I-CORE - Advanced Topics in Computer Sciencesisrael core
7 years ago
Advanced Topics in Computer Sciences The group selected to establish this I-CORE is led by Prof. Yishay Mansour of the ...
Is a Computer Science course for you? IntroductionLero community
3 years ago
The series of videos that this video introduces aims to allow viewers decide if they have an interest in programming, a core ...
Computer science, neuroscience, and self-driving bicycleTsinghua University
7 days ago
Inspired by brain computing architecture, researchers from Tsinghua's Center for Brain-Inspired Computing Research (CBICR) ...
Computer Music All-stars - Where's My Jetpack?!Computer Music All-stars
2 years ago
I've been busy playing video games, but here is something new! :-D ...
3D Computer Model of Ichthyostega, an Early TetrapodWhat's In John's Freezer?
7 years ago
see for details, and the paper: Pierce, S.E., Clack, J.A., ...
Roco - Robotic Computer Monitorgerbilsproductions
5 years ago
Roco - Robotic Computer Monitor
Computer Networks and Cyber Security | Saeem Korim | Student ProfileNorthumbria University
2 days ago
Northumbria University Website: an Open Day: Your Course at ...
ImproteK, human-computer music improvisation - CompilationJérôme Nika
3 years ago
Short excerpts of music improvisation sessions using the music improvisation software instrument ImproteK. Complete videos: ...
How to use your TV screen as your laptop/computer screen---Easy hook up.peartfaldo
2 years ago
No need to buy a new computer screen. Just use your TV screen. Just need an HDMI cable and the F4 button.
12th std computer science quarterly exam answer key 2019TNTET Arts
CS answer key PDF download:
2017/18 CACR Security Speaker- Lorrie Cranor "Tales of an Accidental Computer Science Professor"CACR
a years ago
Lorrie Cranor- "Tales of Accidental of an Accidental Computer Science Professor" Lorrie is the FORE Systems Professor of ...
RFID as 3D Human-Computer Interfacelunantech
8 years ago
For more information about our 3D RFID localization system and getting a free ebook of "RFID Road", you can visit: ...
SkyFex Remote Desktop Free - Controlling Remote ComputerSkyFexRemote
9 years ago
Securely connect to a friend's remote computer and control it with keyboard and mouse to solve a simple problem. Before ...
my.Clemson: How to use the Computer Lab FinderClemson Mobile
3 years ago
For more info on the my.Clemson app visit: or Like the Clemson Mobile Facebook Page: ...
Study Computer Science in Copenhagen, DenmarkScience University of Copenhagen
3 years ago
Disha from India and Petros from Greece study computer science at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. They tell us what ...
Computer Accompaniment, Vocal PerformanceRoger Dannenberg
6 years ago
This is work by Lorin Grubb and Roger B. Dannenberg at the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science. The microphone you ...
Opening a Cromemco System 3 computerRicardo Quesada
a years ago
Opening a Cromemco System 3 computer.
Green in computersShowStack
5 months ago
Follow us on Twitter @ShowStackTV Music from
Massively Parallel Computer Aided Design of Nano-Transistors: When Physics Lets You DownSPCL Lab
23 hours ago
Speaker: Mathieu Luisier Conference: EuroMPI'19 Abstract: Moore's scaling law is slowly coming to an end because of the ...
Wireless World Computer 1967UnlikelyAsItMaySeem
a years ago
Brian Crank's home movie of the transistor-based computer he designed and built in 1967, as published in Wireless World.
How It`s Made Computer Circuit BoardsHow It's Made
2 years ago
How It's Made is a documentary television series that premiered on January 6, 2001 on the Discovery Channel (now known as ...
Elite Deep Space Companion ComputerOkubo Heavy Industries
1 months ago
Running on an Arduino Exen Mini board and a SSD1306 OLED screenProject on GitHub here - ...
Studio Shot with Computer VisionSeervision AG
5 months ago
CV Pipeline 0.88 Tracker V1.18.
Manchester Baby ComputerA2206411411
10 years ago
Talk by two of the inventors of the Manchester computer on how the system would be used.
GSSSB Supervisor Instructor (Computer Group) 15/09/2019Knowledge Portal
3 days ago
GSSSB Supervisor Instructor (Computer Group) 15/09/2019.
The Importance of Computer Programming in the Private SectorAMS BPSM
a years ago
Our live Webinar hosted on 5/16/2018 7PM ET regarding the daily operations of professionals in the field involved with ...
Turn your computer into a tally counterEcology of the past
5 years ago
Fossil pollen analysis is a key tool for understanding past vegetation, and how it has changed through time. In this video Bryan ...
Introduction to Computer Vision and Machine Learning - MIT Blueprints 2017Spandan Madan
2 years ago
I recently gave an Introductory talk to computer vision that I gave at MIT's annual Hackathon Blueprints 2017. Covers the high level ...
The MECS Institute for Advanced Study on Media Cultures of Computer SimulationMECS
3 years ago
Directors Claus Pias & Martin Warnke introduce the MECS Institute for Advanced Study on Media Cultures of Computer ...
Point Clouds | Student Competition: Computer Vision TrainingMATLAB
6 days ago
In this video, you will learn about point clouds and how to work with them in MATLAB.Get files: ...
Computer Science Immersion - by Code To The FutureCode To The Future
3 years ago
Computer Science Immersion is a solution developed by Code To The Future to enable School Districts to solve the equity issue ...
Tech Story: Ben Shneiderman, UMD Human-Computer Interaction Expert - Part 4UMOITcomm
10 months ago
We sat down with Ben Shneiderman to discuss his illustrious career. He is a paragon of computer science whose ...
HERL's Computer Assisted Rehabilitation ENvironment (CAREN)HERLresearch
2 years ago
HERL's uses its virtual reality program, the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation ENvironment (CAREN) system, for many projects.
Computer Files *Project IDEA
2 years ago
This video teaches students how to open, save, and delete a file, it also shows how to download a document from their email.
Delete files permanently from computer | WindowsHelp My Computer
2 years ago
using shift+del ...
RustConf 2019 - Monotron - Building a Retro Computer in Embedded Rust by Jonathan PallantRust
2 days ago
RustConf 2019 - Monotron - Building a Retro Computer in Embedded Rust by Jonathan PallantI missed the simplicity of ...
Computer Voice RemixMark Vigeant
a years ago
I made a remix of my computer voice in the terminal. say -v Veena "Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager managing ...
CAxMan - Computer Aided Technologies for Additive ManufacturingCAxMan Project
a years ago
CAxMan has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant ...
STET computer science 2019 !! Chapter 1 !! *Part 3*STET computer science 2019 (complete preparation)
stetcomputerscience This is part 3 of fundamentals of computer.. Part 1 and part 2 already uploaded Here i am sharing the link of ...