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Number 5||Umbrella Academy||bad guy||Billie EilishEditor Here
5 days ago
hey guys!! i hoped you liked this video! i post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so stay tuned! make sure to give this videos ...
Bad umbrella academy edit since part II isn’t uploading「あきとーAkito」
14 days ago
Bad umbrella academy edit since part II isn’t uploading
Stranger Things vs. Umbrella Academy vs. Lucifer | Kiss, Marry, Vanish | NetflixNetflix
28 days ago
They're bad to the bone, but maybe you could change them? In this edition of Kiss / Marry / Vanish, we make the best case ...
The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 10 "The White Violin" Season Finale Reaction! 1X10Dos Cavazos
1 months ago
In this video we are watching and reviewing Season 1 Episode 10 of The Umbrella Academy. As a lifetime of secrets and ...
The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 9 "Changes" Reaction! 1X9Dos Cavazos
1 months ago
In this video we are watching Season 1 Episode 9 of The Umbrella Academy. Vanya veers between shock and despair as she ...
The Guy Academy - The Umbrella Academy & Feel It Still | RaveDjNaomi de Vries
1 months ago
Made on RaveDJ at Make your own Mix or Mashup at Support RaveDJ on Patreon!
Number 7| The umbrella Academy- Bad GuyScarsFacez
2 months ago
Number 7| The umbrella Academy- Bad Guy
The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 2 "Run Boy Run" Reaction!Dos Cavazos
2 months ago
This is our reaction to season 1 episode 2 "Run Boy Run" of The Umbrella Academy. *This video is for commentary and criticism ...
The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 1 "We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals" Reaction!Dos Cavazos
2 months ago
Hello! This is our first reaction for Umbrella Academy...we hope you enjoy! Please don't forget to subscribe and leave us a ...
UMBRELLA ACADEMY Actor Panel - C2E2 2020Fandom Spotlite
3 months ago
Emmy Raver-Lampman and Robert Sheehan of the Umbrella Academy show on Netflix spoke at a panel at C2E2 2020. They discussed ...
my blood〖the umbrella academy〗hildas editz
3 months ago
I'm so bad at making thumbnails I'm so sorry, I really need to get better at it but its so boring, idk if anyone has any tips let me know ...
4 months ago
Song: Billie Eilish - Bad Guy. Series: The umbrella academy. Credits to the creator of the video.
My Umbrella Academy Parody Reaction Video!Gracielandia
6 months ago
Hey villagers! So I thought what's a better way to come fully back then to react to the Hillywood shows latest parody. So here you ...
Play With Fire | The Umbrella Academy Editᴍᴇɢᴀɴ ʟᴏᴜɪsᴇ
6 months ago
Open me! (Channel is changing a bit) Okay so, Basically I'm quite sick of *just* SSO Edits so I'll be expanding my horizons and ...
Vanya Hargreeves- Bad guyKimmby Kurtis
7 months ago
Song Bad Guy by Billie Eilish Show- Umbrella Academy.
Number 5 Umbrella Academy : Believer Imagine DragonsTwiox
9 months ago
Fanvid of the Umbrella Academy and on Number Five If you want to support my work : #fanvid ...
Diego ✗ Bad GuyKemss31
10 months ago
Surpriiise !!! My TUA videos are again available on my channel guys (I mean in public mode) ! I made this *crappy* video 3 month ...
Umbrella Academy SUCKSSatire Goat
10 months ago
YES I KNOW this video isn't the most well thought out BUT it's an adequate product of my rage against this show so I am a-okay ...
Number five edits; The Umbrella Academy (+Aidan Gallagher)m a i
10 months ago
All credits go to the owners! I absolutely loooove Umbrella Academy and can't wait for season 2! I won't be able to post for about ...
Bad Guy - Number 5Lonely Satellite Productions
11 months ago
Edit of Umbrella Academy's very own Grandpa.
Bad Guy - Billie Elish/ Sub Español / The Umbrella AcademyClaus Villa
11 months ago
Bad Guy - Billie Elish/ Sub Español / The Umbrella Academy
Mad World ✘ The Umbrella AcademyLadyMagiccc
11 months ago
Alright guys. I am aware that this channel has basically died. And that probably about 10 people will watch this. But honestly - i ...
Bad guy GLMV?|Umbrella Academy|3o3a t3a
11 months ago
I'll try to post more alrightttt.
Number Five Umbrella Academy AMV -Bang Bangkushi Bad Girls
11 months ago
Hello mes p'tits loups Ses ma première vidéo donc Soyer cool svp Voilà Jvous aime Fin ya personne mais jvous aime.
Umbrella Academy "bad guy"The Alex jr
1 years ago
Suscribete eso me ayudará mucho! Comenta y comparte! ✔️ 10 suscriptores ❌ 50 suscriptores ❌ 100 suscriptores ❌ 500 ...
Vanya/Diego Sweet but Bad RomanceWalkbyMoonlight
1 years ago
Umbrella AcademyOTP: Vanya/DiegoSong: Tufos Mash-up of Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga This has ...
Luther consistently being the worst Hargreeves sibling for 3 minutes straightking of despots
1 years ago
luther who? i only know sir percival from merlin.+ I DON'T CLAIM THIS VIDEO OR ANY FOOTAGE IN IT. THE FOOTAGE IS FROM "THE ...
Umbrella Academy As Starkid Musicalsbeatrice difolco
1 years ago
Why did I do this.....Bit of a different kind of video than I normally do, just got a bit of inspiration for it. Don't ...
klaus hargreeves || bad guykaleidoscopian
1 years ago
klaus hargreeves || bad guy fandom: the umbrella academy song: bad guy - billie eilish ...
Bad Guy || The Umbrella AcademyPrincely
1 years ago
Any suggestions for my next edit? Leave a comment! I'm trying to get back into the swing of making edits since it's been SO LONG ...
The Umbrella Academy // Klaus // bury a FriendNo Great
1 years ago
The Umbrella Academy // Klaus // bury a Friend.
Not really umbrella academy : Billie EilishTheUmbrella_Kids
1 years ago
All credits go to Billie Eilish the album Bad Guy . Not my song.
Number 5| Bad GuyJasonJace
1 years ago
Credits Audio: Idek.audios (instagram music(original): Billie Eilish clips: The Umbrella Academy I own NOTHING! I just edited this!
Bad Guy || Number Five || TUAUmbrella_Academy Edits
1 years ago
I do not own any clips or music in this video. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is ...
Bad guy | The Umbrella academy | 🤪lanixpriv priv
1 years ago
This is a quick number 5 spoiler a short video from Aidan Gallagher's instagram • his Instagram: @aidanrgallagher. ( and the ...
Number Five | Bad Guysad lucifer
1 years ago
Watch the video in 1080 [HD]! ✗ Editor; me ✗ Coloring; mine ✗ Song; Thank you ...
5 ( YES I am a umbrella academy fan ÙwÚ )Xx Night xX
1 years ago
here's a picture of 5 it's crappy and bad I know ÚwÙ.
Number five [AMV] The umbrella academyCinema AMV
1 years ago
Musica del video ...