Rations - Cooking Series at Jas Townsend and Son S1E1Townsends
7 years ago
This is the introduction to the new 18th Century cooking series at Jas. Townsend and Son Inc. - This video describes typical ...
 Clothes vs. Money: Status and Self Worth in the 18th CenturyTownsends
5 months ago
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 Getting dressed in the 18th century - pocketsCrowsEyeProductions
1 years ago
Some more information about 18th century pockets worn by women. Voice over- Matilda Gordon Music - Chris Gordon ...
 Medicines of the 18th CenturyTownsends
1 years ago
New Instagram - @18thcenturycooking Episode Starts at 14:25 Click here for Townsends merch!
 Sailor Rations in the 18th Century - BurgooTownsends
1 months ago
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 Was Britain's 18th Century Army Europe's Finest? | Animated HistoryThe Armchair Historian
3 months ago
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 Costume Spotlight: 18th c. Striped RedingoteAngela Clayton
1 years ago
Happy Halloween! I finished a witchy 18th century ensemble just in time for the occasion, and here you can see it in action!
 Mysterious note found inside an 18th century Jesus statue’s bottomBreaking News
1 years ago
Mysterious note found inside an 18th century Jesus statue's bottom may be a 'time capsule' written by a priest 300 years ago.
 Fried Chicken In The 18th Century? 300 Year old RecipeTownsends
2 years ago
New Instagram - @18thcenturycooking You are in for a treat today! This fried chicken recipe comes from Nathan Bailey's 1736 ...
 18th Century Makeup Tutorial | Hulu HarlotsLoepsie
2 years ago
In today's video I'm going to show you how to recreate an 18th century makeup look inspired by the Hulu original show Harlots, ...
 HFC 18TH CENTURY FLINTLOCK / Airsoft Unboxing ReviewAirsoft Mike
a months ago
An Airsoft Mike, airsoft Flintlock unboxing exclusive! This Airsoft Flintlock, at the time of uploading this video, doesn't even have a ...
 THE ULTIMATE FASHION HISTORY: The 18th CenturyThe Ultimate Fashion History
3 years ago
The 18th Century saw the height of The Age of Enlightenment, with Man's triumph over nature giving forth a love of artifice that ...
 Getting Dressed in the 18th Century - Working Women in SummerCrowsEyeProductions
10 months ago
A pair of 18th century women prepare to work in a field making hay. Thanks to support from https://www.loveniplaw.co.uk/ ...
 Early American Ginger Beer - 18th Century CookingTownsends
1 years ago
New Instagram - @18thcenturycooking In this episode we make a simple and delicious, 18th century Ginger Beer.
 18th Century Duck with Wine, Herbs, and BrothTownsends
4 months ago
Historical Cookbooks Here! ➧ https://www.townsends.us/collections/cookbooks ➧➧ Visit Our Website! ➧ http://www.townsends.us/ ...
 Forcemeat Meatballs - 18th Century Cooking S4E9Townsends
4 years ago
This is the third in a series of three videos we did with Michael Dragoo. In it we cook up forcemeat meatballs with a wonderful ...
 18th-Century ActingColonial Williamsburg
3 years ago
The life of actors in the 18th century.
 Making Mushroom Ketchup, 18th Century Cooking Series at Jas. Townsend and Son - TownsendsTownsends
7 years ago
Make this yummy and popular 18th century sauce. It might sound a little weird but it is very tasty. It is no wonder cooks would put in ...
 H15 : India in 18th century || SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, RAILWAYS, UPSC, Bihar PCS, CAPF SI/ASI, UPSSSC etcSSCbaba
2 years ago
This is my 15th lecture of my Modern history lecture series which deals with battle of plassey and battle of buxar in 18th century.
 Cooking Simple Hard Dumplings - 18th Century Recipe S4E12Townsends
4 years ago
Rations for soldiers in the 18th century were very simple, a pound of meat and a pound of bread. Often flour was issued instead of ...
 Primitive camping 18th Century StyleRamshackle Homestead KeithandJen
6 months ago
Having fun in the woods! We claim no historical authenticity.
 18th Century Cardinal CostumeCour de Cassel
2 years ago
Reproduction of an 18th Century Cardinal Robe with Cappa Magna. Living History / Reenactment Project ...
 English Taste: The Art of Dining in 18th Century England with curator Ivan DayCultureMap
7 years ago
Full article on CultureMap: http://cmap.it/nxRlWj Rienzi, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's European decorative arts collection, hosts ...
 Foods Of The Rich And Poor Exploring The 18th Century Episode 12Townsends
4 years ago
In this episode of Exploring The 18th Century, we discuss how socioeconomic status had a profound effect on the types of food ...
 18th Century Stays - Redraw the Boning Pattern pt.1American Duchess
3 years ago
More information, boning pattern diagrams, and list of references: ...
 18th-century Garden TechniquesColonial Williamsburg
8 years ago
See the methods colonists used to help plants flourish in spite of the weather. Colonial Williamsburg gardeners Wesley Greene ...